I have someone you have to meet!

Well…actually, most of you probably know her.  :)

It’s my friend, Beth, from The Stories from A to Z!

If you have spent anytime in blogland at all, you have had to see some of her amazing home projects.  I love her style and her heart as well!

She and I are “blog swapping” today, and I am so honored she is sharing some of her best projects with my readers.

After reading her post, head on over to her blog and subscribe or follow her (if you don’t already!).  You will not be disappointed!  :)

Here’s Beth….

Traci and I met for lunch a few months ago when she attended the Relevant Conference.
In case you’re wondering, she is just as bubbly, cute, and real in person as she is on her blog!
(And her Southern accent is beyond adorable.)
I’m Beth from The Stories of A to Z (soon to be Home Stories A to Z).
I enjoy chocolate, long walks on the beach, Rustoleum spray paint,
and my new circular saw.
I am in search of passionate souls who crave inspiration,
like to laugh,
and don’t take our blog niche too seriously!
But on a serious note, Traci and I love each other and therefore thought it would be fun to swap blogs for a day and see if we could make some more friends.  I’m guessing that we share many of the same readers, but I’m also guessing that there are a few of you who have yet to visit my blog home.  Well what are you waiting for?  Come on over and see what I’m all about! No?  Not yet?  We did just meet after all.  Hmmmm…perhaps we should slow this relationship down a bit and get to know each other better first.  How about I share with you my favorite craft, my favorite furniture redo, and my favorite room makeover and you can decide if you’re interested in being my…er…passionate soul.  Sound good? Good!
I have this thing for vintage spools, but I couldn’t find any priced for under $8 a piece at flea markets.  I’m cheap, and that just sounded like way too much to spend on some old spools.  So I decided to just make my own using a dowel rod and wooden discs purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I drilled holes, stained and stamped them until they looked beautifully authentic.

I love how they turned out and they are definitely one of my favorite crafts from this year.  If you want the full tutorial on how I did it, click here.

Favorite Furniture Redo: Coffee Table to Desk

My husband needed to be gently escorted out of my craft room.  He already “owns” our library/guest room, so I really didn’t want to have to share my new space with him!  I thought I would entice him back into his own room by making him a new desk out of a roadside coffee table I had stashed in the basement.

Yes, it’s girly as all get out, but he seems to have taken the bait!  If you want to see how I pulled off this feat, click here.

Favorite Room Redo: Master Bedroom
Like many other bloggers, I adore Heather Chadduck.  And even though she did this bedroom like 8yrs ago or so, I still adore it!  I wanted it, so of course I copied it!

Here’s Heather’s version:

And here is mine:

And here is one of the many befores of this room.  (I kept trying to make my old room work which was silly.)

And again the after:

So that’s a taste of A2Z!  Now that you know me a bit better fellow passionate ones, I hope you’ll stop by sometime and say hello!  Thanks to Traci for letting me hijack your blog for a day.  This was fun!

Great stuff as always, Beth!

Thanks for hanging out with me and my readers today!


  1. Love the site!!! I’ve got that exact same table. I picked it up at Good will for $7. It’s on my list to turn it into a bench w/cushion. Keep an eye on my blog, it’ll make it on there even sooner now! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sweet Beth, I just came over to give you a cyber hug! Thanks for introducing us to such a darling as Traci!!!

    I think your spool project was the first thing I remember seeing on your lovely blog and you had me at hello! I think you need to come help me with my bland bedroom… I made it “over” before we put our home on the market, but it’s gotten more and more boring as time has passed!! I want to do an all white thing, with little pops of color here and there. No clue… just in the pondering stage.


  3. Hi Beth!
    I have stopped by your blog before from linking parties and I have to say you have some pretty creative stuff going on over there. Love your bedroom redo…and those spools!!! OMG, i didn’t realize you made them. Very cool!
    off to go become a follower.

  4. I LOVE your burlap bed skirt! Your master bedroom is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
    Jenn {www.redberrybarn.blogspot.com}

  5. You could entice ME into the office with that desk. :-) Love the spools, too and can’t believe they were made. Honestly, how do you know how to do this stuff. And you’re so kind to show the rest of us how to do it.

  6. I absolutely love the coffee table, really, it’s amazing!

    And those vintage spools: “woooooow”, beautiful! What a great antique feel!! Loooove everything! : D

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