Amazing Silhouette Giveaway!

You heard me right!

I have the awesome opportunity to be giving away an amazing Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tools to one of my fabulous Beneath My Heart readers!


You have to be living under a rock in blogland to not have heard about this amazing machine.

But just in case you have been hanging out under a rock lately, here are some projects you can do with a Silhouette…

Paper Crafts                                                       Custom Apparel

Cupcakes1 PCflowerShirt

Sketched Designs                                                                 Cards

Chandelier anoteforyou

Scrapbook  Pages                                                      Etched Glass

LoveBird Picture 085

Vinyl Decor


Isn’t this machine incredible?!

I had so much fun using my new Silhouette machine to make labels for my pantry.

I used it to make these…


And these…


And this little sign for my pantry door!  Love it.


Okay, so have I teased you enough?

Do you want one for yourself?

Here is what Silhouette is giving you the opportunity to win:

A Silhouette Machine

2 rolls of premium Silhouette vinyl

1 roll of transfer tape


The new Home Decor CD!

That is $395.00 worth of materials.  Yowza!!

Also, during the week of January 17-22, Silhouette has two great promotions going on:

Promotion #1:

You can purchase the above package :  Machine, Vinyl, Transfer Tape, and Home Decor CD,

for only $225.  That’s a savings of $150.00!

When you purchase the package, just apply the promo code “HEART” to receive the discount.

Promotion #2:

If you are one of those lucky people who already have a Silhouette, there is a

Premium Vinyl promotion going on too!


All Premium Vinyl is 25% off, just enter “HEART” to receive the disount!

Now let’s get to the giveaway:

Here’s how  you can enter to win your very own Silhouette!

The first three entries are mandatory.

#1.    Visit the Silhouette website and take a look around.  Come back and tell me in a comment what you would make with your new Silhouette machine?

#2.  Visit the Silhouette Blog and become a follower and leave a comment telling them that Beneath My Heart sent you.  Then come back here and tell me in a separate comment that you did both.

#3.  Become a public follower of Beneath My Heart (through Google Friends or by subscribing, or both!  (I promise to make my blog one that you are glad you follow!)  :)  Tell me in a comment if you follow me!

#4.  Tweet, Blog, or tell about this giveaway on Facebook and come back and tell me you did in a separate comment for each.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.  I will choose a winner through a random generator.

And be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you.


Now get busy and start entering this fantabulous giveaway!!


(The giveaway will end at midnight EST on Friday, January 21st, and I will announce the winner on Saturday,the 22nd!)


  1. OMGosh!!!! what would I make with a new silhouette giveaway machine?!?!? can you say everything?!? I’d love to create some vynl wording for my wall, or I love the idea of creating labels to help with my resolution this year of getting organized!! yay!! I hope I win!!!1

  2. #1. Visit the Silhouette website and take a look around. Come back and tell me in a comment what you would make with your new Silhouette machine?

    -I would love to finish my scrapbooks by using the machine :) My husband would probably appreciate that the most, cause he is always asking when am I going to finish our scrapbooks.

  3. #2. Visit the Silhouette Blog and become a follower and leave a comment telling them that Beneath My Heart sent you. Then come back here and tell me in a separate comment that you did both.

    -I did both.

  4. #3. Become a public follower of Beneath My Heart (through Google Friends or by subscribing, or both! (I promise to make my blog one that you are glad you follow!) :) Tell me in a comment if you follow me!

    -I became a public follower :)

  5. With my Silhouette machine I would make beautiful glass etchings for my 3’X5′ hanging mirror in my living room….just waiting for some customization!!!

  6. #1. I have been a long time lover of the Silhouette, but can’t afford one! I would love to use the vinyl to help label and organize things around my home.

  7. I would LOVE to make some custom apparel…especially for my son! I just learned to sew and have only made things for his sister! He would LOVE something special of his own!

  8. Became a follower of “silhouette blog” and left them a comment telling them you sent me! #2 done and done! I hope I win the give away!!!!!

