Furniture Re-do for the Patio

I wanted to show you a table that I painted for my back patio.

It used to be my mom’s, and she gave it to me several years ago to use in my home.  Originally, it was cherry, but Mom suggested that I paint it black.  Mom was the Queen of painting furniture!

So I painted it black and put  silver drawer pulls on it.  (The original pulls used to be brass.)

It was in my kitchen for several years.

After re-doing my kitchen, I didn’t have the space for it anymore, so I moved it outside to our patio.

I also painted the mirror above the table to put on the brick wall.  I was hoping to reflect the beautiful scenery in our back yard.  I’m not crazy about the black mirror.  It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it is good enough for now.

I decided that the table would show up better on the wall if it were painted white.  I thought it might look a little like this table from my  favorite inspiration spot, Ballard Designs catalog…(which costs over $300.00 by the way)….

So I grabbed some cans of white Krylon spray paint and went to town on the table.

Now, you need to know that I skipped many steps that should have been followed at this point.

I probably should have sanded the table with a sponge or liquid sandpaper, but I didn’t.

I should have also painted a base coat of KILZ primer to help the new coat of paint to adhere correctly, but I didn’t.

Why, you ask?

Two reasons:  exhaustion and lack of time

I’ve been so busy working this summer, that I haven’t had time for many projects.  So when I finally had a few minutes to work on a project, I skipped a few steps and went right to the final coat of paint.

I wasn’t really worried if it didn’t turn out perfectly because I like the “old” look and because I know that it is a piece of furniture that I will probably replace down the road.

The table had previously been painted black  with a latex paint.  The white spray paint I used was oil-based.  Not a good combo.

A weird reaction occurred and the paint did not go on smoothly.

But frankly girls, I just didn’t care.

I did grab one of my sanding sponges and sanded over the rougher patches, and then I added another coat of spray paint.

After all the pieces were dry, I used a medium coarse sanding sponge to sand down the edges.

You might be able to see in the next picture how the white paint did not adhere to the black paint and left sort of a “crackle” finish.  I just figured I would use my mistake to my advantage.  I knew that when I added the glaze, the “crackle” patches would give the furniture an aged look.

Next, I added a layer of my very favorite glaze, Valspar Mocha, to the top of the furniture.  You can get this at Lowe’s.  I bought it last year, and I believe it was around 15 dollars.  It has definitely been worth every penny!  I have used it on a ton of projects and I still have a lot left!

I just apply the glaze with a dry paper towel.  You have several minutes to “play” with the glaze to get it to look like you want it to.  I put it on a little thicker than I did on previous projects because I thought the brown would go well with the brown stain on our concrete.

You can make the glaze as dark or light as you want.  I usually use a wet paper towel to wipe down the glaze even more, but I didn’t with this project.

I know it is hard to tell by this picture, but the table now definitely has an “aged” look.

I tried to find new handles that would fit the drawers, but they didn’t have the size I needed at Lowe’s.  It’s hard to tell by the picture below, but the holes on the handle are wider than the holes on the drawer.  (That is my sweet Luke helping hold the handle up for the picture.)  ;)

I didn’t have any wood putty to fill in the old holes, so my hubby gave me this weird “fix-it stick” to fill in the holes.  I had to pinch off a piece of the “playdough-like” putty and kneed it in my fingers for a few minutes.  Then I filled up the holes in the drawers and let them dry for about 15 minutes.  After it was dry, I painted over the putty with white paint, and then I used a drill to make new holes in the drawer.

I added the new handles to the drawers, and I think it looks great!

By the time I finished this project, it was about 9:00 p.m., so I had to turn on the lights on the patio to take these pictures.  Sorry for the poor quality.

I love the way the table “pops” off the brick wall.  It shows up so much better.

Now I need to accessorize the table, but I am stuck right there.

I’ll worry about that tomorrow!  :)

Just to keep it real, I wanted to show you how I “butchered” the drawers with the drill bit and messed up the holes.  The handle does not cover the old holes, but I don’t think anyone will ever notice it.  I may fix the holes later, but I doubt it.

It’s good enough for me!

I will be working on accessorizing the table by Thursday.  That is the day I am hoping to show you some more accessories I have added to the patio as well.

But for now, I am just enjoying the look of my “new” table!


Here’s a picture of my table accessorized…

outdoor furniture

Have a blessed day!

P.S.  I would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment.  It makes my day!  :)


  1. I think it looks wonderful! And no one will look that closely at it to notice those pulls. I can’t WAIT to see what your new accessories are! I’ve loved following along as you’ve worked on your patio this summer!

  2. I love it Traci! Can’t wait to see the rest of your handiwork this week. You always make everything look so easy. :)

  3. Oh, stop, Traci!!! You’re making me want my patio done right this minute. That space has come together so nicely. And, you know, people pay a lot of money for furniture finished just way your piece turned out! LOL
    That’s happened to me more times than I’d care to count, cause, like you, I’m too busy, impatient or just plain wiped out. I think it looks fabulous in it’s new color.

