Mud/Laundry Room Inspirational Pictures

I’ve been surfing around the internet to find some pictures to inspire me as we  work on creating a mud/laundry room in our garage.

One of my favorite places to find great pictures is

Here are some pictures I found there…

I love the lanterns and light fixture in this one.  I am hoping to get a lantern-style light fixture to hang in our laundry room.  I also like the brown baskets in this picture…

The next picture reminds me that I want to try and add a chalkboard somewhere in the mud/laundry room.  It will be a great way to leave messages for each other on busy days…


The picture below is gorgeous.  I love the green color of the cabinets.  I wish I knew how to do this type of paint treatment, but I am sure my cabinets would look like Kermit the Frog threw up on them!

I am going to stick with my “go to” colors…khaki, black, and white.  :)

I am planning on adding corbels under the shelving where the boys will hang their coats.  It will coordinate with the corbels I have in my kitchen shelving.

I like all the storage baskets in the next picture.  Plus the extra space for hats, balls, and gloves.  We have a LOT of sports equipment in our house to say the least!  :)

The following picture is my all time favorite.  I am using it for most of my inspiration.  We are planning on building a bench seat that will lift up for the boys to store their shoes in.  I am wanting to stain the bench a dark walnut color.  We will also be doing a board and batten treatment in the laundry room.  I have been wanting to do this somewhere in my house for a long time.  I know I will love it.  My hubby is also going to build shelving above the coat hooks to put baskets for gloves, hats, scarves, and such.

We have added beadboard to the ceiling in our mudroom, and we are going to stain it a dark walnut similar to the picture below…
BY HARDROCK CONSTRUCTION traditional laundry room
This picture shows how simple shelving can be clean and crisp by adding matching baskets and white pitchers.  I also like the wood ceiling in this picture too.  The touch of blue they added with the mason jars is just perfect.  I might get some for my laundry room too.  :)
Laundry room with a view traditional laundry room
Okay, now this picture just makes me drool.  This is a laundry room you would find in “dreamland”, and we don’t live there.  :)
Do people really have laundry rooms like this?
Could I really have three machines, and keep my detergent in an apothecary jar?
Then maybe I could sip tea as I sat on my cute, white metal stool and folded clothes by my real topiary tree on my gorgeous, clean table.
No wait…I wouldn’t be doing the laundry…my maid would!  :)
Oh to dream…
Laundry Room traditional laundry room
And since we are already there, I thought I would show you another laundry room in Dreamland, USA…
Laundry room traditional laundry room
Two washers…two dryers….farm sink…sconces…artwork…live flowers…bay window…beautiful!
Okay, let’s snap out of it.
Time to head on back to Realitytown, USA.
My mud/laundry room may not be “dreamy”, but it will close enough to perfect to me.
It will be built by two strong hands that I happen to love and adore!
How could I ever ask for more?

Have a blessed day, friends!


  1. I love the top pic – it just looks so homey and warm as well as the “lantern” one – especially with the sweet words on the wall. Sigh!!! It’s nice to dream.

  2. OMG. I too love these inspiration photos. If I could just have a little of each photo. I love cubbies and hooks. Especially when you have kids, dogs…shoes everywhere, bags. You know! Gosh—it’s dreamy.

  3. Well, those are all just beautiful. Making me want to go down & do something to mine.
    You have picked out some great inspiration pics ….. It will surely be a HUGE selling point on your house…
    BUT when it is done, will you ever want to leave???? : )

  4. I have to thank you for this post. I am in the middle of doing my laundry/mudroom also. Those pictures inspired me.
    My biggest problem is that I have famica cabinets and they are almond color. I am trying to come up with how I can make them more interesting and paint them. I will tell you this, I made a bench with slots or bins under it to go in there about 8 years ago and that has been my absolute favorite thing. Everyone has their own slot and they can just kick their shoes off into their slot under the bench. I knew my kids would not pick their shoes up and put them somewhere so this works great for us.
    Good luck with you room, can’t wait to see the finished project.

  5. Great post. Love them all. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I’ve needed to organize the “drop” at the back door – – shoes, coats, book bags, sporting equipment, etc. since we built our house five years ago and shifting it all into the adjacent laundry room would be a great use of dead space. Don’t know why I was asleep at the switch when we were under construction. Of course, when the kids are small, one can never imagine all the stuff it takes to get them through one day. Again, many thanks.

  6. Oh…those last two laundry rooms are heaven!! I wouldn’t want the maid! Well, okay. But they get my heart beating a little faster!!

    Much luck on your project!


  7. loved all the pics you shared…and yes those last to are dreamland U.S.A for sure. I tell you if anyone has laundry rooms like those, then they don’t really do laundry. It’s there for looks. I can tell you, I do laundry in this house and my kids do their own. So, that washer and dryer is always running.

    So, in our Realitytown U.S.A our laundry is functional and occassionally, it looks pretty….for about FIVE minutes!!

    Looking forward to seeing yours when it’s done.

  8. I love the words painted on the wall… has got me thinking re our laundry which unfortunately is in a bit of a thoroughfare location wise!!!

  9. I may enjoy doing laundry if I had a room like these, They were all fabulous! We are hoping to start our new house in the spring. The two rooms I cant wait to design are the kitchen and laundry room, thanks for all the ideas!!

  10. I do the same thing with my house. It’s good to have a clear picture in mind of what you want. The rooms you chose are beautiful! I think you have a wonderful house too though…I have a picture of your dining room on my inspiration board. :)

  11. OMG!!!! I found you not too long ago and now I am looking at other blogs from your blog and I am secretly lost in Stay At Home Mommy Blog Readers’ Heaven!!!! Please don’t make me go home!!!! I never want to go back!!!! I am never clicking my heels!!!!

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