  9. Became of follower publicly of YOUR blog and on FB. Left comments on both and just love this giveaway. here’s to hoping I win… but If I dont i’ll be sure to be back to peek at your ideas. I think your just so creative! Thanks for all of your ideas and inspirations.

  10. OMGosh! I couldn’t pick just one thing that I would make. Ya know that feeling that you get when you find something new and get overwhelmed?! lol… Where to begin! That’s the first thing that I thought. I would seriously do EVERYTHING that they showed. Full of inspiration! I love it! I am definitely going to have to tweet, fb and blog this because this is just awesome. I just liked you on FB too :)

  11. Oh my word! I would pee my pants if I won this! I would make some cute picture frames for my little girl’s bathroom first thing and then probably monogram everything in the house, haha! :)

  12. What would I make with a Silhouette? The question should be what wouldn’t I use this for!! I’ve been lusting after one for quite sometime and my mind has gone crazy with ideas! I would probably use it most for all the applique projects I like to do with my sewing. I would also make a bunch of vinyl signs for around my house. It would also come in handy for the themed birthday parties I like to do more my kids!

  13. I would love to cut some vinyl letters to make some subway art and also to make crafts with the kids.

  14. Oooh! What a great giveaway…I really really really want to win. Please?!?

    I’d love to try the vinyl decor or some glass etching. Or both…and I’m sure a whole list of fun projects :)

  15. I’m a follower of your blog and theirs- also their FB page. I would love to win one. I’ve been wanting one forever. I would make lots of stuff!

  16. I would really love one of these!! I would make so many things, the possiblities are endless. But my baby’s first birthday is coming up and I would love to make a banner and a heat transfer shirt!

  17. Two silhouette giveaways in one day!! I can’t take it!! Ok, first if I were to win the silhouette machine I would most definitely do some vinyl crafts for my home! Love your chalkboard labels for your pantry!

  18. I’d use the Silhouette to finish my pantry makeover, etched glass jars project. Also, for vinyl house decor :). So many uses!!! Thanks!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sillouette! Project #1, tshirts for my boys. #2 a couple vinyl signs for the house and then after that let the fun begin :)

  20. I visited the Silhouette Blog and become a follower and left a comment telling them that Beneath My Heart sent me!

  21. The first thing I’d do with my Silhouette is etch some beautiful damask designs on my glass hurricanes!

  22. There is so much I want to do that its hard to pick just one, but since I have to I would to make some vinyl signs around the house.

  23. Popped over to the Silhouette site and I would LOVE to create a vinyl for my entryway windows.

  24. Thanks for this opportunity! I would make sooo many things with this machine, but after visiting the Silhouette website, I think I would use it most for vinyl decor and paper goods!

  25. I would be over the moon if I won!!! I would love to make labels for my pantry like you did, as well as monogram my glass canisters I got for Christmas. If I won this, it may just give me the right amount of motivation to get organized!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  26. I have followed your blog for a lonnnng time and now “publicly” follow through google friends :)

  27. I just became a follower of the Silhouette Blog, and commented on the 1/12/11 entry saying that I found them via your blog!

  28. And my last and third entry. I already know what I would make first. I would make adorable invitations and host a party just so I could send them out. This would be the first of many projects!

  29. I would make vinyl labels to organize my life!! I just love the labels that you made for your pantry and the sign on the door!

  30. Hi – I visited the Silhouette blog, became and follower and told them YOU sent me. LOL LindaSonia (

  31. This time of year and new year’s resolution to become more organized – i think my first project would be l.a.b.e.l.s.!!! LindaSonia (

  32. Between my job as a Kindergarten teacher and my first baby that is arriving in June I would have hundreds of uses for this wonderful machine! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  33. I would definitely get started putting a custom monogram on EVERYTHING using their vinyl rolls!

  34. What WOULDN’T I make with a silhouette?!! Card making, vinyl on my kids’ walls, and lot’s and lot’s of labeling. Lately I’ve been wanting to do some glass etching on my casserole dishes, too. Would be fun!

  35. I’m officially a follower – and looking forward to being a more consistent reader. :)
    Love your blog for so many reasons.

