A Video Message from Me {Wednesdays with Wanda}

One year ago today, my precious mother went home to be with her Lord.

This past year, I have shared her life with you every Wednesday, and in return, you have shared your love with me.

Now I want to take the time to say, “thank you”…

Meet Wanda…

Thank you for blessing me in so many ways this year!

All my love,



  1. Traci,
    I suppose it’s almost surreal a year has gone by. You made it. Your mom would be so pleased to know that you, too, have claimed for your own what meant most to her heart. I hope you have a blessed day remembering, rejoicing, and relishing the love your family has for one another! Tara G.

  2. Hi Traci, :-)

    God bless you all and have a very blessed day. Memories & special moments are always the best healing when missing a loving person. As always, thank you for sharing those memories & moments of your mother.

    Kathy in TEXAS :-)

  3. Traci,

    Thank you so much for sharing your precious mom with us over this past year. What a true blessing she still is to each one of you. The Father’s Day video is wonderful, it made me laugh and cry.

    I love you, sister. I will spend this day thinking of and praying for you. Many hugs!


  4. Traci….what a sweet message to your bloggers. I feel like I know your mom….she was very similar to my precious mother in law that I lost in 2008. I still miss her every day. I lost my father 6 months ago, and my sweet mother has Alzheimer’s, so I have been losing her daily for several years. This is a hard stage of life, but your blog has brought comfort and reassurance that others travel this path, too.
    Loved the fAther’s day cards read by Wanda…..aren’t you so glad that you did that…??

  5. Traci,
    Thanks so much for sharing your mom with us! I do not know you but have so enjoyed you sharing your moms love for Jesus! Many times her quotes or scripture were what I needed to here at that time! I think Jesus would want us all to leave this world like your mom did! Sharing His love! God Bless you and your family!

    Carmel, Indiana

  6. Sweet Traci–

    I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since your mom crossed the Jordan. I know it’s been a hard year for you in so many ways, but I am glad that it’s also been a year of blessing. Your mom was right about that–there are blessings all around, if we’ll just take the time to realize it!

    I watched both videos, and my heart was deeply touched. I sit here wiping away the tears, so glad that I know you–and wishing I could meet you! Isn’t that the amazing thing about blogging? You can know people you’ve never actually seen face-to-face. I guess it’s because we know each other heart-to-heart.

    Bless you, sweet friend. I love you.

  7. What a sweet, special family. I loved both videos. I love being able to put a voice with someone I’ve grown to love through your blog. You are honoring your Mom well. Thank you!

  8. Thank you for sharing your mother with us this past year. Your stories of her have made me want to be a better mother. My prayers our with you today as Im sure it has been a hard day. I will be checking in to see what “Fabulous” projects you have come up with and Im sure I will be doin my weekly checkins to see if there is a “Wednesdays with Wanda” just incase!!!!! I dont want to miss out. Love

  9. It is with tearful eyes that I thank you for sharing your mama with us. What a wonderful lady she was. What a blessing. I know how you’re feeling. I lost my mama almost 15 yrs ago. My prayers are with you and your family.

  10. Your video touched my heart as did all of the posts you did on Wednesdays. You are a strong and beautiful person, and I wish you the best.


  11. You have been so sweet to share your Mother this past year and I’m sure it has been a very tough year for all of you. Also sure she would be so proud.


  12. Your mom was such a treasure! Thank you for sharing about her on here – I am a little envious of how her walk with the Lord has influenced you. (I’m unsure of whether or not my mom knows the Lord – we’ve NEVER talked about Jesus, the Bible, etc.) Reading about your mom’s faith & strength in the Lord, and how she encouraged you to have that same faith, is a great example of how I want to raise our future unborn children. Thank you, Traci, for sharing your heart! It’s been a wonderful influence on me & I can’t wait to raise our kids in biblical truth. :)

  13. Earlier, I was just running around the house, frustrated because my mom kept me on the phone for an hour earlier, muttering under my breath that she had thrown me behind on my schedule and “blown” my morning. Then, I paused and looked over at the laptop, thinking I would quickly check e-mail, Facebook, blog, etc….before I set out on my errands. And, when I loaded it up, this is what I found….your beautiful video message about your mother. Whoa! Brought me up short, to say the least. I am seriously ashamed of the way I was thinking about my precious mother earlier….thank you for the beautiful reminder to treasure the ones we love and never take time with them for granted. You have truly blessed me today, Traci!

