Before and After pictures of my master bedroom.

You have to see this to believe it!

My master bedroom has undergone a major transformation.

When looking at my bedroom on the Parade of Homes yesterday, I was feeling a little insecure that maybe it didn’t look as good as I had hoped.

But when I looked back at the “before” pictures of my room, I cannot believe how far it has come.

I love my new bedroom. It truly feels like a master retreat when I walk in the room.

Here’s the recap of where I began:

I had a cherry bedroom suite that I sold on Craigslist for $700.00. One of my kids puked on my comforter (seriously), and I had to throw it away, so I didn’t even have a complete bedding set. I really hadn’t done much to decorate the room except throw some pictures up on the wall.

Here is my awful “before”…


And here is the “after”


I did not change the wall color or the window treatments. Those two things can cause a lot of stress. :) I knew I wanted the walls to be neutral, and I liked the way the curtains matched the color of my fireplace.

I think the wall color is called Navajo White by Porter Paints. We painted it five years ago, so I’m not real sure.

The curtains I got at Homegoods a couple of years ago for $8.00 a window. It was only $16.00 for all four panels! You can’t beat that price.

See how much space the king sleigh bed took up? I had it up against that wall because it was the only place it would fit. I tried moving the bed in front of the window one time, but it looked horrible. When you walked into the room, all you could see was that HUGE footboard. So the bed remained on this wall…


When I tried the four poster bed in front of the window…I loved it! The bed was my mom and dad’s bed, so I didn’t have to purchase a new bed which helped a lot with my makeover budget. And it’s a king bed, so we were able to use our same box spring and mattress.


One of the things I didn’t like about the layout of our old bedroom was that you saw our tv as soon as you walked into our room. So one of my goals for my makeover was to find a piece of furniture to hide our tv in.


Now our tv hides in this black armoire that I got at a habitat store for 40 bucks.


It was missing the back, so my husband added one.


He also built some shelves inside to add more storage, so the total project cost us about $90.00.


We removed the ugly ceiling fan from the middle of the room.


The fireplace was the hardest thing to accessorize, and I am still not crazy about it. All of the items on the mantle were things I already had.


The picture of the boys was a 16×20 wall canvas that I won last year in a giveaway at Reluctant Entertainer! It has been in our foyer for a long time, but I decided to frame it and put it on my mantle.

Believe it or not, I already had this frame that I wasn’t using and it was a perfect fit! The frame was gold, so I painted it black and wiped off the edges with a wet paper towel right after I painted it so the gold would show through.

I love the way it turned out! I took this picture last year on the road directly in front of our home. I love those boys!


The bed used to be against the only “solid” wall in the room…


…now my new dresser resides there. The dresser used to be green, and I bought it at an antique mall for $210.00. It was the most expensive purchase for my room.


The little lamp was a $10.00 purchase at an antique mall. The mirror frame was $4.50 and the blue vase $1.00, both from Goodwill. I got the wall mirror at Lowe’s for $25.00. It isn’t exactly what I wanted there, but it will have to do for now. I am still looking for a mirror or something else to put there.


But I love what the mirror says…


Here is the “before” view of the other side of the room…


The “after”…

I love watching tv from our cozy (dare I say romantic) bed.


Another “before”…


“After”…Look at all that floor space!


The accessories on top of the armoire are things I gathered from other parts of my house. :)


Here is another picture of my bed with my lamps all lit up…


I was having a hard time finding lamps for my room. I knew I wanted lamps made of glass, but I really couldn’t afford them.

I found these lamps at Garden Ridge for $24.99 a piece, plus $9.99 for each shade. They were exactly what I was looking for. I almost got them, but since I didn’t have much money left in my budget I decided not to.

The next day, I was talking to a family member who told me about some lamps she saw at Garden Ridge that she thought would be perfect for my room. (She follows my blog.) :)

It ended up we were talking about the same lamps! She felt like that was more than a coincidence and told me that she felt led by the Lord to buy them for me. What a blessing!

I just absolutely love them!


I was going to put a skirted table on this side of the bed, but couldn’t find any material that I liked. I’ve had this metal side table for years, and it was currently living in my den. I decided to save some money and use it in my room. It actually works pretty well.

I didn’t want this side of the room to look too “weighted down” with bulky furniture, so this piece keeps it kind of “light” and open.


The large pitcher on the bottom of the side table was a $5.00 find at Goodwill. It was an ugly tan color, so I spray painted it white!

I love my new lamp on my ($25.00) vanity too!


I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I bought the white coverlet and pillow shams from Sears. It is their Country Living brand. I got them on sale for a little less than $100.00. The tan pillow was my mom’s. I wanted to make some pillows with some blue in them, but had trouble finding material I liked.

