Don’t Hate Me.

Before I start this post, I want to remind everyone of my “Best DIY Projects of September” Party!!!

I took a couple of months off this summer, but now I am ready to get my party on again!  I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful DIY projects that blogland produced in September!

Here are the rules:

1.  One entry per person.

2.  Must be a DIY project that is related to home decor or home improvement.

3.  Must be your best project from the month of September.  (If you don’t have one, you can come to the party anyway and check out all the great projects from other bloggers.)

4. Please add a link back to my blog party through my button or a text link.

I will have the linky button up on Wednesday night around 8 or 9:00 pm EST.  Be sure to stop by on September 30th to check out the BEST DIY PROJECTS OF THE MONTH!

Hope to see you there!

Now to my post…

You may be full of blog envy when you are done reading this post.  But please don’t hate me.

I have had extremely good fortune in blogland over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had any time to post about it.

But I HAD to make time to tell you about this VERY special package I got in the mail…

I received my very own copy of The Reluctant Entertainer

sent to me by the fabulous author herself, Sandy….

Sandy and I met  at BlissDom this past year, and she has become a dear friend to me.

I am so proud to say that I have a friend who has written a book!  How cool is that?!

But this isn’t just any book.

This book is beautiful inside and out!

First of all, I love the shape and size of the book.

And the cover is delightfully fresh!

The inside is packed full of great recipes and wonderful stories of true hospitality.

I have been guilty many times of feeling like everything had to be perfect when we had company over to our house, but Sandy and her book has helped me to understand that the connections I make with the people around me are more important than the food and decorations.  How true!

Thank you for this wonderful gift, Sandy!  I consider it a treasure.  :)

If you would like a copy of Sandy’s book, it is available HERE.

My next piece of good fortune…

A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway at (in)courage.  I love that site!  Have you been there?  It is a great source of inspiration for women.  Click HERE to check it out.

I won this adorable day planner.

It is just the cutest, girly calendar I have ever owned.  I love the quotes on each page.

Here are a few:

“She loved the Lord with all her heart and it cast an amazing light on all she did.”

“She wanted to grow in beauty and grace, so she asked God to show her the seeds she should plant in the soil of her heart.”

“There is radiance in a woman who knows how priceless she is to God.”

“She welcomes the years with arms open wide and loves life with the kind of passion that comes straight from God.”

(That last quote makes me think of my mom!)

And if you aren’t hating me yet…

I also won a giveaway on a blog of a friend of mine.  Cheryl is one of the sweetest ladies in blogland and she has a blog called Quilting Memories for Tomorrow.

When she told me about her fabulous giveaway, I had to go enter.  And I won!

Look at this beautiful book…

It is called  Inspirational Home, “simple ideas for uplifting decor and craft”, by Jeanne Winters.  It is packed full of crafty ways to “embellish every room in your home with loving touches that reflect God’s wonderful gifts.”

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Cheryl also made me some handmade cards.  They had the cutest little bird stamp on them.  Precious.  I have already used some of them.

I have known Cheryl for a while now, and I am so thankful to have her as a blog friend.  :)

Thank you so much Cheryl!

And lastly,

I got my $50.00 Lowe’s card in the mail for being selected as Best DIY Project of the Week at for my back patio re-do.

Let’s just say that this little prize didn’t last too long in my wallet!  :)

And the best part of winning was that they made a donation to Habitat for Humanity in my name!  What a blessing!

Thank you OneProjectCloser!

Okay.  I’m done.

I don’t want to torture you anymore with my insane amount of goodies!  Let’s just say my sister hates me.  She never wins anything.  Seriously.  Never.  Oh well, at least she’s got me for a little sister!  Who could ask for more, right?

Now go get those projects or posts ready for my party of Thursday!  See you there!


  1. Hey Traci!
    You are so sweet. : )Thanks for stopping by the ole blog and encouraging me with the master bedroom redo.
    You were quite blessed with some goodies this summer. It’s fun winning a giveaway isn’t it?
    Loving that calendar/planner you won. That quote on the front is something I need to print and put up in a frame so I can see it everyday to remind me.
    Off to check out your link to purchase Sandy’s book.

  2. Wow Congrats Traci!!! You lucky girl!

    I totally agree with what Sandy said about connections with people being more important than decorations and food. This past Sunday, we had a visiting preacher (actually he was our old preacher from back in the 90’s) We love and miss him dearly and was grateful to hear a wonderful message from him and that he could fill in for our current preacher who was out of town. His main thought this past Sunday was to “Pay attention to who God puts in your path” Goes right a long with what Sandy said about the connections. SOOOO TRUE! That thought has just resonated with me since.

    Can’t wait to see all the DIY projects that will be entered for September. I haven’t done any for September, so I am looking for some great inspiration.

    Have a Terrific week!

    Marilyn C.

  3. okay well I don’t hate you but…….maybe just a bit green just a tad mind you!!! Sending off emails RIGHT NOW to see if these awesome books are available to be sent here to Australia!!!

  4. Congratulations, Traci! I’m happy for you. It was via my giveaway that I first “met” you last year, so I’m always glad for you to win a giveaway. :)

    I’m also glad you’re re-starting your party! It’ll be good to join you!

  5. YOU GO GIRL!!! I’ve wanted to get my hands on the book by Sandy Coughlin. I’m learning after all these years that I don’t have to clean the blinds, the baseboards, the ????? to have company over. I’ve missed many blessings by not sharing our home and table.
    Hopefully, I can get the newest project posted on Wednesday.

  6. Silly girl! No one could hate you. Congrats on winning all that loot–it’s just a reflection of what you put out into the world: generosity.

  7. How wonderful for you! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer blogger! Enjoy! (And thanks for the great pics and descriptions! I will check them out when I have more time! )

  8. You deserved everyone them, Traci, and much, much more! I love the little jab to your sister! My sister and I do that to one another all the time. She tells me that her sister has the best sister!. lol. So happy for you! Hope you win many, many more!!!!

  9. Wow…what a blessing to have won so many goodies. God is showering down his blessings upon you! I have three sisters myself, we have so much fun! =)

  10. I just found you thanks so someone who retweeted your tweet~ I am always inspired by another mom of four boys! Can’t wait to go back and read old posts! So nice to meet you!

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