Not our house…YET.

I just wanted to give you a little update on the house situation.

Our house is officially up for sale, and we have only had one family look at it so far.

And just like I thought…it’s a pain to keep my house “show ready” with four little boys running around!

But it’s all good.

As far as the property/house we are wanting to buy…well, we were supposed to sign a contract on it last Friday, but didn’t get to.

The seller has some legal stuff he has to work out.

So we are supposed to sign the contract this week, but we are not getting our hopes up.

Our attitude is, if it works out…great.  If it doesn’t work out…that’s great too.  We are not going to stress over things that are out of our control!

When I posted the picture of the 1865(ish) house we wanted to buy, I thought you guys would think we were absolutely nuts.

But I was pleasantly surprised with all the comments from readers who thought it was great that we wanted to buy that old house.  I loved all the “go for it” attitudes! You guys are awesome.  :)

So I snapped a few more pictures of the inside of the house to show you actually had bad it is.

(You might just change your mind after you see these.)

This is a picture of the front door from inside the house…

As you walk in the front door of the house, you see this….(actually, there is a large entryway, but I didn’t get a picture of it all.)

The steps lead up to very small rooms upstairs…

Now come one ladies, can’t you picture how beautiful these would be?  They are the original hard wood stairs!!!  They just need a little TLC.  :)

If you look to your right when you walk in the entryway, you will see this…

The original hardwood floor had already been removed.  Ugh!  But we would install a beautiful dark hardwood floor  throughout the downstairs.  Can’t you picture that fireplace with a beautiful mantle?  We are thinking about leaving the brick exposed.  This would be the dining room.  I would love to find a beautiful chandelier for this room.

One the left side of the entry way, you see the same thing…

This would be the living room area.  Some of the original hardwood floor is still there, and some has been removed.  I would love another beautiful mantle and some custom-made bookshelves on each side (by my hubby, of course.)

I also picture beautiful (white) slipcovered love seats in this room.  There are two beautiful windows in the front of the room that let in beautiful light.

When you are standing in this room, you can look all the way across the house to the “dining room”…

Are you picturing the potential, ladies?  Couldn’t it be beautiful?!!

When you go upstairs, you see this small area on the right….(yes, those are vines growing through the open windows.)  This could be a cool playroom for the boys.

And you see this on the right…(yep! the roof is gone!)

When we build the roof back, we are wanting to add a large dormer to the back to make this room big enough to be a bedroom.

You can see the beauty of the subdivision from this “roof top” view… (front yard)

(back yard)…

The farm land to the left of the house and behind the house can NEVER be built on.  Isn’t that great?

Here are a few more pictures just to confirm our insanity…

The entry way…

The back of the house…

If we get the house, we will be able to add additions to both sides and the back.  We would be adding a basement, den, kitchen, laundry room, master bedroom/bath, garage, plus 3 bedrooms.  Whew!  And my hubby would be doing most of the work to save money and because he loves it!  And so do I.  I am dying to get my hands of this house.

Now, what do you think?

Do you still say “go for it”?

Or have you decided I have a few screws loose and that it might be a good idea to stop following my blog?

Some people see this…

But I see this…


I’ll keep you posted…


  1. Nope, I say go for it! I am so excited for you…..I agree very very rough but if your husband is truly truly handy, it will be cool! I am excited about you getting it and watching the journey! :)

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  2. Ok, I admit, that house is in terrible shape and the inside is yuck!!! BUT, I do see the potential and what you’re envisioning. Because of the land you get w/ this property and the fact that the farm land behind the houe can’t be built on would be enough to seal the deal for me. I’m curious to know though who let it go and why they left it in such bad shape. What happened to the roof and the flooring? Just my inquiring mind…so excited for you though!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE “but I see this”! You’ve still got energy – I can just tell by your excitement. I would have probably done it too 10 years ago. I use to thrive on a challenge. It is really neat how you can see through to all of the rooms downstairs.
    Keep us posted!

  4. I love this house – or what’s left of it! I’ve been there. Well, not quite, but almost! It was a journey I will never forget. I hope it all works out for you!

  5. Traci-it’s gorgeous! I’m getting excited imagining what the finished product may look like. (And all your posts about it!) Love it when people want to restore old houses. Fingers crossed for you!x

  6. Wow, what an undertaking but I can see potential. My husband and I have remodeled 5 houses that were pretty much in bad condition to start with. I wrote about it in our upcoming Shabby Lane Shops Magazine that will be out late December. I wish you the best of luck! I will follow your progress and I know it will be beautiful.

