Buckeye FYI

First of all, I want to thank all of you who leave comments on my blog. I cannot tell you how much they make me smile. I read every one of them, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

You guys are PRECIOUS to me!

I had a couple of questions from readers that I needed to address…

Question #1… What the heck is a buckeye?

A buckeye is a nut that falls from a buckeye tree. (Not kiddin’)

The Ohio State Buckeyes are named after this cute little nut.

Question #2…Why do you add the paraffin wax and will it kill you? (Or something like that.)

I think the paraffin wax helps the chocolate hold its shape. I don’t know. I was given this recipe 32 years ago, and I was only seven…I was just doing what I was told. But I have heard that we eat wax all the time in candy bars. That’s how they imprint words on the candy bars, or make them into specific shapes. But don’t quote me on that one.

I do think you would be able to make them without the wax. One reader said they used Crisco instead.

But I will have to say that this is the BEST buckeye recipe you will ever find. (At least that is what everyone tells me.) So I am not messing with a good thing!

Plus, I’ve been eating buckeyes for 32 years… and I’m fine. (Someone tell my sister to stop laughing, please!)

Well, I hope that answers your questions.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Your sister sounds just like mine, lol! If I'm 'damaged' in any way…it's HER fault, not food! I love these goodies too…they are addicting! I enjoy your blog so very much and wish you the happiest of holidays!

  2. There's nothing like a good buckeye…our family dips them completely, so I guess they're more PB balls than buckeyes…what can I say, we're chocoholics! We also add paraffin to the chocolate (food grade, of course). That's what gives the chocolate its smooth shiny finish when making candy.

    I heard about you from TCB :) Have a blessed day!

  3. I cant wait to try your buckeye recipe! I never realized just how much the little treats look JUST like a real buckeye! I have never had one before….but I cant imagine anything that sounds yummier! I absolutely adore your blog! Have a happy holiday season!
    ps- LOVE your stocking silouettes!!!!!!!

  4. My buckeye recipe is very similar to yours. . . including the 1/3 stick of paraffin. You're right: it helps the chocolate to hold its shape. It's for hardening purposes.

    You know what's funny? If you use cheap-o chocolate chips, you can omit the paraffin, because they already contain a good bit of paraffin (that's why they're cheap). But I'm betting you're like me and buy the big bag of Nestle's Toll House Chocolate Chips.

    No, the tiny amount of paraffin you get in these won't hurt you. . . and you're right: don't mess with a good thing!

  5. You're absolutely right about the paraffin part! Paraffin helps the chocolate to cling to things, to harden more than it usually would (like in the case of making a candy shell- that ice cream stuff that you pour on to make a thick chocolate shell is loaded with paraffin!), etc. The only thing that it'll do to you is make you constipated (I know, lovely…lol), and that's only if you eat a LOT of it in one sitting!

  6. Good Morning Sweetie…
    I love your buckeyes, and I have heard that too, using the paraffin wax for the shine on many things. It is so beautiful. How pretty they look in your dish.

    I can honestly say though that I have never eaten one. What does it taste like?

    I always heard that you carry one in your pocket or purse for good luck. Old tale??

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. As always I love it when you do. Please stop by and say hi. I love the company.

    And finally Traci's sister, stop laughing.. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Country hugs sweetie…Sherry

  7. Hi I found your blog through Kim at Today's Creative Blog. I noticed that your Buckeye nut above looks alot like our Chestnuts here on the east coast. I'm sure it's the same nut, just a different name. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

  8. Traci, I'm new to your blog (subscribed yesterday via GoogleReader)and made this recipe last night. It really is delicious and easy. If you would pls answer one more question for me. I'm hoping I added the correct amount of wax. I'd never purchased it before. The Gulf wax has 4 "sticks/cakes" – I used about a third of one of the sticks. Was this correct?

  9. I'm making them right now and wiping the sugar off my keyboard as I type! Only have the chocolate almond bark on hand here, so that is what they'll be dipped in this time around. I was so excited to make them when I saw your recipe – they'll be good to chill and then send overseas to my brother who is stationed in S Korea – about a 3 day travel time. Since they'll be travelling through all cool (Cold!) weather, they'll hold up fine during the trip. Thanks for another treat idea to send him!

  10. How funny! I had the exact same questions! I am going to make them for a family party tomorrow and I went to the store to buy the wax yesterday! I was pretty skeptical and my husband kinda freaked when he read on the wax that it can be used for waxing skis, sleds and toboggans! Haha I can't wait to make them and eat them! Thanks for the recipe!

  11. Hey if it helps you hold your shape, I should have been eating much more paraffin!! LOL…..clearly not having enough is as detrimental as too much!!! :)
    Love your blog, Tracey, and your banter with your sister is precious.

  12. My friend bluebell and myself puzzled about the word buckeyes, thenwhen I saw the picture of the nuts , ah !! we call them chestnuts , the wild uneatable ones we call conkers–cottonreel

  13. Traci I made them last night and they came out PERFECT!!!!
    I too was concerned about the wax but it is FDA approved and ppl have used it for MANY MANY MANY years so I figured it was fine!

  14. I am just about to make buckeyes with my daughter-it's a Christmas tradition since I was a child too–I look forward to eating them every year at Christmas. My recipe asks for paraffin wax too but I now use chocolate bark-the kind for making candies-I have found it to be easier. Another modification is I add a little bit of Rice Krispies to give it a satisfying crunch! Merry Christmas!

  15. Thanks for clearing up the whole Buckeye thing! I had no clue! I love your blog. Found it stalking a friends and now you are on my list! Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials and thoughts.

  16. You use the exact same recipe that I do. I've been eating them much longer than you have and haven't died from the paraffin so I think it is OK. Just tell your readers to get food grade and they will be fine.

    My family loves these things too! And ask for them every Christmas.

  17. So yummy! Thank you! I think we have a new holiday tradition now! The kids loved mixing, rolling and dipping…and I got to take a bit of a sit-down. :) Blessings this holiday season.


  18. Tried your yummy recipe… It was fantastic. I didn't have wax, so I just dipped them in regular melted chocolate chips and they were delicious! The kids really enjoyed them. Thanks a ton!

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