Yearning for Urns

You know I have been trying to come up with ways to decorate and accessorize my back patio, right?

Well, of course, one of the places I love to look for inspiration is Ballard Designs catalog.  It’s my absolute favorite!


I have noticed that they decorate with a lot of urns…especially outdoors.

Here are a few pages of inspiration that I scanned from the magazine for you…






I also found some other cool ways to use urns indoors in Budget Decorating magazine (a special interest edition of Woman’s Day magazine).

They can be used in the kitchen…


In the home office or on a table/dresser…


Foyers and bathrooms…


Or even an end table…



I love seeing all of these unique ways to use urns, and I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures too.

Do you use urns around your home for different purposes?

Do share!

Have a blessed day,



  1. I love urns too. Those pictures are truly inspirational. Just gorgeous..can't wait to see what you do with your patio.Ttake care and have a lovely day..Kym X

  2. I adore Ballard Designs, too!
    In some circles, they seem to have lost some ground to places like Anthropologie, RH and PB, but I think Ballard will always have a place out there. Their style is just so timelessly classic.

    I'm only just now discovering your beautiful blog, so nice to meet you!

    All the best,

  3. Traci, thanks so much for sharing these ideas! I will have to bookmark this post. I love, love urns but so far have just used them for plants. Boring! Love these suggestions.

  4. I love a shapely urn myself, Traci! If I'm out and see one at a good price, I'll pick it up. My last one was a pretty small cement urn {heavy for a little guy}; too small to use outside really unless on a table top. So I used a faux lavendar bunch and some moss, and put it on my craft table. Ballard Designs is one of my favorites for inpsiration, too!

  5. Great post. I love a good urn. I'd love to try the side table, very cool.

    I only have one urn and it's outside in the garden, not very creative, but it is sentimental, because we used it as our wedding reception to hold our favors… which were baseballs (we're big fans) and they were piled up in the urn and then spilled over onto turf… it was so cool.

  6. Close to where we live (in Alabama), we have Southern Homes and Gardens. They have a separate entity, Caffoc, that makes and sell "Euracast" pots. Pots of all sizes, shapes and colors. And urns too! I'm not sure what they are made of, but they are as light as styrofoam but very sturdy and they last for several years (at least the ones I have). There is a Caffco outlet too that sells discontinued ones so you better believe I stock up on them! I've bought one for $5 before! So for a fraction of the cost of cement urns and pots, we buy these instead. I have a small urn in my kid's bathroom that I've put seashells in from past beach trips.

  7. Je t'aime urns, aussi (don't know how to say urn in French)! Thanks for the beautiful pics, I really love the very last one – my magazine racks are much more humble, I'm afraid! Thanks for blessing us with your blog, as always, Traci! ♥Laurie from Scene of the Grime

  8. Oh I am yearning now too. I love the bathroom towel storage idea. And I love in the office
    one too. I have found cheap plastic ones at dollar general. I think painted up and antiqued they would look great outside. You inspire I think I will try it. I was fixin' to get rid of the cheap ones but I see possibilities now! Btw I have a new look. It isn't finished but stop over and if you don't mind please pray for our ministry I wrote a prayer request earlier today about it.
    Love ya girl,

  9. Urns always makes me think of English gardens and castles which those ginormous concrete urns full of trailing ivy and scultures!

    I have enjoyed your post. Great ideas.


  10. I don't have any urns but I think they look really cool in or out. I love the one with the magazines and the one that was converted to a side table.

  11. I have a love / hate relationship with urns. Love them, just never know what to do with them! You've given me much to think about. Thanks.

  12. wow…I've never really given urns much thought until seeing this post. I've admired them from afar in the homes of friends but didn't venture too far into that decor choice…but now…you got my creative juices flowing. My husband will just love you for that :)

    Also, I guess that I must live in the closet, b/c I've not heard of Ballard Designs…humm, Barnes & Noble here I come.


  13. Lovely collection of artful urn images. Brilliant idea to use one as the base for a side table! I find urns classically romantic, but diXymister says they remind him of funerals (sigh). I also share your delight in all things Ballard inspired and do a little happy dance at the mailboX when a new catalog arrives! ;-)

  14. Hello sweet Traci – I too love urns. I did start thinking outside the box for them just recently. I use a small one on my desk to hold my pens. And I've got a couple on my hutch mixed in with some silver decor.

    Thank you for sharing these photos! I especially like the idea of putting wooden spoons in them for the kitchen.


  15. Wish I could buy everything from Ballard… But my bank account wont let me… Oh well…

    Thought I would let you know that I gave you an award. Come on over and check it out… :O)

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