  36. I already know what my first project with a Silhouette would be-an etched glass vase for a bridal shower gift.

  37. If I hd this peice of awesomeness, I would start by making a label for my garbage cupboard in my kitchen- since no one can ever find it. The I would set to work beautifying my office. Then I would try out ALL the cool projects on the Silhouette blog.

  38. What wouldn’t I make? I’d probably first do a sign for my brother and his fiancee for their newlywed apartment.

  39. I’m a new follower of your blog. I LOVE all the great ideas you have posted. Thanks for inspiring.

  40. If I had one of these amazing machines I would put vinyl words & scripture on my walls. I would make etched glass artwork and all kinds of amazing things for my home…labels, artwork etc…the list just goes on and on. Thank you for your amazing blog and fantastic ideas.

  41. I just visited the Silhouette website and “followed” their blog on FB. What an amazing product! Not sure if my first project with this machine would be heat transfers for clothing or labels for organizing my pantry! The possiblities are endless!
    Thanks BMH!

  42. I am SO EXCITED about this, how awesome! I am just getting into making my own greeting cards so i would use it for all my new cards! How fun! Thank you for doing such an awesome give away!

  43. With my new Silhouette cutter, my first project will be to make custom onesies for my new nephews who are due in JUNE.

  44. The first thing I would do is get my second daughter’s name etched on the glass her picture is framed in in our hallway.

  45. I am a follower of your blog and have been for a while. Your projects inspire me along with your posts about your mother. I too lost my mom of cancer (at a very young age). Your blogs about her uplift and inspire me.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I truly love it.

  46. I would love to use the Silhouette machine to frame Scriptures throughout our house. I may not be able to get my boys to read their Bibles daily, but I can get them to read what’s on our walls :)

  47. I love this machine and want it, BAD! I want to make vinyl decorations, pictures, and gifts. I want to make some wooden blocks with the theme on them for this year for all my youth in Young Women’s.

  48. I soooo would make signs for the doors in our house….. funky different lettering for each one, but all the same color so it flowed, so that never again does someone walk into my disgusting laundry room when looking for the bathroom!!!!!!!!

  49. I’ve really been wanting to stencil my laundry room and this would be great to design my own!!

  50. I covet this machine! I would etch every glass object in my house, then make ridiculously cute shirts for my kids!

  51. What would I make??? Where would I begin…vinyl….cupcake sleeves…temporary tattoo. Yeah…I think I would take a walk on the wild side and make some temporary tattoos

  52. I would do a million things with this machine! Heat transfers, die cuts, cards, etching, etc. It’s amazing!

  53. I follow the Silhouette Blog and left a comment that you sent me! I need this machine!!!

  54. And now all my craft-addict facebook friends will follow the link I posted and enter the giveaway, too!

  55. I just checked out the Silhouette website and LOVE all the things the Digital Cutter can do!!! The most things I’d use it for (if I was lucky enough to win!) would be homemade cards and scrapbooking! That is my new passion these days! Thanks for the opportunity to WIN!! :D

    1. That was a typo up there. Ignore the URL.

      But I DID blog about the giveaway

  56. I LOVE this giveaway! I’m working on a room make-over for my oldest niece, I would love to be able to create some vinyl & other art for her new room! {Also, I’d really like to use the heat transfer and make silly thirst!!}

  57. I accidentally replied to my previous comment. I meant to put this in a separate post, not as a reply to a post. Oops!

    I blogged about the giveaway

  58. I have so many vinyl art projects on my list! I think labels for my canisters would be first up

  59. Woo hoo, Traci! I’m so proud of you for attracting the interest of Silhouette!

    After looking at some of what this machine can do, my head is spinning. I think the first thing I’d want to do is vinyl cutting. I especially love the idea of being able to make custom signs and artwork.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  60. I visit the Silhouette Blog and became a follower and left a comment telling them that Beneath My Heart sent me.

  61. OMG!! I would LOVE one of these!!! I would organize my pantry and make party things for all my kids birthdays this year…who am I kidding, I would use it for mine and hubby’s too! My husband is a Chaplain at Fort Benning and I could use it to make the gifts for all our Soldier’s wives who come and go…so many possiblities!