  7. Traci- I LOVE IT! I love that we can all see the potential…it’s amazing! You are going to do such an unbelievable job with it, I just know it!!!! :) Can’t wait to see it!!

  8. Yes, I can see your dream house! I hope that y’all can sign the papers soon and that your current home will sell. What are your plans if the current home sells faster than the new/old home is ready?
    I know how anxious you must be about this situation.
    The Tattered Tassel

  9. I say go for it. DH and DS are currently renovating a house that they have stripped to the studs, removed all sub flooring (can you say extreme cat infestation) and will be raising the roof… So if you think you are crazy for doing this, well then my family must be too! ;) Good luck – I hope it all works out for you!!!

  10. that house is meant to be restored! What a little beaut! If I was younger, I might go for it too. But, as of right now, I’m not sure if I have enough energy to deal with the chaos of the restoration. But, I have to tell you, I’m LOVING the land!

  11. GO FOR IT!!! Growing up in NY gave me a love of older homes. That little house has so much character and potential. You will have a great story to share with all who visit. Salvage as much of the original parts as you can. How fabulous is that front door and the hardwood floors and those TWO fireplaces!!!! Hope you can get it!

  12. girl! you got this! you could totally do this. and how awesome to be able to read via your blog, the process from worn down torn down brick building to beautiful new brick mansion! love it!

  13. This is just too AWESOME!!! I love my husband, don’t get me wrong, but we could NEVER do this, because he is just not so handy ;) I am very excited (and jealous!)!! You go girl

  14. We’ve started building a home and I wish sooooooo bad we could’ve found a place with trees already growing. You can’t magicaly make your trees 30+ years. It just didn’t work out for us to find a place to fix up. Good luck hope you get it. I do think you are a little crazy but I am so glad you are so we can watch this house transform.

  15. Holy Wow! I would never! But, I cannot wait to see the transformation. You are brave and I think it is so cool that someone see’s potential in those cool old homes. How are you going to do that with your little boys and all?

  16. Wow! It would be fun and interesting watching the progress on this place. I think you would enjoy it, and I know it would eventually turn out to be beautiful! Your boys would love all the property to run and romp, I’m sure. I’ll be following to see what you’ve decided. Hope everything works out according to God’s will and for your good. Gail

  17. Wow, you’re VERY adventurous! And obviously handy to tackle this one. Where will you live in the meantime while this is being rebuilt if you sell?

    i think it could be a stunner, but I’d most certainly check out foundations and plumbing and electrical and such. A home like this we all strive for but it’s the money pit factor that would be my main concern. It honestly looks like nearly a complete new build is needed, in which it may be more price efficient to build new.


  18. Wowzers! I still think it will be great and I can’t wait to follow along in your journey.

    Years ago my parents found a house out in the country that sat on top of a hill. The location and the land was amazing. The house… well… it had been foreclosed on and the previous owners completely trashed it before they left. Then, to top it all off, they left every door and window in the house opened. Because it was so far out in the country, all kinds of animals had been in there- birds, wild dogs, skunks, possums, armadillos, mice, rats, etc. They all pooped, some fought each other, some died! It was DISGUSTING!! I thought my parents had absolutely lost their minds the first time I saw the house. They dug in, though, and after some time and a lot of TLC, that house on the hill was awesome.

    So I absolutely know the transformation that can be made to a house. It’ll take a lot of work, but it’ll be so worth it!

  19. I love that you can find the potential in it! Most people would see it as a tear down. I love the mouldings in the entry and the front door is amazing. As is the exposed brick. I love it! I say go for it!

  20. When I first saw the house I thought ” is Traci’s real name Sarah Richardson”? I don’t know if you’ve seen Sarah’s TV show on HGTV, but she is currently doing a series on the restoration of an old brick farm house. It so reminds me of this home. Her home is starting to look so beautiful as I’m sure yours would as well.