I bought the frames on each side of my bed for $2.00 at the habitat store and painted them black. I printed the pictures off of my computer from Vintage Printables.

And of course, my favorite addition to the room is my chandelier that I purchased at Lowe’s for $145.00! I am so glad I splurged! Every girl needs a little “bling” in her room, right?


Here is the breakdown of my $700.00 budget:

$145-chandelier from Lowe’s

$90.00 – armoire

$210.00 – dresser

$25.00 – vanity

$25.00 wall mirror

$100.00 Country Living bedding from Sears

$36.00 Brown burlap/velcro bedskirt

$4.00 frames for both sides of bed

$10.00 – small lamp from antique mall

$25.00 _ (approx) miscellaneous accessories from Goodwill

$20.00 – two sets of white king pillow cases from Walmart



I did it!!!


And I love it!!!

If you missed any part of this makeover, just click on “Master Bedroom” in my sidebar labels, and you can see every project I did these past few months for this makeover.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and encouragement throughout this whole process! I promise you that I would have never taken on this makeover if it weren’t for this blog and everyone who reads it…so THANK YOU!!!!!

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. I love your bedroom redo . . . was wondering if you had thought about painting the fireplace mantel? I think black would work so well in this room. Katie

  2. Oh Traci – your room is so beautiful! I have enjoyed the transformation and can't believe you did all this on a budget. The bed turned out fabulous, and I'm sure your Mom would agree :o) Your bedroom screams simple elegance and that is what I am going to attempt with my own. You are such an inspiration, and I can't believe what you get accomplished with four little ones. Ha! Have a great week! Blessings!

  3. It looks great!

    1. That chandy- totally worth the $.
    2. I love how that poster bed frames the window.
    3. And that bedskirt adds so much elegance!

    You did a great job! I wonder if I should move my king bed in front of our window…

  4. It turned out so beautiful! I am totally loving your bedskirt. And that chandelier just adds the finishing touch to the whole room. So glad you could stay in your budget. What great deals!

  5. Wow – It looks GREAT! I love everything you did. I also have a ceiling fan in my bedroom but my husband won't let me get rid of it — grrr. I love the chandelier. And how fun that you have a fireplace in your bedroom. I love your bed too. Just wonderful!


  6. My favorite is the bedskirt! So beautiful. I love your $25 side table, too.

    I second the idea to paint the mantel black. Not that you asked. ;0)

    I'm bookmarking this post to try to get motivated to decorate my master bedroom. It is so neglected and kind of the "catch all" for the house.

    I love your style!

  7. You did a fabulous job here, Traci! Not just by staying within a budget you set for yourself, but by really making a beautiful room. Never doubt that you pulled this off ~ Better Homes & Gardens should be knocking at your door to put this room in one of their special interest magazines!

  8. Way to go, Traci! Doesn't it just make you feel victorious and grateful to see it all broken down bit-by-bit? Hip, hip, hooray!

    I just love that photo of your little guys. Precious.

    Enjoy your wonderful new retreat!

  9. Great Job girl!!! I'm looking for a white spread for my bed now. I think They are just so classy and beautiful! Thanks for sharing and I love the budget breakdown.

  10. Those lamps are a perfect fit. What a great makeoever. I love how you can put the bed in front of the window, makes it seem more open now too and puts the bed as the focal point. Love the picture of the boys. I snaped one of my two boys like that around Easter time. Still need to make it into a print. So cute. All the hard work really paid off.

  11. Well done! This room is so gorgeous now! Honestly, I didn't think it was that bad before. You have improved it so much now though. Beautiful! I love those lamps, what a nice gift.

  12. Love your bedroom and thanks for showing us that little changes can make a big difference. If you don't like the mantle can I make a suggestion? Try, instead of hanging the picture above the mantle, leaning it right down on the mantle. I've been doing that lately and I think it looks better. You can lean and layer several pictures if you like.

  13. Traci…..your room is beautiful! No reason to feel insecure because it turned out so lovely. You inspire me with your blog to hopefully one day start remodeling. I will be using all of your wonderful ideas to get me started! I am curious, I have seen where decorators are removing ceiling fans when they remodel, and I saw that you took down yours. My question is, we use ours so much, but I know that it looks outdated, how did you manage to convince yourself(in my case, my husband) that you didn't need a fan anymore? Do you think you will miss yours?

  14. Love, Love, Love! What a wonderful job you did! I took a tour of your home through the Parade of Homes! How lovely! Be proud of yourselves! Nancy from OHIO

  15. Traci you did an awesome job!!! I wish I had your eye & nerve for decorating. I hope you don't mind if I put in my two cents. I think a black mantel would look more sophiticated than the white, and a little bench in front of your bed would be very inviting. GREAT JOB !!!!!!!