  14. Traci, this was perfect! It is so wonderful to hear Wanda’s voice. Thanks for sharing your entire family with us this time!

  15. Sweet Traci, sending you ((((BIG HUGS)))! There were so many times this year I wished I could walk down the street and visit you and give you a hug.
    Your momma was a kiindred spirit. She was a tenderhearted woman. Beauitufl inside and out. Thank you for treating us today to be able to hear her voice.
    All Glory to God.
    Have a blessed day,

  16. Traci, your stories have been so inspiring, thank you for sharing your sweet mother with us. You’ve done such a wonderful job honoring her and sharing her message. You have such a wonderful family, thank you for sharing them with your readers.

  17. Thank you Traci for sharing yourself and your mother with us. You are a wonderul reflection of your mother. I loved hearing and seeing both of you!!!

    You never get over losing a parent, my father died 16 years ago at the age of 52. You just keep them alive through memories, and even today I can still hear my fathers voice.

  18. Traci thankyou so much for sharing with us, I can’t imagine how hard it must be today for you. You and your mum have really touched my life, inspiring me to be a better person and helping me through some tough times- I can’t thank you enough! Watching your video I see that your sweet mother was everything and more than I imagined -what a truly beautiful family you have! I’ve prayered for your family today. xxx

  19. I have so enjoyed reading your posts about your mom….some make me cry, some make me laugh, but all are “feel good” stories. A dear friend and fellow blogger, Melissa from A Little Loveliness, lost her mother yesterday. If you get a chance, to go Melissa’s blog and read the wonderful tribute she wrote about her mother earlier this week.


  20. Thank you for sharing your wonderful mama with us. She sounded exactly like I imagined she would.

    I didn’t find your blog until earlier this year but I so enjoy everything you write. It’s so obvious that your Mother raised you with love. That love translates into what you share with us in each post.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

    From one Kentucky Girl to Another,

    Kim Franklin

  21. Traci,

    I began following your blog a little more than a year ago–I guess right as you came into the blog world. I think I have posted one time in that year and for that I apologize. I wish I would have posted more and told you how much you and your mother have meant to me. I am extremely close to my mom and often think about how empty my life would be without her. I know that sounds sick to think about while she is still here with me, but she lost her mother at a young age and I always wonder how she went on. My heart breaks for you and I cry almost every time I read “Wednesdays with Wanda.” You are such an inspiration to all of us, though, and your mom would be so proud of the messages you send.

    Thanks for sharing the videos. It was a pleasure to “meet” Wanda.

    I’m sure you have read “Same Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, but if by chance you have not, it is a wonderful book, that most agree helps give you such peace.

    God Bless!

    Sunday McAdams

  22. Traci

    You are definitely a beautiful reflection of your mom. THANK YOU for sharing your mom with me. Ilost my dad 8 years ago and lost the husband of my cousin this past week. It never gets easy, but we know that they are at peace and healed. I will always be grateful for your friendship and your encouragement.

    Marilyn C.

  23. Traci,

    Thank you SO much for sharing about your Mom over the past year. I have loved reading all your posts and have truly looked forward to them each Wednesday. The love your have for your Mom is inspiring and the way you have so beautifully shared her life in your posts have touched my heart. Your Mother seems like she was an exquisite lady, and I have loved “getting to know her” through your words and stories. Her lovely legacy is living on in you, how proud she must be of you!!!

    I’m not yet a Mom, but I hope that I will live and love my children someday in the same way that your Mom did by leading a life driven and dedicated to Christ, loving selflessly, and teaching my kids all the wonderful blessings that God brings us each and every day that we live!

