Master Bedroom Progress

We (actually my husband) made a lot of progress on our master bedroom makeover this weekend.

*He took down the ceiling fan and a light.

*Pulled up all of the carpet from the room.

*Painted the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint.

*And touched up the walls in the bathroom and bedroom.

Unfortunately, we are at that stage where it doesn’t look like we have gotten much done.

And of course, we are not at the most fun part of our makeover yet …the decorating!

So I have a few not-so-inspiring pictures to show you.

Hubby taking down the huge ugly ceiling fan…


Capping the wires and adding a ceiling plate…

IMG_5825 IMG_5831

(Yes, we have those UGLY textured ceilings, but girls, I do not EVEN want to think about replacing our ceilings…that’s for another time, another place!)

Speaking of a project that we are saving for a later date…

We are not installing hard wood floors in our room like we had hope. (BIG huge pouty face)

Honestly, we just don’t have the money.

I had my heart set on beautiful hard wood floors, but we can’t always get what we want, right?

So we are going to get carpet installed instead.

And I am thankful, and I am grateful. Some people will never live in a carpeted home their entire life!

Here is my sweet Eli wanting to help Daddy paint. He had undressed all the way down to his “church socks” and was ready to work.


Eli says, “Be sure to use a extension pole when painting the ceilings…it’s a must!”

Jonathan and Eli watched the Kentucky Wildcats beat Mississippi State in overtime to win the SEC championship, while Daddy painted the walls. (Woo-hoo!)


Notice the carpet is all gone!

My hubby also took down the light that you see was in front of the window. I am hoping to find a chandelier to go there.

We are going to put a fresh coat of white paint on the trim and doors too before the carpet is installed later this week.

I’m still trying to decide on bedding and such. And I am trying to be patient and make wise and frugal choices. :)

That’s all for now, but be sure to stop by later today for my…

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (Echo, echo, echo, echo)

Well, it might actually be bigger to me than to you. :)

But stop by anyway, ya hear?



  1. Progress is great! We rent and I long for my old hard wood floors but we're making do with super cheap ugly carpet.
    Were you guys jumping up and down during that Kentucky game? It was madness here.

  2. I can so relate to wanting hardwood floors but not being able to go that route AND also the ceilings!! I have the cottage cheese on my bedroom ceiling!!! The only room in the house with this kind of ceiling! ??? Steve, said, well, we can just scrape it off! I had visions of that mess and said, um, no….I will live with it for now! We are getting new carpet in our bedroom too.

    Can't wait to see future posts! I know it will be AWESOME!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. Progress is better than no progress (which is my master bedroom — must wait til AFTER finals) although..I am biting at the bit! :)

    Bedding..oh not even get me started on bedding. It is my FAVORITE and NOT SO favorite part….such a love hate relationship. All bc of the $! I try to be "creative." Best of luck. I can not wait to see more AND hear the big news.


  4. It is truly our nature to want more than we can have. I am guilty, too. But I was pleased to see your remark about being grateful for carpet even though you had your heart set on hardwood floors. You are very talented and it's exciting to watch the redo unfold! I'll be back to check for your news!

  5. That photo of Eli in his "church socks" is just priceless.

    Glad you're making progress with your bedroom! It's going to be great. And I love that the guys had the game on while your hubby was working. That was a close one!

    My mom's ancestors were from Kentucky. . . they moved west in a covered wagon back in 1876, and guess where they settled? Kansas! So will they root for UK or KU? I'm not sure! Meanwhile, we're proud that Duke got a #1 seed. I don't know how far they'll go in the tournament, but my son is loving being part of the Duke community. :)

  6. Traci,
    there is lots of progress going on in there…and what do you mean the decorating part isn't fun??? That's the most fun part of all.
    I think your room will look lovely. Enjoy the process.

  7. What great photos! I love the one of your guys watching the game while Dad paints – I LOVE that they were actually in the room with him. It kind of makes it a family thing and the boys will remember Dad painting and improving their house(I've got the Monday groggy's and I'm not making much sense, but you know what I mean…hopefully).

    And oh, your little guy in his church socks. So cute. Ahh, I remember those days :).

  8. Tracy, I really enjoy your blog. Jenna turned me on to it and now I subscribe to it in my reader. Love all of your decorating ideas and of course the occasional pic of one of your little guys. They are growing up so fast. By the way, does Cy always do the home improving dressed so nicely in a sweater vest and button down? I'm impressed! haha. Carol (Young)

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