Wednesdays with Wanda

It is 11:01 p.m. on Tuesday night, and I am just sitting down to do my Wednesday with Wanda post for tomorrow.

It’s not because I have procrastinated.  It’s because this is the first time I have had today to sit down and write.

Yesterday, I worked at my job from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, dropped my youngest son off at my sister’s house, drove 40 minutes home, changed clothes and freshened up in 15 minutes, then hustled out the door for my 3 oldest sons’ Open House at school from 5:30-7:00 pm.

We had to go to the Open House so the boys could meet their new teachers, but we also had to be there because I had to meet the parents and students of the third grade classroom that I will be teaching!

Yep.  I am going to be a long-term sub (14 weeks) for a third grade class at the school that I used to teach at 11 years ago.

It was very exciting for me to be back in the classroom!

On the way home, we stopped at Lowe’s to get the handles for the table I was refinishing for the back patio.

I worked on that table until after 9:00 pm and then it took me over an hour to post about it.

This morning, I had to be at work at 7:30 am, which means I had to leave the house before 7:00 am, and I didn’t get off until 7:30 p.m.

I had to pick my boys up from my sister’s house, and it was almost 9:00 p.m. before we got home.

Of course, my stinky boys all needed to take showers before bedtime,   :)  so it was around 9:30 before everyone got in bed.

Then I spent over an hour filling out over 30 pieces of paperwork that the boys needed for school tomorrow.  Tomorrow is their first day of school!  And it will be my first day in my third grade classroom.

All the while, I am worrying about how I am going to have the energy to post for Wednesdays with Wanda.

I already know what I want to post about, but I would be up another hour if I did it.

Since Mom passed away almost a year ago, I have written about her every Wednesday.  Not posting about her makes me feel guilty.  I don’t want to let Mom down, or my readers down.

But I know the truth …Mom would never want me to feel guilty.

As I sat down at this computer, tears began to fill my eyes, and I could hear my sweet mother’s voice saying, “Traci, honey, you are exhausted.  Don’t you worry about writing about me.  Go to bed, sweetie, get your rest.  I want you to have a good day tomorrow.”

For those of you who know my mom personally, I know you can hear her saying those exact words too.

Mom always knows best.

So I am going to listen to my mama and go to bed.

I hope you understand.

May each of you who took the time to read these words find God’s richest blessings upon you today.

All my love,



  1. Traci

    I absolutely understand!!!!! Truthfully, yes when Wednesday’s get here, I come straight to Wed. with Wanda! I was even more excited to hear all about your sons first days at school, meet the teachers and YOU starting back teaching again. Congratulations! Your momma was right, you need some rest!

    Don’t worry about me, I will always be checking in and can’t wait to see your finished work on the patio!
    I have started back to work part time too, so I know how time will get away from you quick.

    Have a super week!


    Marilyn C.

  2. Traci, you have blessed us all with stories of your mom, your mom would be so proud of you! She wouldn’t want you to have sharing her memories of her stress you and keep you from getting rest. Rest super mom and I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day

  3. Traci,
    I hope you have a wonderful 1st day of school, and that your boys do, too! What an exciting time for your family. I think you made the right choice to listen to your Mom, and to get some rest; it’s exactly what any mother would want her daughter to do before such a big day. ((HUGS))! Your posts warm my heart and inspire my creativity. Thank YOU!

  4. Good morning Traci,

    :) Moms always knows best; you should never feel guilty. I love your blog and always look forward to reading Wednesday’s with Wanda. Your mom is right though; “Traci, honey, you are exhausted. Don’t you worry about writing about me. Go to bed, sweetie, get your rest. I want you to have a good day tomorrow.” I hope you got some good rest to have good day today. You’re an awesome person with a big caring heart!!!!
    Have a very blessed day.
    Kathy in Texas :)

  5. Traci,
    Best of luck today!! You made me tired just reading your post!! You know what? You DID write a post about your mom. I am sure she would have been thinking the same thing too!! :)


  6. I hope you have a wonderful day today! You sound so excited to be back doing what you love….teaching! Enjoy if for the few weeks you will be doing it.

    Momma knows best. I am so glad you went to bed to get rest. We’ll all be here when you have time. No worries.

  7. My prayer for you is that this first week of school is seamless for you! My kids started back yesterday and it is a very busy time. I’m a teacher also and still have two more weeks of summer! The first couple of weeks can be a very stressful time, not to mention exhausting. Take the time to replenish your soul and order “take-out!” :))

  8. I was also a teacher before becoming a stay at home mom, & I can remember getting the “first day jitters” just like the kids get! Good luck with your sub assignment-those kids will be lucky to have you, even if it’s only for a short while. I think it’s great that you’re able to get back into the classroom. I love love love being at home with my daughter now, but I know there will be a time when she’s older & we’re done having kids, & I’ll want to get back into the classroom as well.

  9. Traci ~

    Congrats on your new teaching gig – enjoy the journey.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insights, and inspiration with all of us.
    I, too, look forward to Wednesdays for your special memories – thank you for sharing, they are all so touching to read!