  62. What a great giveaway. I would use the Silhouette for glass projects like menu plans and for personalized gifts. It would be awesome!

  63. Went to the site, I want to make etched glass, birthday invitations for my daughter, a laundry vinyl sign… oh the possibilities!

  64. I checked out the silhouette blog. So many ideas. I would start with the vinyl letters.

  65. I am loving all the things you can do with a Silhouette. I would make a vinyl “Welcome” for my front door….that is definately the first thing I would do. I sew and I scrapbook so there are plenty of projects I would use it for.

  66. Well – the first thing I would make would be a sign for the pantry door in the kitchen that says “pantry.” Wow..that’s creative- haha!

  67. I have been under that rock.:0(
    But now, wow! I had no idea, amazing.. where to begin? the vinyl decor for the walls and labels first..:0)
    Thank you

  68. I just found your blog through “Tater Tots and Jello”, and love pouring through all of your lovely things! I hope I followed all the directions on where to post, what to feed,:), comments galore, and Facebook! P.S., I LOVE your inspiration-my mom is also mine!!

  69. I have visited the Silhouette blog and would use everything the machine has to offer….way cool.

  70. I visited the Silhouette site, and WOW there are a million things you can do. LOVE the vinyl decor, but who could resist having a temporary tatoo?! Kids would love those things!

  71. I am already a follower of your blog and look forward to reading it everyday……Thanks.

  72. I’ve been wanting to make some vinyl labels or a vinyl initial for my daughter’s room, so that is where I would begin. I like Becky T’s idea about Valentines–what neat cards you could make with one!

  73. I have no idea what I’d make but it sure would be fun learning how to use it!
    I’ve followed your blog for a while and LOVE it!

  74. I have ALWAYS been a public follower of your blog. Well, as soon as I became a blogger, which was not to long ago, but whatever. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  75. I love the opportunities with etching tha tyou can do- I would love to make casserole dishes with names on them…. THanks for your blog

  76. I visited the Silouhette Blog (amazing!) and left a comment telling them I was visiting from Beneath My Heart and became a follower of them!

  77. I would LOVE to win this opportunity for the chance to make those cute little labels you can write on with a white marker/chalk! Thanks for the chance to win a life-changing tool! ;) Have a WONDERFUL day!

  78. I want to make white vinyl letters to go on my new red kitchen canisters!
    kibeagle (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. I would LOVE a new Silhouette. I would like to cut out some letters to use on the wall in my sons’ rooms. Plus, I scrapbook and make cards, so I know it would be divine to have for that!

  80. I am a follower of Silouhette and left a comment telling I was visiting from your marvelous blog!

  81. I am now “officially” a follower of your’s…I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of years now ;) I am addicted…I can’t believe I wasn’t “official” sooner! ;) Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  82. I love this machine. I really would love to get one…although I might have to take a class on how to use it. I really would love it for making those cute labels, but who knew it made temporary tattoos. I think for kicks I would make my grandsons a tat that says “Mimi loves me”. Wouldn’t that be funny? Oh, I hope I get picked.

  83. (#1) Ok, this is the most amazing give-away YET! I *HEART* the Sihouette so much and would love, love, love to have one! I never leave the house as it is with my recent blog-reading obsession, I would surely hole up like a hermit and never go outside if I had that Silhouette to play with all day LOL!

    You are going to have so many comments it might break your blog! Best of luck to everyone who enters this amazing give-away!


    1. (#1 continued) Forgot to say what I would make with my brand new Silhouette machine … I would absolutely start with some etched glass projects, I would also do those ADORABLE blackboard labels just like yours, and then I would take on a heat transfer project. I’ve always wanted a t-shirt with a “Hello, my name is …” tag that reads “Hello, my name is … Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!” (famous line from The Princess Bride)!


  84. I just looked at the Silhouette website. I’ve been in a neighborhood homemade card club for awhile. A Silhouette machine would save me so much time, especially since I don’t even have a Cricut machine. So, I would use the Silhouette to cut out shapes/designs for homemade greeting cards.

