Not-A-Corner Hutch Anymore


Well, I got it finished girls!

pottery barn style hutch

I announced on my blog last Monday that I would be re-doing my hutch and posting it this week. So I knew I had 7 days to get it finished. It wasn’t easy, but I did it!

Now one of the projects that I had on my “to do” list can be checked off!

I’ve turned my corner hutch into not-a-corner hutch.

Here’s what it looked like before…

pottery barn style hutch

It had to be put in the corner because of the large back. I left the doors open because the “genius” that designed it didn’t take into account that the doors hit the wall every time you opened and closed them. So I just left them open all the time!

Here it is pulled out from the wall for me to paint the first of two colors that I applied to our den walls. (That’s another story!)

pottery barn style hutch

This is the large back that protruded from the hutch making it impossible to sit flat against the wall.

pottery barn style hutch

So my very handy husband took his SKIL saw and cut the back off.

pottery barn style hutch

pottery barn style hutch


Then Mr. Handyman added bead board to the back of ours.

pottery barn style hutch

Oops! I have to back up and share how we added some detail to the sides.

Notice how the sides of the doors have a 3-grooved trim piece. (I just totally made up that name!)

pottery barn style hutch

I wanted that trim piece to continue on the sides of the top part of the hutch.

We tried to find a trim to match at Lowe’s, but it had 4 grooves in it. Then  Cy got the bright idea to just cut the 3-grooved piece of the upper doors off to use as the trim piece.

pottery barn style hutch

Am I making any sense? He cut off the part we needed, sanded the rough edges, took the hinges off, and nailed it back on.

Then it looked like this…

pottery barn style hutch

There was a small gap that he filled with caulk so it wouldn’t be noticeable once we painted it.

Next, I put two good coats of white paint on the entire hutch. Trying my best to wait until it dried real good before I started sanding.

pottery barn style hutch

Next, I used a fine grit sanding sponge to sand all the edges. This took a little while and my arms were sore the next day from this

pottery barn style hutch

pottery barn style hutch

Then it was time to glaze.

I have had many people ask me what glaze I use. It is Valspar Mocha Glaze (and this is the Valspar white paint I have used on all my furniture makeovers). I love both of these products.

pottery barn style hutch

Glazing is a very scary step for me. I am so nervous that I will mess up all the hard work I have done so far.

But it never has. This is my third project using this glaze, and they have all turned out wonderful. (You can see my other projects if you click on “furniture makeovers” in my sidebar.)

I have applied the glaze with an old cloth, with paper towels, and with a sponge brush, but this time I used a sock!

The sock worked good because it was like I was applying the glaze with a cloth glove.

I just put a big glob of glaze on the sock and start spreading it over the piece. I worked in sections. First, I did the middle section of the hutch. When it was covered in glaze, I got a damp paper towel and used it to wipe the glaze off. I know it sounds crazy, but it works for me. I continued these steps in sections all over the entire piece of furniture.

If I want to leave more glaze on, I just rub lightly with the paper towel. If I want more of the glaze off, I press harder when I am wiping it off and usually get a second wet paper towel and wipe off even more.

The glaze is very forgiving. I add and take off glaze as I desire to get the look I am after.

I put the original hardware back on for now, and here is what it looks like..

pottery barn style hutch

What do ya think?

I love it! It’s exactly what I wanted.

Please forgive the accessories. I will definitely be changing those! I just wanted to get some stuff up there so I could post this on Met. Monday like I promised my followers.

This is the flat screen from our bedroom. We will be getting a larger flat screen someday…

I sat the TV on a white shelf just to give it more height.

pottery barn style hutch

pottery barn style hutch


pottery barn style hutch

I am so glad this is finished.



  1. Traci, I love the cabinet. The detail that you put on it, all the molding and the color is so perfect. Such a great job. The only suggestion I have for drapes is to be sure to move to rod up and hang then high on the wall. Makes a world of difference in a room. I can't wait to see what you do. Hugs, Marty

  2. Tracy,

    I just think this is one of the most fabulous projects I have seen! You and your husband get my thumbs up!!

    From a girl to a girl~sometimes we have to live with the big screen TV's and before that it was the stereo equipment,,,but hey, we like it too. We just want it to fit with our decor!!

    Thanks again for explaining the glaze. I am doing two nightstands for our master at the lake and I don't want them bare~butt white! LOL!!

    I also wanted to pass something on in case you just didn'y know~Black and Decker makes a small electric sander called The Mouse. It is my best friend. Can I say "designed for a woman"??? All sorts of different heads to reach in all sorts of small places. I use it for distressing big time.