  21. OH MY… What a lot of work ahead for you, BUT I LOVE that you are going to do it. I see potential, & it for sure will be fun to watch. I am sure that most would tear it down & start from scratch… wondering too?? How did it get that bad??? Looks like it hasn’t been lived in for a VERY long time.
    We recently put in an offer on something almost as bad, on a lake… not liveable for sure…. but we got beat out by only $2000. I really wanted it..BUT it was not to be. & the person who bought it is tearing it down & starting over… such a shame…

  22. only a woman would say “with a pretty chandelier and a mantle” about a house that has no floors or roof, obvious mold, non-code electricity, probably no insulation or working windows. then there’s time: whatever you figure for time, double it. whatever you figure for money, double it. we have poured our heart, soul and wallet into a 100 year old new englander…..but it had floors and a roof to start.

  23. How exciting! We just sold and moved into a farmhouse built in the 1900’s. I understand first hand the stress that goes into selling a home and keeping it clean and neat with children! I can see every thing you are planning and the potential of this home and property! Good luck!

  24. Its going to need a lot of work, but I see your vision! The house is lucky for you (crossing my fingers for the contract) to breathe new life into it! Cant wait to follow the house renovation progress on your blog!!!

  25. Wow! I’ve been gone for a while…and I’ve missed a LOT! This house is pulling on my heart strings too! I once fell in love with a similar house in Arizona and my husband thought I was crazy… Turns out the people who bought it tore it down and put a mobil home right where my “dream fixer-upper” was. Needless to say it was a sad day for me to see that. What an adventure! Hopefully things work out the way you want. If anyone could renovate it…you guys could! Good Luck!

  26. Traci! If you do this and get this please promise me I can come to your house and see it!!! Even if Philip and I are already moved off by that time, I will have to make a special trip to come see it! Good luck!!

  27. Your vision is fabulous! Do I think you’re crazy? Well don’t you have to be a little crazy to take on such a project? Its good crazy! Good luck and one day I think you will have yourself a wonderful home!

  28. Wow – this will be an amazing transformation if everything works out for you!

    By the way, I sent you an email a few days ago via the contact section of your blog… did you receive it? Just wanted to touch base with you about it. Thanks!

  29. Oh, no you don’t. You don’t see an architectural drawing. You see the finished thing in living color! I can just imagine what’s going on in that mind of yours. . . and I know it’s not black and white! :)

    Actually, I’m really excited for you. My parents used to buy houses like this and make them over. It was always exciting to watch an old house come back to life. I hope it all works out for you!

  30. Traci, This is fun to see actual pictures of the interior of your soon to be adventure.

    The neighborhood looks lovely and the view you will have out back just as nice.

    Alot of hard work will be needed to accomplish your dream. Lots of prayer and praise. I still love ya and will follow your blog. All the pictures and comments will be educational and informative.

    I don’t think you’re crazy. I think maybe many will be able to identify with you and some will learn right along with you.

    You must be part pioneer lady at heart!!!
    d from homehaven

  31. When I look at all that work, I just want to cry. I realize you have no idea who I am, but I just have to post my two cents worth. I am a mom who has gone from one fixer upper to another and now that my boys are 17 and 16, soon to be leaving, I only feel regret. Yes, it can be fun, maybe addicting, but gosh the time spent ROBBED me of precious time I could be pouring into them. It took what money cannot replace and it was so temporal. Tami

  32. I think it is fantastic. Absolutely “go for it!!!” I am a bit envious in fact. God willing all this will go ahead for you. If not…you know that He has other plans for you. Maybe a house in even worse shape. Just kidding. Hope it all goes to plan.

  33. Oh my goodness! This is like a home improvers dream (or nightmare!) There seriously is A LOT to do in this house. My gut says that this project, primarily focusing on “doing it yourself” is at least 2 years just to get the place livable. How much would you contract out? If you can manage to really do this mostly on your own, you’ll have the all time best DIY before and after project I’ve ever seen.

  34. It’s all doable. With a lot of time, money, and time. You have a vision. Don’t let anyone squash that. Does it already have a basement that you will be finishing off? Or are you actually going to dig out a basement? Not sure if you live in an area that has tornados, but a safe rooom in the basement would be a must for me. If I could afford to redo my home I’d make sure one was included.~Ames