  10. Thinking of you as you start your new adventure. I pray that the busyness will not overtake you. I have been there and done that one! It is so hard balancing it all. I too have enjoyed reading your posts about your dear mother and tears have spilled onto my keyboard as I felt your heart ache through your words. Your thoughts and journaling were some of the first “posts” I started to read earlier this year. Really don’t know how I happened upon you, guess it was what they call “blog trail? I must say you were one of the ones who “inspired” me to start journaling. Thank you; may you look for HIM in each and everything.

  11. Sounds like you’ve been playing super woman all summer – take a breather and get some sleep. Good luck on the new school year. Very exciting time. They start early – we have another week and a half of summer to enjoy. My oldest is starting Kindergarten. He’s very excited to be entering “school life”. What an adjustment it will be for our family. And good luck to yours.

  12. Your mama was one smart cookie! Praise God that you can still hear her voice speaking to you. :)

    How exciting for you to have this teaching assignment! I LOVE third grade. That’s the one grade I can imagine myself teaching if I were ever to go back to the classroom. Your students will be blessed to have you for 14 weeks! Does that mean you’ll be teaching until Thanksgiving? I’ll pray for you to have all the energy and grace you’ll need to fulfill all your roles.

    Love you!

  13. Hey Traci, I didn’t know your mother, but I feel like I did because of all the wonderful things you’ve shared about her and your weekly posts. I know you are right about what she would say to you and we all understand that you are exausted and overwhelmed. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself sometimes is the permission to say….No. I remember years ago, on a talk show I was watching, they were talking about that very thing. I have always tried to be ‘nice’ and a ‘pleaser’ and do so many things for others, which I enjoy, but can be so much sometimes that we get worn down. They said something then, which I have used many times since, that it is perfectly fine, even if we’ve already commited to something, to say, “I can’t do this, I’m overextended.” It is amazing how freeing that was to me, as crazy as it sounds! It just gave me permission to change my mind or say no. Just thought I would share. You are doing a great job by the way, your making a difference, I know your mother would be so proud.

  14. Traci: I found your blog last week and I’ve really enjoyed all of your sweet words about your mom as well as your great projects. I’ve been a blog lover for a while now and recently decided to commit to maintaining one myself. It’s a time commitment, isn’t it? I think it’s worth it, though, to document little bits of everyday life. I hope that you enjoy your new teaching job! Tricia

    P.S. Can you tell me what paint you used in your guest house?

  15. Although I love your Wednesday’s for Wanda posts, I am glad you rested instead of staying up trying to write one. That you would even attempt to do one with such a busy schedule, speaks volume’s about how you feel about your mom and those that read your posts.

    I hope you have a wonderful time teaching this year. Don’t forget to take time for yourself! Your blog can stand to be without you a few times! We can just reread the older posts and learn from them all over again! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  16. Teary-eyed for you! I think you said the perfect thing today about your mom – it’s a gift when they remind us to take care of ourselves. I’m so glad you chose to rest.

    Excited for you! I’ve been homeschooling for 16 years, but I must confess I actually felt the excitement you described when talking about your 3rd grade class. I haven’t been in the traditional classroom since 1994, but I remember how much I loved the first day of school. Still do, but just different. I hope all goes well and you have wonderful stories you can share with us in your SPARE time. :)

    Take care.

  17. Hey Sweet Traci,
    I can hear Wanda saying that to you and I’m glad you listened! She is still with you and sometimes you just have to stop everything so you can feel and hear her. She loved you so much! So glad that God makes these things happen for us! Have a great school year!
    Love, Aunt Pat

  18. I hope that you and your boys had a very good first day of school. I still get nervous about the first day and this will be year 20 for me. You definitely needed your rest. I love your Wednesdays with Wanda posts and you know your Mama wouldn’t want you to write when you are so worn out and tired.

  19. I just know your Mom is beaming. Tears are just streaming down my face. Always take care of you and yours before you take care of us out here in blogland!

  20. Girl, that is exactly what she would say because she adores you and she would be right- that you do need your rest! Everything goes better when you feeling better

  21. I’m the mother of a daughter who fills every moment with activities that benefit so many people. And I would tell her to remember to breathe and be kind to herself. I love it that you listen to what your Mom would say. She’s right of course. And I hope your first day of school went smoothly as well as the children’s first day. Blessings ! I love your blog. <3

  22. Your Mom was so much like my Mom in ways as I have mentioned to you in the past. My Mom would have said, the same thing to me. Honey, don’t worry about all this and lay down get some rest! I will be thinking about you today! You will do great today in the classroom! Have a Blessed day! love! Kathy Ward

  23. Traci, I feel like I know you and your family and yes your sweet Mother too. I have kept up with you for about a year now and sometimes I have had to have my tissues when I read wed. with Wanda.
    I know that Father Gods peace is the only thing that can help us with this kind of pain( My Dad went home to heaven 3 yrs ago) I always think about how God said his peace passes ALL understanding. Im so glad. I hope you had a great first day at school , Your blog is such a blessing.

  24. Hi Traci, came here via inCourage. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom, I can’t even imagine. My Husbands family has been through loss this year, and it’s been hard seeing him go through it. I pray the sweet peace of Jesus continues to wrap you up as you take each day…Momma’s are precious people.
    Hope your boys had a great first day of school, I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown.

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