  85. (#2) I went to the Silhouette blog (didn’t even know there was one – I’ve visited their site before, why did I not see the blog button?) and have become a follower. I also left a comment that you sent me!


  86. (#3) OF COURSE I am a public follower of Beneath My Heart! You were one of the first websites I started to follow when I started my blog obsession. I also have you listed on My Blog Roll, and check your blog out every time there is a new post!


  87. From the Silhouette website, I am now thinking I need some sort of welcome sign for my front door.

  88. I lived under a rock for a bit…now I dream of projects! My first would be to do a vinyl silhouette of my daughter in a figure skating pose and put on her wall! She’s a skater and we’re re-doing her room!

  89. Became a follow at their site as well…so scary how many things this machine can do! Lord help me!

  90. I looked at their website and I’de love to make some labels for my pantry and all closets!!

  91. I would love to make titles for the probably hundred scrapbook pages I have that don’t have titles b/c I don’t like my handwriting! I’d also love to do a vinyl decal for some built-in storage that I have. Great giveaway!

  92. I took a look at their website. So many great ideas….but I would go crazy with labeling everything!

  93. Awesome Machine! I would love to make some wall vinyl signs for my hallway and entry. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  94. I’d love to make some of those “BLESSINGS” blocks for me and my family that I’ve been seeing all over the crafting net. Thanks for the opportunity to win the chance to do just that.

  95. a public follower of Beneath My Heart (through Google Friends or by subscribing,
    dhunter40 AT aol DOT com

  96. I would make wall vinyls first there are so many things I would love to make
    dhunter40 At aol Dot com

  97. I went to the Silhouettes website….I would most probably use the machine to make things for my students in my classroom first…cool Valentine’s cards or new field trip t-shirts for the grade…although I really liked what they did with the picture frames/etched glass!

  98. OMG I want this SO bad! I want to make all kinds of cute little and big organizing labels. And SUBWAY art!!!

  99. I LOVE tiles with vinyl lettering on them. I’d probably do that first, maybe with our last name or a special word, or something like the “O Holy Night” tile. It’s SO pretty!

    Then I might try my hand at glass etching! I’d LOVE to try that!

  100. I ould love one of these to make freezer paper stenciling so much easier! (No more x-acto knife!)

  101. Became a Silhoette follower and left a comment on their blog. There are so many great ideas on their blog!

  102. I am already a Follower of BMH! :) (And yes, I left a comment on the Silhouette blog saying that I popped over from here!)

    THANKS for the give-away!!!!

  103. I believe the first things I would make would be for our new house or our new baby. We are having our first child (a daughter) and I would love the try the clothes and vinyl wall hangings for the nursery.

  104. I would LOVE to make a sign with a Silhouette. I KNOW it would be SO much easier than doing it by hand like I have been : )

  105. The first thing I would make, would be a “Welcome” for our back door. No one comes to our front door, so it would be perfect to welcome them to our home:)

  106. This is a great giveaway! I would have so much fun doing a vinyl project and the glass etching is so cool!
    I would love to organize my pantry and this tool would make the job sooo much more exciting!
    Oh– I love reading your blog!

  107. I’ve been a devoted follower to Silhouette’s blog for sometime now. However for some reason it’s not posting when I put that Beneath my Heart sent me : (

  108. and I “like” you on FB, too! I really like you all the time, I would just love to win this thing, so I made it official on FB:)

  109. I would love to use the silhouette to create titles for all of my scrapbook layouts, but I would also like to try out the glass etching and vinyl wall art.

  110. I love your blog~ Thanks for the opportunity to win the Sihouette.

    I would so use the vinyl lettering to organize my sewing room and all of my containers for my different fabrics.

  111. I’m now following in the Silhouette blog! Thanks for letting me know about this wonderful machine. I think I was under a rock!

  112. I’m always on their website, checking out new idea’s I’d love to do wall art like your pantry door!!

  113. I am a follower!! I would give it away! I recently purchased one after Christmas w/ my Christmas money–and I LOVE LOVE IT! I have had it just over 2 weeks and have used it tons already. It is a great machine. My SIL would love to have one too; I would love to surprise her with one!

