Dressing up a Mud Room Sink

Today, I wanted to share with you a little project I have been working on in our laundry room.

We have just added a new laundry room to our home, and my husband has done all the work himself.  To see our board and batten tutorial, click HERE.

We inherited a little mudroom sink from my dad that I wanted to use in the laundry room.  (The perfect laundry room accessory for a mom of all boys!)

When we installed it, it looked a little boring there all by itself.


So I dressed it up a little bit to add some charm to our laundry/mud room…


I really do love the warmth it adds to our laundry room!

To make the sink skirt, I bought some tan fabric from Walmart.  It has sort of a linen look, and I didn’t iron it because I like the crinkly look.

I measured the distance around the sink that I needed to cover with the skirt, and then doubled that measurement to get the amount of fabric I needed  to make the skirt.

Then I gathered the material to give a ruffled look to my skirt.

DISCLOSURE:  I am not a professional seamstress, and my sewing skills are less than desirable.  I do just enough to get by and that’s all that matters, right?  :)

Here is a youtube video to watch (from someone who does know what they are talking about) if you do not know how to gather material to create a ruffle but would like to learn how:  HOW TO GATHER.


After hemming the sides and bottom of the skirt, I used this Home Decor Velcro that I got at Walmart to attach the skirt to the sink.


I simply attached the self-adhesive “hook” side of the velcro to the sink…


Then I sewed the soft side of the velcro to my skirt ruffle. (It says you can iron it on, but I felt better sewing mine on.)


Next, I sewed some jute ribbon from Walmart around the top of the skirt to give it a little more of a finished look.


All I had left to do was attach it to my sink!


It took very little money and very little time to dress up this little corner of my laundry room.


Here is one more look at the before and after shots:

Picnik collage

Tomorrow, I will share with you how I accessorized my sink on the cheap. :)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Your little skirt looks wonderful, Tracy.

    I thought I would stop by and say hello. I hope you, your family and your sister are doing well.

    God bless, Amy

  2. I have that same exact sink and let me tell you – yours looks phenomenal! Now I need to skirt mine – wow! I love the board and batten too – now I just need to figure out how to fit all these great projects into my life! Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead…….Lisa

  3. Oh I just absolutely LOVE this! It looks fabulous and gives it so much more charm and character. My mud room is in need of some more ‘love’ and this is great inspiration! :-)

  4. Gorgeous! I have the same sink in my garage but we only use it to clean our paint brushes. Now I wish it were in the house somewhere so I could make it look pretty like yours. Nice job!

  5. How funny, I was at Walmart buying the same things for my daughter’s bathroom! I bought the velcro and the fabric. The only thing is I don’t sew. lol! I don’t know if my skirt will look as pretty as yours. I will try though!

  6. So pretty and so clever! Now, if only my sink looked that good. The tile guy and painter that we hired made a horrific mess of it! It’s a great sampler of the paint colors in my house, however. :)

  7. WOW!! What an amazing difference!! LOVE the flowers too, the red really makes a nice statement against the white & tan. GREAT Job!!

  8. You did a great job. The sink looks 110% better with the skirt! I can only sew straight lines. I sewed DD2 a cute skirt to cover her washer/dryer. Hope to feature it on our site soon.
    Dropping by from Met Monday. Hope you’ll come see the dollhouse repurposed as laundry room shelf I posted about this week.


  9. just found your blog. LUV IT, ALSO thrilled to find the past post ref. re covering a chair in burlap. You mentioned double cording for future post and sorry but i could not find it. Have a rocker, searched for DAYS to find a post for diy. YOURS IS THE BEST. need infro to complete project. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ve been reading your blog for past 2 hours, such Great Posts. ESP. LUV “My Heart’s Inspiration”. Sound so much like my precious mother who passed away july, 2000. Best Wishes.
    hope to hear from you at my email if possible for update instructions.

  10. I have the same sink in the same stop in my laundry room. I had thought of doing this before but you have inspired me to go for it. I think I’m going to use outdoor fabric for mine. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I am SO doing this! I’m thinking of using a waterproof tablecloth, though, since washing dogs and babies is a messy proposition…

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m amazed at how simple this was considering I barely know how to sew. I just finised one out of a sheet from Goodwill and it made a HUGE improvement to the room. Thanks, again!!

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