  16. LOVE this room. Did you paint that bed? I'm wondering if my cherry bed that is similar to yours would look better in a coat of black paint. My room is similar to yours–with the bed having to be under the window. Love how it worked out for you!

    Also, I know you've probably hit your budget end, ;) but maybe you could be on the lookout for 2 comfy chairs to "angle" near the end of your bed, separated with a small roundish table. Just a thought… :)

  17. Dear Traci,
    I love your bed room decoration and everything.
    All of them looks pretty great!!
    Plain stable deep wood color made the room restful.
    God, you are a dab hand at decoration and rebuilding.

  18. Your bedroom is stunning. So peaceful. I'm new to blogging and I love finding inspiration like your bedroom makeover. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Great job on the bedroom makeover….gives me the inspiration to do my own. I always say that the best transformations are the ones that are done economically without breaking the bank. It is amazing what a realistic budget and a lot of imagination can do. I will definetely follow your future projects.

  20. Traci, I have the same bed as you and I love it. It is in dark cherry and I could or never would want it changed, especially to black..but that’s why everybody has different taste..It came out beautifully, did a dresser mirror not come with the dresser? I like the Chandelier over the bed, that makes the room even more elegant. What a nice size bedroom and to have the fireplace there is an added feature. Do you use the fireplace in the wintertime? Don’t see any wood or is it gas operated? I can only place my bed on one blank wall. I have a large window in the room, but it looks out to our patio/breezeway and the baseboard heat register is on that side of the room. I have mini blinds up plus a valance; if I open up the blinds at night, the security light shines in my eyes. It is a motion detector type light and the least thing triggers it on brightly, even wind which is good in a way. I can’t have long sheers because of the heat register so any sheers I have sill length.

    Let’s talk about your dustruffle and coverlet. Is that coverlet Matalese? I’ve been looking in the catalogs and have my eye on one in that fabric. I have to have a 21 in. dust ruffle to cover the mattress and it goes down to the carpet but I’ve been seeing these 14 in. dust ruffles that go on with velcro on side of box springs foundation. I store paper towels, toilet paper and many storage containers of 47 plus years of photographs under the bed, hidden by dust ruffle. I bought hundred of scrapbooking supplies over the years but don’t have the creativity to work with it or the patience. Do you have the builder’s textured celings like we do? No ceiling lights were installed by the builder of our homes in 1977..I had the ceiling fan put in after we moved here. I don’t use it often but I’d miss it if I removed it. I like it for circulation purposes. I have one of my nightstands beside the bed and another on the wall as you enter the bedroom because when I put the chest of drawers in that location, it looked funny there and too big and if I were lying in bed, I wouldn’t be able to see anybody as they entered my room. I am in the process of convincing my husband to let me get rid of a Sauder dark cherry tv armoire and let me move the chest of drawers into his room, so I can switch the night stand by the door to the other side of the bed so I’ll have more light when I read. If I can do that, there should be room for a comfy chair that I can sit in and read, instead of reading in bed.

    After the holidays are over, I plan to contact a man that does painting, and other handyman jobs and have him to paint both bedrooms and install crown molding in them. Will probably save that job until Spring when I can open up the windows because of paint odor. Paint odors now are nothing compared to years ago but both of us have some respiratory issues so it is best to open up when painting.

    You should pat yourself on the back for a job well done. It looks elegant and comfortable.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  21. Hi. Have an inexpensive back-drop for your bed. A friend had given me two pieces, about 8 yrds tot. of a lovely soft pink (silk like) crinkled taffeta fabric. Had it for a couple of years trying to decide what to do with it. Then it came to me. After cutting off about thee feet of each piece I sewed the long pieces together. I frayed both ends and left selveged edges stay, draped it over a old photo of my husband and I in a lovely old frame above the bed, brought both ends out (about a foot and a half) secure them (draping) onto a picture rail using long nails, letting ends hang down the walls. To hide large nails I used the pieces I had cut off, making two tie’s, (fray both ends on each one) tied into lovely solft bows and hooking same onto nails, hiding nails. This will work even if you don’t have a picture rail, using hooks (curtain brackets). It sounds like allot of work, but I did this in about an hour with no help. It looks gorgeous, when my friend came to see, she almost cried because she had give the fabric to me. Have photo if this sounds complicated.

    1. Tracy, thhis suggestion wasn’t for you, it’s for another post I just read but can’t find…..someone looks for an arrangement for above their bed…..sorry…..don’t know which key I pressed.
      Loved your room.

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