Wednesdays with Wanda

I just wanted to share a special memory I have of my mom.

The details are blurry, but the imprint it left on my heart is crystal clear.

Mom had bought herself 4 new dresses to wear to church!

This was a huge deal for Mom.  She was always putting others above herself, even when it came to clothing.

I remember going to church on Sunday mornings with my brother and sister dressed in our new “church” clothes, lookin’ like a million bucks.  (At least we thought so.)  :)

And in the driver’s seat was Mom, dressed in the same dress that she had worn for years.  But believe me, she didn’t care.  Her clothes were fine as far as she was concerned.

She found so much happiness in making us happy and providing for us.

So when Mom said she went to McAlpin’s and bought herself four new dresses, I could hardly believe my ears!

She tried each of the dresses on for us, and she was beautiful.

I was so happy for her.  She deserved everyone one of them.

She placed them neatly in the back of her closet with the tags still on them, waiting for Sunday to come so she could wear one of them.

A few days later, a note came home from school that I needed some money for a field trip or something.  This is where the details become unclear.  I know it was something I needed for school, and I remember it being around $100.00.

We didn’t always have a lot of extra money.  Mom and Dad lived mostly paycheck to paycheck.  (I know that feeling all to well now!)

So to come up with a hundred bucks was going to be difficult.  I remember Mom telling me that she just didn’t have that money and I wouldn’t be able to participate in whatever the school event was.

I was so disappointed.  Like most kids, I just couldn’t understand why Mom and Dad didn’t have the money?

A few days passed when Mom came up to me with a big smile on her face.  “Here’s the money you needed for school, Traci!”



I was so excited!  I gave Mom a big hug.

I asked Mom how she was able to come up with the money when a just few days earlier, she said we were broke.

“Oh, no big deal, sweetie.  I just took my dresses back to McAlpin’s so we would have the extra money.”  She said still smiling.

I began to cry.

I remember begging Mom to go get her dresses back!  She never did anything for herself.  It broke my heart to know that she had made such a sacrifice…for me.

But making sacrifices for her children made her happy.  I know that the joy she saw on my face when she handed me the money was worth way more to her than those dresses.

She reassured me that she would get her some new dresses as soon as she had some extra money.  I don’t remember that day ever coming.

I felt so loved that day!

There was no doubt in my heart or mind that my mom loved me.

Mom taught me that day that sacrifice = love.

And it made me think of the Cross.

And the even greater sacrifice that Christ made when He gave His life for my sins.

Because of His great sacrifice, I know that He loves me (and you).

Have a blessed day!


  1. Amen! Thanks for sharing this. Isn’t it amazing to see how Jesus and the cross represent themselves in our everyday lives? I love seeing God’s handiwork in this world and through those we love. Great story-lifted my spirit and my day!
    Jill D. from NC

  2. Awww Traci…The Lord has so much love for us now and waiting ahead too.
    What a wonderful and gracious Mother you have..yes have she is still alive
    but with Him the Great I am!

  3. OH.. made me cry, & just to think, as much as we parents love our Children, God’s love for them is SO much bigger. One can not fathom His love. What a nice picture of your mother’s love for you.
    You are certainly Blessed.

  4. Oh, Traci, what a beautiful memory! And just what I needed to read today. There’s something I need to place on the altar, something I need to sacrifice for my husband. . . and yet I’ve felt like I deserved to have it; I’ve felt that it was only fair for me to hang on to it! Reading your post reminds me of all that Jesus sacrificed out of love for me, and reminds me that I can most certainly make a sacrifice out of love for my husband.

    Thank you!!

  5. Good Morning Tracey Sweetie…
    As I read this story I find myself crying. I remember sacrifices that my sweet Moma made as well. Hers
    were her shoes. We always had and she had shoes her toes, were coming out the sides in. She always
    put us kids first. Moms are so amazing.

    I can just see Wanda buying these dresses and just smiling. Isn’t it funny though, she never took the tags off?
    She just hung them in the back of the closet. Even then our heavenly Father was whispering to her. She had
    a coat of many colors that her Father had gave to her, she didn’t need the dresses. You needed that money for something at that time, our Heavenly Father spoke to her about. She was an obedient child, did as he said, and you my sweet friend were on the blessing end. Love and Faith are so wonderful.

    Hope you are well. I think of your sweet Moma every Wednesday. I loved her shares. Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  6. Your mother was a very lucky woman, to have such special daughters. You and your sister were truly blessed to have a mother that set such a good example. It all makes sense to you now though, doesn’t it? Hope you have a wonderful day. I always enjoy your Wednesday posts. Sandi

  7. What a precious memory. Your mom knew that real treasures are not stored on this earth. I so enjoy reading your blog, especially on Wednesdays.

  8. You did it again…another tearful day at the computer! What a wonderful mother. THank you so much for sharing these stories. I look forward to my Wednesdays with Wanda!!!

  9. What a wonderful example of God’s love for us – always unselfish. I love how you share your mom with us and allow us to be impacted by the way she lived and loved. Thank you for sharing this personal story. It has touched my heart so much today.

  10. what a beautiful story – and reminder of what TRUE LOVE looks like!

    McAlpins is a name i haven’t heard in so long~ it was my mom’s favorite place to shop when i was growing up.. and now Dillards, who i believe took it over, is now mine!!! =)

    blessings to you,


  11. I only recently discovered your blog, but I’ve found that ‘Wednesdays with Wanda’ are becoming a part of my week to look forward to.

    What a great reminder of what a blessing our amazing moms are, whether they’re with us for only a few, or a great many years.

    Through your posts, I feel like in a way, Wanda is “mothering” us all. And that’s pretty nice :)

  12. Traci, WWW usually moves me to tears by the time I am done reading and this evening wasn’t any different. Like you there have been many times in our married life where we haven’t had extra money to let the children be able to do something.

    Your mom was a wonderful example of Jesus love for you and your brothers and sisters. As always thanks so much for sharing with us.

  13. Oh Traci the Lord has truly given you a gift – the ability to be a voice & witness right here on your blog – thankyou for blessing my soul today….the angels are singing a beautiful chorus along with your mum right now as they look on & see what a gorgeous child of God you are – may you & your family be blessed, TK xx

  14. Another fantastic story of your beloved mother and a wonderful example of her love for you and Christ’s love for us. And you know what? You would do the EXACT same thing for your boys. Full circle. I also agree with Emily above that your wonderful mother is mothering us all through you.

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