How beautiful are the feet…

Several days after Mom’s first round of chemo, my sister and I were at Mom’s house helping care for her. 

We were cleaning the house real good, and trying to get Mom’s fall decorations out around the house.  She loves celebrating the seasons and her house is always decorated so wonderfully.

Mom was feeling really bad.  The chemo was showing its colors.

One of the side effects of her cancer had been swollen feet and ankles.  It had started several weeks before.

That day, her feet were extremely swollen, cracked and dry.  She asked me to take the polish off her toenails.  A simple task she was no longer able to do.

I jumped at the chance to do that for Mom.  I got all the supplies I needed and went to work.

After I removed the polish, I got some lotion and covered her feet with it.  I rub her feet gently because they were tender and sore. 

She said, “This is humbling….to have someone clean and care for your feet.  I’m sorry you have to do this, Traci.”

“Mom, don’t worry about it.  I consider it an honor.”  I said.

And I did.

As I rubbed the lotion on her cracked and swollen feet, my heart swelled with love for my mom.

I thought about all the acts of love those feet had performed over the years.

Those were the same feet that pushed a rocking chair back and forth every night as she rocked me to sleep as a baby.

Those were the same feet that ran to my side as a child whenever I was scared, hurt, or just needed a hug.

Those were the same feet that pushed the pedal of her sewing machine as she made my sister and I matching outfits when we were young.

Those were the same feet that also pushed the gas pedal in the car as she drove me to countless cheerleading practices, softball games, and school events.

Those were the same feet that excitedly jumped up and down with me in the kitchen when I found out I got my first teaching job.

Those were the same feet that have walked into hundreds of  homes to deliver a meal or offer a prayer for someone in need.

Those were the same feet that proudly walked down the aisle  at my wedding.

Those were the same feet that stood in the choir loft at church as she sang praises to her Lord with all of her heart.

Those were the same feet that have done silly dances in the living room to make the grandchildren laugh.

Those were the same feet that have stood firmly on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and His word.

And now, those were the same feet that lie swollen at the foot of a bed.  And oh how I know that she would love to stand strong on those feet once more…

to dance with her husband

to play with her grandchildren

to cook a meal in her kitchen

to go to church

to walk a thousand more days with her family


Thank you for my precious mother and her beautiful feet.  Thank you for the path that she has walked in service and devotion to You.  Thank you for the example she has given us all to follow.     Bless her and strengthen her with your might.                                                          Amen.

"How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" (Romans 10: 15 KJV)


  1. Wow. I am sooo about to cry. That was very beautiful. Please make sure your Mom reads that. It is so easy for Mom's to feel forgotten and I feel like I never express how deeply I love my Mother. Better yet, see if you can frame it and give it to her. I am sure she would love looking at that every day for the rest of her life. I guess we all need to really remember to share our expressions of love and stop thinking we will do it later. We will be praying for all of you!! ;)

  2. Between watching the 9=11 stuff on history channel and this blog – I'm a blubbering idot right now…Makes you understand why Jesus wanted to wash the feet of the disciples, doesn't it? thanks so much for sharing this tough time for you and your family. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Heart warming & beautiful post, Traci. What a wonderful daughter you are to your precious Mother. I am so sad that she is suffering … may she recover quickly & be healed. Have a lovely weekend. Give your Mother a hug for me. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Oh Traci, this makes me cry. What an honor to be able to help your mom. My precious mom died at only 69 yrs. with a sudden heart attack. That was 23 yrs ago and I miss her everyday. I do talk to her often and I am so thankful that not only I have such wonderful memories, but how precious that all of her grandchildren talk about her often too with such loving memories. I know your heart breaks for the trials that you and your family are facing now, but I so believe that the Lord is in control and that He is holding you all in His hands. God Bless and thank you for such a precious post. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wow, Traci! What a beautiful post! If you'd like, I'll ship some homemade foot elixir to you for your mom (free of charge, of course). It's coconut oil, beeswax and raw honey. It's very soothing and all natural. And if you think it's OK, I'll put some peppermint oil in it. All you have to do is just let me know.