  114. I would make the fish for Thurgood’s big boy room…and some new vinyl for my master bedroom…oh…that would be just the beginning. OH my…what a fabulous giveaway.


  115. The very first thing I’d make with my new machine would be a heat transfer that is a silhouette of my daughter pitching…this is her Senior year and I want to represent her in a very personal, special way!

  116. I have been a subscriber to your blog for over a year, I just became a follower of Silhouette and left them a comment saying you sent me. Hope I win!
    I love your blog.

  117. i really really REALLLLY want one! I’d make decals for my walls….make this house feel more like a home :)

  118. I just became a public follower of your blog- I usually take a look aat your blog everyweek- but am an official follower now ;)

  119. I went over to the Silhouette blog- love there ideas. I would love to label my pantry, put word art in my daughters new bedroom, make hand made gifts for my sisters, the possibilities are endless ;)

  120. I am now a follower of the Silhoutte blog- would love to actually own one for myself instead of coveting ;)

  121. Officially signed up to follow your blog. I’ve been reading your blog for the past several months. I enjoy it. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely machine!! Karen K

  122. I would LOVE to have the Silhouette to create items for my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday party!

  123. I follow the silhouette blog. I left a comment saying that I’m visiting from Beneath my Heart.

  124. I would definitely use this to label everything! We home school and cook non-stop here- I need some good motivation to use an organizational system!

  125. I follow your blog and silhoutte’s blog.. I told them you sent me..

    I want this silhoutte so bad.. I have never won anything in my life.. Please

    I will make a heart pillow for my hubby that will last forever.. Thanks..


  126. I’d LOVE to try my hand at etching glass with the Silhouette! Of course I’d also have to use it to help make my bulletin board displays in my kindergarten classroom as well as my paper-craftiness each weekend… oh, the possibilities!


  127. I would love to get this. My first project would probably be, getting things organized and labeled in my laundry room. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  128. I would love to make a ton of projects with the Silhouette, but the first thing I will make when I win!! is some vinyl letters for my hallway.

  129. I would LOVE a Silhouette machine! I would use it for vinyl lettering, party decorations, and EVERYTHING else!!!

  130. I follow the Silhouette Blog and I left a comment telling them that Beneath My Heart sent me.

  131. If I win the silhouette, the first thing I will use it for is to make all of the decorations for my daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday party. It would be so nice to save myself so much time!

  132. Oh I want to make some labels and some cards and some cupcake wraps and some wall decor…I think it would get a lot of use! :)

  133. I really want a Silhouete. My b-day is in Feb and I have my fingers crossed that I get one. Heavens knows that I’ve left tons of hints to my husband as to what I want. LOL But winning one would be great too! :)

  134. I could do lots of crafting with this machine!!! Especially for my pre-school Sunday School class. I teach 2-4 year olds and they love to make crafts for their mommies and daddies for special occasions!! Please let me win!!!!! Your blog is wonderful with lots of great stuff. Thanks for sharing this give away!

  135. And I really did visit the silhouette website and gosh, I’m a quilter, sewer, card maker, and I own a resort with a gift shop, so I can only imagine the things I could make with the cute little machine…I would have signs everywhere at my resort…cutesy ones that the guests would love!

  136. With a daughter getting married in April, I would definately put this machine to good use! We could make all kinds of cool paper crafts and signage for the wedding. I checked out their website for some ideas!

  137. Ummm…think I am in the right place now and I think I did all the right stuff. New to all this blogging!!! Love the silouette site…oooh so much fun and can’t wait to use it to spruce up our new digs! I am a public follower as well..Love your ideas!

    1. Ummm…think I am in the right place now and I think I did all the right stuff. New to all this blogging!!! Love the silouette site…oooh so much fun and can’t wait to use it to spruce up our new digs! We have had all of our stuff – photos, crafts, toys, ALMOST EVERYTHING in storage for the last 7 months. Can’t wait to organize and LABEL everything!!!!! I think I will use the etched glass feature to make some cool jards for my new pantry(so excited – never had a pantry before!!!! I am a public follower as well..Love your ideas!

