I’m crazy about containers!

I love having sponsors that sell products that I actually love!

Garnish is one of those sponsors!


I never thought I would say that I am in love with containers, but I’m gonna say it.

“I am in love with containers!!”

Do you blame me? Look at this adorable little box…


Wouldn’t it be the cutest little way to package a party favor? You could use any colors you like to embellish it.

My niece is getting married this summer, and I could totally see her using these for her bridesmaids’ gifts. (Hint, Hint.)

Did I mention I am a bridesmaid in her wedding? Oh, I didn’t, hmmm….

Do you remember my mom’s delicious poppy seed bread recipe I shared with you back in the fall?


Many of you emailed me to tell me you tried the recipe, and you LOVED it! You blessed my heart!

But if you missed it, you can find the recipe HERE.

Wouldn’t those little loaves of poppy seed bread look great in these paper loaf pans…


Oh my goodness…YES!

And do you remember Mom’s homemade play dough recipe I just shared recently?

Look at how they packaged play dough in these cute little boxes with the recipe on front….


Are these people reading my blog? my mind?

I told you that I really loved these products.

I do! I do!

And since we are talking about play dough…look at the adorable way they used their containers for a children’s birthday party.


I want to go to that party, don’t you? Look at the little gum drops in the paper cones. Adorable.

And you could decorate the boxes with pink or purple ribbons for a little girl’s party. Of course, in my house there is none of that pink stuff. I would stick with the primary colors. :)

Okay, let me sh0w you one more thing.

It’s been snowy this week around here, and there is more snow on the way this weekend. And when I am cold, I want soup!


Look at this fabulous “soup swap” idea:

(Copied from Garnish website)

A fun, budget-friendly reason to beat the winter lulls and gather for a party. What could be better?! A resulting freezer brimming with fresh homemade soups perfect for an easy dinner. Soup Swaps are just like cookie swaps…bring the goods, leave with new goods and enjoy! Here’s the 411 on how to host your own soup swap:

  • give your guests at least 2 weeks notice so they’ll have plenty of time to get their soup on
  • create a unique and functional invite by printing directly on our paper lunch bags
  • in the lunch bag invite include 6 quart sized plastic deli containers as well as 6 ‘hello my name is’ square labels for your guests to use
  • consider including a half quart sized plastic deli container, brought to the swap unfrozen, to be used for soup shots…a little sampling if you will
  • ask your guests to arrive with the soup frozen and clearly marked
  • serve drinks, appetizers and snacks – keep it simple but plentiful
  • soup shots in white nut and party cups
  • gather your guests and first have everyone tell a little something about their soup and then draw numbers for soup picking order (make sure the drawing numbers equals the number of guests)
  • go through your picking order until all the soup is gone
  • soup swap favors – bread baked in small kraft mold placed in a large cello bag closed with brown and white twine, and soup crackers in glassine bags
  • ask your guests to bring 2 or more cans of food to donate to a local charity

Okay, if any of you decide to have a “soup swap” party, you better be inviting me. Okay?!

There are so many other great ideas at Garnish and so many amazing products. I know all your crafty little minds could come up with a thousand ways to use their products!

Garnish also has a blog full of more wonderful ideas. You have to visit it HERE and be amazed!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The soup idea is UBER cute! I would love to have a soup party..and those "Hello My Name is" tags are precious. The question is which of my famous "copycats" would I use at mine. I make a killer Loaded Potato (like O'Charley's) and Zuppa Toscana (Olive Garden)..MMMmmmm….I think I might have to make some soup tomorrow.


  2. Traci thanks for posting the soup swap today…what a great idea and one I think I will do. How fun. I LOVE soup! Happy Valentine's Day to you. Where do you buy the quart containers. I save those when I get Chinese take out, but never looked to purchase them anywhere.

  3. Traci,
    I'm gald you mentioned this sponsor. I checked out their site and found some things I've been wanting for a long time. So many useful and fun products! Oh, and I copied your mom's poppy seed recipe and can't wait to try it out. It really looks good. Thanks!


  4. So cool, Traci! What a great idea to have a Soup Swap! Wouldn't that be a fun thing to do for one of the February holidays like Ground Hog Day or Presidents' Day?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!


  5. I was checking out all your sponsors the other day and saw this very one you posted about. Love it and the cute ideas they provide as well. Can't wait till she does a giveaway!

  6. I am going to go check their site out right now. I need a really neat party favor box/idea for my son's birthday party. Maybe I can find something with Garnish! Thanks.

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