  6. Beautiful! I can only strive to be the kind of mother with such loving daughters who truely know how much I love my Lord, their father and them. I will continue to pray for your mom, you and the rest of your family. God bless you all!

  7. I'm left with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful and sweet post. I'm so incredibly touched. I've been really praying for the strength of your whole family and for healing for your mom. You're absolutely right, what a true honor to wash the feet of such an amazing woman.

  8. WOW!!! How humbling it is to watch our parent(s) grow older and have to depend on us, the children. I'm with you, it is an "honor"to be able to serve them. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks again, friend.

  9. You Mom is ONE blessed Mom…to have you as her daughter! Your tender heart…your love, your mercy and grace….ohh…what a testimony…of a daughter…following in her Mother's footsteps!!

    I continue to lift you ALL up….with MUCH, prayer.


  10. What a beautiful post Traci, I agree, you should make a copy of it and frame it for your mother. I wrote a love letter and framed it for my mother years ago, and I think she loved that more than anything I gave her with the exception of her two grandchildren. I even gave her, her first granddaughter on her birthday, forty years later. She did like that. My heart goes out to you and your mother and family. We will just keep believing!!!!

  11. God Bless you Traci!
    That was the most beautiful post to your mom!
    I am crying realizing at this very moment how I sometimes take for granted all I have by dwelling on silly stuff!
    You are in my prayers!

  12. Girl, I just put my makeup on to go to Hannah's early morning cross country meet and I think I may have to start over. What an amazing tribute to your mom. Every word just flowed to overflowing with your love for her. She is a blessed mom in deed. I'm praying for all of you this morning.

  13. Traci, words leave me….but then you have so beautifully expressed your heart that any words from me are superfluous. May God bless YOUR feet as you go to serve your mom. In His Hope, Linda @Nina's Nest

  14. Traci, That was beautiful! You made me cry. We are all so blessed to have beautiful mothers that care for us! Thank you for making me think about all the things my mother has done for me. My mother has changed so much in the last few years. I have a hard time spending time with her, but I know I will miss her when I no longer have her. I need to cherish her and accept her the way she is. Thanks!

  15. Ters just welled up in my eyes. I used to trim my Mom's toenails when she could no longer do it. Thank you for the loving memories.

    Debbie in Florida

  16. Hi Traci, your post made me cry (but in a good way, in a grateful way)… for I too have a mom with beautiful feet too. And at 84 years old I am so thankful to God that she can still stand on her own feet. She's miles away in England but oh how I would love to be sitting at those feet right now.
    I hope you and your sweet Mom have a good day today.
    Sending hugs and prayers

  17. very humbling. in fact, i'm getting ready to call my mom, because that's all i could think about. i'm so sorry for the pain that your family is experiencing. you will all be in my prayers.

  18. Traci, Thank you for sharing your world with us. This is a very loving tribute to your mom and brings tears to my eyes. If we all would stop and give thanks (in everything) our world we be so different. May God pour out His blessing on you, your Mom and your family. In Prayer… Dee Dee

  19. Oh, yes, AMEN! Traci, you had me from the get go. This is absolutely and tremendously beautiful, touching, heartfelt. What can I say? Precious was that moment, for the both of you.

    Love to you.

    It amazes me that I am able to be here, reading such similar sentiments an entire year later…God is so good, Traci. He Is, Isn't He?

    You are beautiful ♥

  20. Traci–I can't stop crying. Such a beautiful post about your precious mother. How wonderful that you could do that for her and all the things that came to your mind about her while you were serving her in that way.

  21. What a beautiful Post!!! How blessed you are to still have your precious momma. I lost mine 2 years ago when she was only 68 years old. I would love to have my mom here to do her feet. Enjoy your sweet momma

  22. This post really touches me. I lost my own mother nearly 10 years ago, so I know a little bit of what you're going through as you care for your mom in her illness. I pray that your mom's treatments will be wonderfully effective so that you'll have many more wonderful years with her.

    I think it's wonderful of you to pay tribute to your mom and all that she means to you, your family, and all the people she touches. She must be a very special lady. Truly her feet are beautiful, and I know your loving words must be good medicine for her.

    Every blessing to all of you.

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