    Thanks again for sharing!!!

  24. Traci,

    I have visited your blog for some time now and I have, so, enjoyed reading so many of your posts! Thank you for sharing a little of your mom and the wonderful memories you have of her. Thank you for sharing the video clip of your beautiful family. What a treasure it is to have such special times captured! May your heart continue to heal and be comforted by the special touch your mom has left with you and your family.


  25. Hi, Traci, I’m so sorry you are going through the 1st year anniversary of losing your precious mama. I know it must be hard. Wish I could give you a hug and wish you could have been with us in NY this week. You would have loved it all so much too. Maybe we can all be at Blissdom again & have fun all over again. xoxo

  26. Traci,
    What a beautiful Video! You family reminds me so much of mine. Just full of love for one another. Your precious mother reminds me so much of my own. Cards are a big deal in our family as well. Mother can not get through one card without crying, just as your sweet Mother did. I am so glad that you have found comfort through your blog and through Jesus Christ. Blessings…..

  27. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. She seems like a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing her with us. My Mom is so dear to me. She has many health problems and it seemed we were going to lose her so many times. She too is a wonderful Christian woman, and I’ve learned soo much through her faith as she battles MS, multiple intestinal surgeries, and most recently, breast cancer. I can’t imagine life without her, but I hope I can share her the way that you have when she’s gone. I’m so glad this blog has helped you to cope. Praying for you as I know this is a tough time for you.

  28. Hi Traci

    Its your blog friend from down under here again – this was so touching….I too find similarities in the way you talk about your family & the way you act together, maybe its the blessing of being brought up in a God honouring home, I so cannot wait to meet your mum in heaven, I think she must have a special place with His angels for sure.

    This seems so silly & insignificant in comparison but we have had to have our dear old dog put down this past week & I have found it really hard – check my blog (http://tk-tiffanyk.blogspot.com) I just cannot imagine the pain of losing a parent – you are so beautiful & strong, may our Lord & Saviour continue to bless & guide you,

    with much love , Tiffany

  29. Traci, thank you for sharing your video message and especially your home video of your family at Father’s Day. I couldn’t get through the card readings without crying either! There was such love in the room and her tears were such expressions of how much she loved and cared for her family. What a blessing!!!!

  30. It does not seem possible that a year has passed since your mother went home. You know I have said it before, what a wonderful person of God your mother was. I feel though, that we should be the ones thanking you. You have always had your eyes on the Lord and have helped so many of us turn our eyes towards Him. Your video was beautiful, heartfelt and had me bawling by the second minute, but the video of your sweet family brought me back. You could feel the love in that room. Thank you for sharing Wanda with us.

  31. Oh my Traci! I’m just joining you with regards to your mom and have so enjoyed hearing your heart in your video and in watching your family on Father’s Day. What a blessings to have such a wonderful family and your parent’s are amazing! Your mom is precious and I so enjoyed hearing her read your father’s cards. So touching and especially the one she gave to him! What a blessing to still, today, be able to hear her voice and heart for the man she loves so much! I pray for you all, hope your daddy is doing amazingly well and thank you for sharing your heart and Jesus with us! We have so very much, through HIM, to be thankful for!

  32. Traci,

    I am new to your blog, but just wanted you to know that I watched both videos and the love and devotion exhibited by your family to your Dad, Mom and each other was so touching. I am so sorry that you did not have more years with your wonderful mother, but what a great legacy she has left you and your family! God bless you (and he already has)!

  33. Hi Traci – excuse me while I wipe away the tears. I loved watching this sweet family time video, as it reminded me of the happy times with my mama and daddy. Daddy’s gone, and Mama’s in a nursing home. I love your tributes to your mama. I loved reading them, and I hope you continue to do more posts about her as you remember things. She was a real lady, and a Proverbs 31 woman example, because her children rise up and call her blessed.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family,

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