Mirror Makeover for the Mudroom Sink


Yesterday, I showed you how I dressed up my mudroom sink with an inexpensive and simple skirt.

Today, I am going to show you how I made the mirror for above the sink.



It’s nothing super fancy, but I think it’s cute.

I was wanting a mirror for above the sink.  In my mind, I was picturing an old antique oval mirror hanging from a chain.

Something similar to what I saw at my Tour of Homes in Georgia….


These mirrors are new, of course, but they are similar to was I was thinking.

I searched a dozen antique stores and made a ton of stops at Goodwill, but never could find an oval mirror the size I was needing.

But one day, I found this small square mirror at an antique mall for $7.99, and I felt I could make it work.


It wasn’t the color I wanted, and I definitely didn’t want the flowers, but that didn’t stop me.  Those things can always be changed!

I took my sanding sponge and sanded off the flowers and most of the finish.  Then I taped up the mirror so I could spray paint the wood black.


I have to be honest that I didn’t think this was going to turn out.  As I sanded the flowers off, it left a paper-y residue on the wood.  I don’t really know how else to explain it, but it was not a smooth surface.

But I spray painted it black anyway to see how it would look.

At first, I didn’t think it looked good at all.

Then I started sanding down the edges with my sanding sponge.


It was starting to look a little better.

That’s what I love about the “old, worn” look.    Mistakes and imperfections on a piece can actually make it beautiful!

I had planned on hanging the mirror from a chain, but I was pressed for time (for a guest post I was doing) and decided to use the jute ribbon that I had left over from the sink skirt I made.

It turned out really cute, I think.


I’ve been wanting to use one of those monogrammed knobs from Hobby Lobby for-eva, and this was the perfect project to use it.

The knob was half-off, so I think I paid around 3 bucks.

I tapped a whole in the wood with a screw driver and hammer that was just a little bit smaller than the screw on the knob.

Then I just screwed the knob in the wood by hand.





I am really pleased with how it turned out.



I had a little over ten dollars in this project.




Easy and Inexpensive!  That’s the way I like it!



Tomorrow, I will show you how I made that cute little ball jar soap dispenser.  :)

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  1. Very Clever! Recycled.Inexpensive.Chic

    love the knob and the ribbon worked much better than a chain. softens the lines. it’s perfect.

    the skirt is wonderful too.

  2. Oh I just love your little “spot” you created. Amazing transformation with the skirt and the mirror. The mirror turned out amazing.

  3. Love how you hung the mirror from the knob! That looks so good!

    Also love that art that spells the couple’s last name! That would be a fun project!


  4. I love the way it turned out. When projects that I think aren’t turning out so well end up being exactly what I wanted (my living room paint job, for a prime example), it makes me soooo happy! : )

  5. Love your mud room transformation and your tribute to your mom made me cry….then I looked at your mirror transformation and I HAVE THAT SAME MIRROR! I’m painting it this weekend, nice job!

  6. hi there! love this mirror makeover, and i’m attempting something similar, but instead with a large photo frame. can you share how you have the ribbon secured to the back of the mirror? thank you so much!

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