    Sorry I rattled on. Just love, love, love this piece!!! :-)


  3. Oh Traci, Honey I just love this cabinet. You and Hunny Bunny did a fantastic job. What a team you make. I love the paint and the sanding, showing the natural wood beneath, and then the glaze was just the added glory. What a great post. Just love the project. Country Hugs, Sherry

  4. As usual, you did a spectacular job. I just love your makeovers! The beadboard and the trim that the you added to the sides gave it wonderful detail. You get an A+++

  5. Hi Traci !
    Wow, 1 week ? That was a ton of work……you did a fab job ! You are very creative as is your hubster ! I have never tried glazing…thanks for the directions ! Love the before and after of that chair – oh My !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. My husband is also very talented, but whenever I show him something he says, "That looks like a lot of work." His polite way of saying, "No." He works very hard to earn a living, but never seems to have enough energy for the DIY stuff that I have seen him to for other people. All of your work is so beautiful. Very inspirational for me. Curtains? Lighly colored flowing drapes with lots of folds and fabric like muslin and dark-stained bamboo-type roll up shades?

  7. Wow! I'm totally impressed! Love the hutch makeover. I'm in the market for a hutch/armoire for my tv. Hard to find one I can afford. LOL

    Can't wait to see the chair recover. I need to learn to do that too.

  8. You and your husband did a fantastic job, the details are great and the paint awsome. Jane is right, you need to invest in a Mouse, it will save the pain of your arms and hands. It is perfect for distressing our treasures. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. VERY Ballard design! I am helping my newlywed daughter turn the bachelor pad into a nest and she needs to see this–so far she can't see past the Ballard Design catalog :) Great job!

  10. Wow, Tracey! It doesn't even look like the same cabinet! I have to say it looks even better than the one from Ballard's.

    I have a computer armoire in our breakfast nook I want to paint. You've inspired me!


  11. I do love Ballards, and this looks it came straight out of their catalog! Great job! You have more nerve than me, and the pay-off to show for it. Can't wait to see what you do for the chair. Real ingenuity here!

  12. Hey Traci,
    Okay your hubby wears such cool working clothes- just like mine..shorts and all.
    I love what the tv cabinet looks like. You all did a great job and quite ingenious about using the trim from the top doors. I love it.

    Also, on your chair transformation for next week, how about redoing it with dropcloth fabric. It is strong durable- cheaper than fabric and you could do curtains that way too. It also is quite soft after you wash and dry it.
    Can't wait to see the chair- wish you could come give me a lesson on upholstery.
    Keep up the good work…

  13. Oh Traci,
    It's just wonderful!! Isn't it great to have such handy hubbies!! And girl, your getting really good at this glazing thing! I have been eyeing our enertainment center up for a redo too, I love beedboard, its exactly what I want I just don't want to overwhelm my hubby with just another project (well maybe) Your braver than me, announcing what you will get done this week! Good luck on the chair, we have a footstool in mind to upholster, but first hubby has to build me one! Great job Traci and Traci's Hubby!! Cindy

  14. I am in total AWE of your abilities, and I totally wish you lived closer so I could be your little Padawan learner!
    It is beautiful


  15. Traci, you and your hubby make a great team – fantastic project and beautiful outcome! My hubby is handy, too, so I might get him to look at this for future projects! Can't wait to see that chair! I'm getting ready to try either slipcover of uphostery and I'll be glad to see what you do. Linda

  16. You cabinet looks wonderful. You and your hubs did a super job. I love how your repurposed and transform an existing piece that wasn't workin' for you. Have fun with your reupholstery project; I am looking forward to that post.
    Have a great week!
    The Bloom Girls
    Nashville, TN

  17. Traci, The cabinet looks great! You two get the job done when push comes to shove! Cy is the best helper I know — always willing to please you. Keep a tight reign on him — he's a keeper for sure! Can't wait to see your chair when it's finished! Love you!

  18. Traci,
    Your cabinet turned our beautifully.

    Does the glazing just add a little antique look to it?
    I tried to click on pic to see it better, but it did not enlarge.

    Barbara Jean

  19. that looks amazing! could you come & redo one for me, too? kentucky is just south of ohio, you know. also, can't wait to see your chair. i have a few chairs that need redone, hint, hint.

    great job!


  20. Yours is even nicer than the one in the ad! I can't believe it all came together in only one week. Using an extra piece of shelf to hold up the tv was just genius :)

  21. You're opening new doors of design to me!! I love it. As far as curtains, I"m partial to buffalo check! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

  22. Hi there – visiting from Kimba's – you did a gorgeous job on this – it looks so much like the Ballard's one. Thanks for sharing it!

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