  35. I love reading your blog. You have a beautiful home. My family has lived in our home, which we purchased as a fixer upper, for over 12 years. When I read about your hopes for this home I think of the begining of our home remodel. Almost three years ago we began remodeling our entire home, including building a new basement and redoing the the entire pitch of the roof. Shortly after starting the remodel I was laid off from my job of 5 years. We decided if it was in God’s plan it would work, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t. We have done all of the work except for a little bit of help getting the basement done before winter the first year, and any day now the mudding. Our 2 children were 6 and 9. We have lived in our home through construction. For three of the 18 years they will live in our home the regular decorating and baking traditions have had to be cut back on, that is 1/6 of their live at home, they grow up too fast. Currently our garage, and bedrooms are completed far enough to live in. The kitchen, living room, entry, and dining room are construction zone so we are using our garage as a make shift kitchen. We know we will love our home when it is done, but often I feel bad for our children. I never realized how much this would affect their lives, I never expected it to take this long, I’m not sure I would make the same choice again. I am happy that I can always fall back on the thought that it must have been meant to happen, I didn’t force it one way or the other. Good luck with whatever path life takes you on.

  36. Go for it Traci, I think it will be an amazing adventure. and the results will be well worth it. You guys are so good at this stuff. People will drive by and say ” I wish I had thought of doing that”. Good luck and God bless you and your bunch. Have a great weekend.

  37. I big fat squishy heart {love} the front door and the stairs in the entry way. OMGosh Traci! You probably a bit crazy for your attempt but it will all be SOOO worth it. And, you will have saved a great old house from demolition…very special!! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

  38. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this house!!! I see MAJOR beauty here!! I cannot wait to see the progress and the end result!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am SUPER excited for y’all (and a bit jealous, too!!!!)!!

    Mrs. U

  39. I LOVE it! But then I’ve always felt sorry for old houses, and wish I could just restore them all :) I love to see someone realize the potential of old houses that need “saving”. This one could be a dream, but I gotta admit, it’ll be lots of work and even more time and money. We’ve been in a 100+ yr old house for a year and we’ve still got so much more to do! But still, I’d take it over a new one any day!

  40. Well, I think it’s great you have a vision!! I love it when people can see the possibilities in houses and such! Good luck, look forward to many “after” pictures!

  41. Hi Traci, My son renovates historic homes and I have seen him tackle homes in a lot worse shape. It is amazing what beautiful homes they are when renovated. It is a huge amount of work and there are always suprises that end up costing more than you anticipated. If you and hubby are up to this challenge you will have a beautiful home in the end.
    xoxo, Sherry.

  42. I am jealous, so obviously I approve :). You are living my dream! I don’t know anything about super old houses, but as long as the foundation is good, and the price is right, I would totally go for it. I am super jealous of all that land as well! With four boys you need it :). My husband and I want lots of land so we can have chickens, a cow, and our kids can have fun exploring.

  43. I am still so new to the whole DIY home arena that this looks completely overwhelming to me. LOL. But it also looks really cool when you spell out what you want to do, and I am MOST excited about going on this journey with you!! I love love LOVE your current home, it is truly one of my most favorite homes in all of blogland so I can’t wait to see what you do in this new home. I think you have a great chance, given it’s current condition, lol!

  44. It’s BEAUTIFUL! And the neighborhood looks great too.
    It’s absolutely darling, and I’m glad you’re open to the idea of saving it!

    Layla :-)

  45. Oh Sweetie,
    What a beautiful person you are. You shine light into all of our lives and we are better people for reading this blog. I would so much rather be a cheerleader here. I hate to be a discouragment, but my heart will not let me say nothing. Please do not buy this house. It will be a huge stress to your sweet and precious family. I have a friend who bought a similar house, and it has been the trial of her family’s life. I cannot express in words how hard it has been for her. It would be way better for you to build from the ground up. I hope I have not been a downer. I just don’t want to see this much difficulty, or a financial pit come to your family’s life. At the very least get a structural engineer to access the house and have a couple of contractors come out and give you estimates for what you would like to do so that you have a good idea of what is involved. May God give you great wisdom as you lead your family to a new home.

  46. Traci, I just found your blog (by accident) :) I was looking for instructions on how to make a dust ruffle and I found you and your precious blog. I feel like I have found the friend I have always been looking for who is not afraid of any project no matter how how hard of time consuming it might be. Your creative heart and ability to teach from your blog are awesome. I am looking forward to joining you and your sister this January to organize my heart and home, and as for the house you are looking at to purchase I say go for it if God opens that door. From reading your blog, I can see your new HOME, not the broken down old house that is for sale. Can’t wait to see what happens in 2011.

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