  4. Hi Traci,

    It’s beautiful and looks really great where you have it at on the patio. Can’t wait to see the accessories on Thursday!!! It’s so HOT here in Texas but my hubby torn down the deck and replaced it with concrete!!!
    A GREAT & WONDERFUL husband and I love him very much and I thank God for him everyday.
    I hope to start decorating our patio but wanting to put an over head first so, it might be awhile again.
    Have a nice day. :-)

    Kathy in Texas

  5. Traci-I have been a follower of your blog for awhile now, but haven’t commented-felt a little funny because I am not a blogger myself-I just love reading them! But yours is an inspiration. We decorate in common and you give me great ideas! You have a beautiful home and family. Keep it going. Looking forward to your future projects!
    Blessings sister,
    Jill D. from NC

  6. Like the last commenter, I don’t have a blog, but truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into yours. I love reading about your family (what an amazing mom you were blessed to have) and your projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Love the table white. It really does pop more off your brick wall now. I would never have noticed about those drawer handles had you not said anything or given it a close up pic. that worn, aged look came out perfect on it. Lotsa folks are willing to pay big bucks for that. I loved that you did it yourself and shared how you did it.
    Have a great day in the Lord!

  8. I want to spend and evening out on that patio! Every project you have done just adds & adds to the total look of casual elegance and it is sooooooooo inviting!

  9. traci, it looks great. the white really is very nice against the brick. it makes it pop right out at ya. are you gonna paint the mirror too? i liked it both ways.. i can’t wait to see the whole patio all together.

  10. I think your table turned out nice, looks as good as Ballards!

    Also, what a great idea to put a table and mirror on your patio.

    Love it.


  11. The table looks fantastic! Great tip about the handles. I have to tell you that you guilted me into hopping out of my reader with that little tag at the bottom! hahahah
    have a great week!

  12. As always my looks…FAB!! It really does. Great job. Now, if I could ONLY swing by for a quick lunch….and great conversation!


  13. Traci this is a great use of you mom’s old table. Your patio is looking great. I like the mirror where you have positioned it to reflect the yard but maybe it looks a bit “too new” for your patio area. I love the drapes you posted yesterday.

  14. I was afraid you were going to say that the project was a bomb because of the different paints and it looks great! Not to add more to your list, but are you doing the mirror white as well? I like the black against the brick, but I have to agree with you that the white pretty much jumps right off it. I’m sorry your Summer has not been quite as you’ve been used to, Traci. I totally understand ~ when I went back to work after 14 years at home, I jumped right into full-time and it took me awhile to get used to the change in routine. After being back at work for 10 years now, I still miss being home.

  15. Hello Traci,

    I think you did a great job! The white does look great against the brick wall. I cannot wait to see how you accessorize it.

    ~ Tracy

  16. Hi Traci! I just recently started following your blog and i really enjoy all of your cute, stylish, and frugal projects! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work with us!

  17. I like how the white pops against the brick wall! I agree it is much better than the black…great job on the transformation.

  18. I love how it turned out. I must admit, I really loved that table black, it was gorgeous…then I saw the end result, and I love it equally as much. I am addicted to distressing furniture, so I like that look on the white table. I had paint do that weird ‘crackle’ thing, too, but didn’t know why…thanks for informing me. I feel much better knowing why it was doing that :)

  19. Hi – love the look of the table painted white and distressed. I still kind of gasp when I first read the sentence with painting cherry furniture in it, but all the pieces you’ve done have looked outstanding!! Thanks for sharing –

  20. I love the table Traci! It looks awesome! You did a great job, I love the glaze added on it, great idea. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  21. I think it looks great. I know how time can always lead us to use short cuts. But in the end the result was just perfect. I think it looks great on the patio, definitely much better white than black too.

  22. Hi Traci,
    This is your BFF in California…;) I wanted to post a quick comment first to say I LOVED your dropcloth curtains post! You just crack me up, and now my Mom is a huge fan of yours too. She thinks you’re the best! Secondly your table is adorable, and we would never have known it didn’t turn out just perfect if you hadn’t shown us. That is what I love about you…no phoney balony! That is what give us “creatively challenged” people the courage to give something a try that we normally wouldn’t. Also, I wanted to say that even not having known your Mom, from all the wonderful things I have read about her on your blog, she would not have wanted you to feel guilty about anything. You get more accomplished in a day than probably 3 people combined, I honestly don’t know how you do it! But you have to have sleep! I also wanted to tell you that my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Baker, was my favorite teacher out of all my years in school. I will never forget her. Yes…I love reading your blog, you have a natural ability for putting pen to paper(or fingers to keyboard so to speak) and a wonderfully creative flair for decorating and inspiring people to give things a try. But making a lasting impression on a classroom of 3rd graders is an important job too. I certainly understand that your schedule is crazy and you are only one person afterall! Don’t be so hard on yourself. No more feeling guilty! I think I can speak for all of of the Beneath My Heart admirers out there…we don’t want that!
    Take care of yourself, and get some sleep!

  23. I love how it turned out… I do the same thing just kind of jump right in and wing it. I use the word “rustic” when I paint, its very forgiving! Great job, your table looks marvelous!

  24. I love what you do with furniture. I have decided once we move and get settled to turn my dining set black. I will have to share a picture and of course when the time comes pick your brain for some wisdom.

    Love the white table

  25. Love love love how your table turned out! And I can’t wait to try out the faux tile on our new house. It has a small ‘ugly’ concrete slab that would be just perfect for that idea! Thanks

  26. I have a side table similar to this from Target that I’ve been dying to paint white! Now I’ve got to give it a shot. I love the way yours looks!
    I’m brand new to refinishing, but my sister infected me with the bug and I just can’t wait to paint something. We just recently moved and unfortunately/fortunately we scratched a lot of our furniture, so now I have the courage to try a few modifications since its already damaged anyway… :)

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