Need a laugh?

Today, I needed a laugh.

These videos always crack me up.

Hope you like them.  :)

Here’s one I can definitely relate to!  Can you?…




  1. Our family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, Tim Hawkins. His act is “rolling on the floor” funny!
    Somebody recently told me that he’s performing at The Rock Church in San Diego in August, I’m hoping we can make it!

  2. Traci, I am commenting on the previous post….loved it…..the hill…..great thought. I think we sometimes make mountains out of molehills, but God makes molehills out of mountains. Blessings to you! Linda p.s. We are looking forward to another trip to our cousin’s horse farm about an hour from Louisville. It is so peaceful with the white fencing and the horses….plus my hubby’s childhood memories with his cousin roaming the fields and teasing the bull!

  3. LOVE Tim Hawkins! I first saw him as the entertainment at a conference I attended. If you ever get a chance to see him perform in person DO!

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