It was fate, I tell ya!

(This is a true story.)

I have to tell you something I did.

I have been visiting other blogs looking for potential sponsors for my blog.

Several weeks ago, I clicked on a “Pocket full of Posies” button on another blog.


It was fate.  Nothing but fate.

Let me explain.

One day earlier, I was frustrated (again) about what to cook for dinner.  I yelled at  nicely said to my husband, “I just wish someone would tell me WHAT to cook, and WHAT TO BUY so I can cook it.”

Confession:  I love to spend time fixing up my house, not fixing supper.

I just think it’s boring figuring out what meals to fix and what ingredients to buy to prepare them.  I’m sorry.  It’s true.

So imagine my excitement when I read:


Welcome to Pocket Full of Posies! We are so excited that you have found us, and even more excited to share our ideas. If you are a busy mom, looking for a quick and easy solution to your meal planning problems, you’ve come to the right place. Perfect Pocket Meal Planning will change your life in the kitchen! We’ve done all the work, all you have to do is the cooking!

Change my life?!   Are you kidding me?  I’m in!

I began reading about their Perfect Pocket Meal Planning, and I was hooked.

This is basically what it is…


They have prepared 8 weeks of recipes to store in their cute little pocket planners…


You pick out  four weeks of recipes that you want to make for the month.  Here are my recipes in my  new pocket planner…


Each week has an “ingredient card” with everything you need to buy to make the meals.


Now you are ready to cook for the week!

So basically,  someone is telling me WHAT to cook and WHAT TO BUY so I can cook it!!

See.   FATE.

So I emailed these two precious sister-in-laws and begged them to let me try their Perfect Pocket Meal Planning system.

We decided on a trade…they get an advertising spot on my blog and I get one of their Perfect Pocket Meal Planning systems.


See why I love blogging?!

I took my little ingredient card with me to Krogers, got what I needed, and headed home “happy as a lark”!

(What does that saying really mean?  Are lark’s happy?  Someone please let me know…)

And now my boys are happy too!

Here are a couple of pictures of them enjoying the meals that their very organized and prepared Mommy fixed them.



“Yeah!  Our Mom is the best cook ever!”  They said that.  Seriously.

Well, there you have it… it has changed my life!

There are several other ways to incorporate their meal planning system into your life.  They also have Diet Meal Packages and Specialty Meal Packages.

So click their button to go check it out…you’ll be glad you did!





  1. I could use this. I almost didn't think I could, but I see you have "specialty meals" as something they offer. I am gluten free, so I can't cook a lot of what I used to make for ALL of us to eat. 9 times out of 10, I make my own meal and then something for whoever is home. I will definitely check it out though!

  2. What a cool idea! So glad you shared this.

    I know what you mean, Traci, about what to cook. Although I love to cook, my family's so darn picky, and it can become a chore sometimes. No fun. They say they get tired of the same things . . . "well tell me what you want!" This system might be nice to let my guys take turns picking a meal or all meals the the next week.

    Think I'll go check it out.

  3. Hi Traci, just popped over from Girlfriend's place. How smart you are. I do not cook anymore, HH does all the cooking and he is always got things under control, thank goodness. We are both retired and after cooking for 8 for so many years I just can't do it any more and he likes to do it.
    Your boys are so cute and look like they are all healthy eaters. Blessings

  4. I am so with you on the supper problem. I don't mind cooking. . . I'm not a bad cook. . . but I HATE coming up with what to cook.

    One question: do you find that their menus work for you? I mean, will your boys eat the things they suggest?

    Hope you're having a great week!

  5. I think it was fate that you posted this!! I've been feeling the same way. Menu planning + Cooking= BORING! Gotta go check it out…
    p.s. -ADORABLE pics :)

  6. I soooooo need this!!!! I am brain dead when I go grocery shopping, I cant think of anything to cook. I spend tons at the grocery and get home and still have nothing to eat…..this would be great!!!!!

  7. What a great idea!
    It looks like your boys really enjoyed the meal! I'm always looking for new recipes to try. I'm gonna have to go check it out too.

  8. Thanks, Traci for your blog, it is so obvious it is "touched by God" and what a tribute to your precious mom! Thanks for tipping us off to Posies, my 10 year old daughter and I decided to go ahead and purchase a monthly pocket planner – we are so excited about receiving it. We're getting much more into meal planning. Thanks for all you do…be blessed! Laurie E from SceneoftheGrime

  9. So cool! Thanks for the introduction! I can't wait to check it out! :)

    My husband does the cooking but I'm sure he'd love it if I surprised him once in a while – this makes it so easy to do and less overwhelming. There are times when he's stumped too and asks me what I want. I'd love to have a menu to refer to!

    Have a great week!


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