  138. I REALLY would like to win! I would use it most for home decor projects – mostly with vinyl – right now, but I’m sure I would find a million other ways to use it too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  139. I have followed your blog for quite some time (since the cafe shelves, I think) and I love it!

  140. I am in the process of doing some redecorating in our church, and I would use vinyl letters on one wall using the different names of God in the sanctuary. I was wondering how I was going to accomplish this, and the Silhouette would be the perfect way of doing this!!!

  141. I visited Silhouettes website and I want to lots of stuff with the vinyl, similar to the things you have done.

  142. Hi Traci! What an exciting giveaway! I went to silhouette and I would definitely be making something for my MIL’s nursing room to cheer it up. She’s 90.5 and we just admitted her after having her live with us for 3 years. I really want to cheer her room up. Maybe make a nice scripture verse wall hanging.

    Thanks for letting me enter. Hugs…Tracy :)

    P.S. I’ve missed hearing from you.

  143. I am super interested in trying the glass etching! Also love the chalkboard labels you did in your pantry, so cute!


  144. If I win the Silhouette (which I REALLY, REALLY hope I do) my first projects are going to be some custom tshirts!

  145. I’m already a follower of the Silhouette blog, but I left a comment that you sent me over there!

  146. I think this machine is so amazing. I want one for vinyl, t-shirts, crafts, and scrapbooking. It does it all. I want one!!!!

  147. I just facebooked (I just made that a word) about the giveaway! Man I can’t wait until Saturday!

  148. There are so many great ideas on their website, I think I’d like to try putting a saying on a pretty mirror and hang it in our foyer!

  149. i really want to try the glass etching! I would def. spruce up some of my kids t-shirts!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  150. Hey Traci!

    Girl, YOU ROCK! I would love to have this machine. I would probably use it to do some kitchen and dining room decor. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I went to the Silhouette’s blog and became and follower and left a comment.

    I also follow your blog as well!!!!

    Marilyn C.

  151. I would love to do some etching on glass – vases and mirrors!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  152. I want to make some gorgeous chalkboard labels for all the glass jars and canisters in the pantry; it’s very, very humid all year ’round here on Cape Cod, so I have a h-u-g-e collection of glass, and I’m always confused about what’s in them! I am absolutely dying for a Silhouette machine, and think it’s one of the most brilliant and useful new products we’ve seen in a long time!

  153. I am a very dedicated follower of Beneath my Heart — wouldn’t miss it, even without a Silhouette contest!
    Love and kisses from Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

  154. I went to Silhouette website I’d try about all the different things with it but think it would be fun to do the temp. tattoo’s for my grandson’s thanks for this chance to own one of these great machines!

  155. I visited the Silhouette blog, became a follower, and left a comment telling them that you sent me!!!!!

  156. I would use the Silhouette to etch glass, create stencils, and vinylize everything that didn’t run away fast enough. Including the kids.

  157. I would make beautiful cards for family and friends… and teacher gifts… and signs for my home reminding all of us of what we value most… and chalkboard labels… and… and… and… I keep thinking of more ideas~!

  158. I can’t think of much I wouldn’t make with this machine! I have wanted one for quite some time, and I drool with envy everyday, as I look at the awesome things people are making in blog land!

  159. I am now a follower of the silhouette blog! Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize!

  160. I am now a follower of the silhouette blog! I read your blog almost every day. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  161. I just went to the Silhouette website and if I were to have one of these I would use it to scrapbook, decor and etching!

  162. I love this machine and would love to make some labels and vinyl and heat transfers and the list goes on and on.
    Thank You

  163. I would love to make Everything possible with the Silhouette, but I think I would start with paper crafts

    Jenny654c at AOL com

  164. I stopped by Silhouette Blog, Im a follower & i said that Beneath my heart sent me

    Jenny654c at AOL com

  165. I stopped by the Silhouette Blog, Im a follower & i said that Beneath my heart sent me

    Jenny654c at AOL com

  166. oh goodness! I am SO excited about this giveaway! I have had my eye on one of these forever!! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!!! The first thing I would do is make some vinyl for pretty much everything in my house!! LOL!!! And then a t-shirt for my son! :)