A New Addition to our Family

I’ve been tweeting about our new little addition to our family.

Many of you have been asking for a picture.

So here it is….

Cutest thing ever!!!

Don’t ya think?!

His name is Champ, and he is 9 weeks old.

It’s the first dog our family has ever had, and the boys are beside themselves!

We really cannot imagine our family without him.  :)

He is a shitzu-poodle mix…a shi-poo!

I’m sure he will be showing up a lot in my blog!

Love you, Champ!


As a side note…have you picked out the closet in your home you want to organize?  Mine is going to be my craft closet.  It’s a mess!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you may have missed my post from yesterday.

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  1. He is SO adorable! Our family added a new puppy recently as well. Roght before Thanksgiving we got a West Highland White Terrier. It’s fun but wow, it’s almost like having a new baby again! Enjoy your new puppy :)

  2. oh my goodness, that is one seriously adorable puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one. But first I need to know if I’m allergic to it. We’re getting dogs when our cats die. Isn’t that morbid? The kids keep asking how long cats live because they want dogs :D

  3. AIEEEE! So… cute…

    Long time lurker (read you through my google RSS feed) but this cuteness brought me out of the shadows.

    I have a maltipoo (maltese/poodle) and two weeks ago brought home a 10 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. My St. Bernard passed away last February and couldn’t bear going through this Christmas without him, so now I have 2 dogs. :)

    Now my world is potty training and reading Cesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell training books.

    1. Traci, I feel your pain. I’ve been begging for 6 years (as long as we’ve been married) for a puppy since we always had a dog and don’t have children. He NEVER had a dog in his 33 years of existence. I finally got him to admit that he might get me one!!! Hopefully 2011 will be the year!

  4. What an adorable puppy, we have a shih poo also, his name is Dexter, and he is my constant companion! Enjoy your little Champ!

  5. My kids have been wanting a puppy for EVER!!! I just can’t do it!! This one is especially cute though….ughhh….thanks for pulling at my heart strings!

  6. Oh my word … he is such a cutie!!!! We get our little pup on Monday and cannot wait!! I just love Champ’s perm =0) Too cute for words!!!

  7. Oh, my goodness, gracious…how precious! That little tiny face. Are you sure you have time to re-organize a closet? He just might need your attention. I’m totally trying to stall because I really don’t want to reorganize THE closet. I really don’t. It’s a scary place. Ha!

  8. I have two Shih-tzu’s. Best little doggies!! I love them so much. Your little Champ is just adorable!

  9. Cutest Little Guy Ever! What a face. Love his name too.

    I’m going to tackle the linen/towel closet. Been dreading that one, but this will give me just the motivation I need before my in-laws come for a visit! Yay!

  10. You will absolutely LOVE your little guy!!!!! We have had our shihpoo – Bubba for 5 years now and love him more every day (if that is possible). He is the perfect size, does not shed, LOVES to cuddle, was incredibly easy to potty train, and is quite intelligent. I hope you and your family find your little guy to be as perfect for you as we have ours. Hugs to you and Champ from Virginia and Bubba. :-)

  11. Awww he is just adorable! He reminds me a lot of our dog, Abby when she was a puppy. :) She is a similiar breed, but a moodle. :) Maltese crossed with a poodle. You will love him! Excellent nature, and so sweet. Love em! :)

  12. Oh’ Traci, Champ is the cutest thing. I just love puppies and kitties. I wish they could all keep their puppy eyes (kitten eyes), breath and cuteness. Yeah, I know I’m weird but I love their puppy breath too.

    You want be able to live without one, once you have a pet. Congrats on adopting your new baby.
    Hugs….Tracy :)

  13. OMG, he is precious!!!! We have ALWAYS had dogs and I can’t imagine not having them. They can drive us crazy at times and are a lot of work, but the unconditional love they give is priceless. Enjoy your baby!

  14. Oh my goodness! If you lived next door I would kidnap him or dog sit for you any time!! He is precious. Is it true that the poodle mixed breeds don’t shed?

  15. Just for everyone to know, shih tzus and poodles do not shed. They do not have “fur” per se, they have hair and so, are considered “hypoallergenic” dogs. My daughter has asthma and has had no problems in seven years with my shih tzu. We adopted a little chihuahua this year and, even though he has almost no fur, my daughter breaks out and starts sneezing when she is cuddling with him against her skin. So then, out comes the Zyrtec. And even though he still bites and tinkles and generally makes me crazy, we aren’t getting rid of little Cooper anytime soon

    1. Saw the photo from your old post on the bottom of your latest.

      Do you still have the puppy? I have been following you the last couple of months and this is the 1st I have seen the puppy mentioned.

      I have 3 shi-poos. My oldest one DOES shed. Horribly. He is so lucky he is so loyal, sweet and cute. The other 2 don’t shed. My mom had one, she shed black hair ALL over the carpet. I have seen ones from the same litter where some shed and their litter mates don’t.

  16. Traci,

    Have you seen the new TV commercial for the Chevy Camaro? It features a dog that looks identical to yours. Maybe you can go to Chevy’s website or youtube.com to see it. It’s one of my favorites of all time! I hope you get a chance to see this adorable commercial! I know Cy will love it, too!

    All my best,


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