My Love Story {Part 3}

Thank you for listening to the story of how my husband and I met.  I have loved reading your sweet comments.

It’s actually been fun reminiscing.

If you missed parts one and two of our love story, please click on the links below to catch up.  I’ll wait for ya!  :)

Part One

Part Two

And now for the final chapter…

I realized today that I left a little information out of the story yesterday.

The reason Cy and I met at the weight room was because he was working there.  He was a senior in college at the time and that was his part time job.

He told me that he had actually seen me there a week or two earlier working out.  He wanted to meet me then, but didn’t.  He claims it was “love at first sight” for him.  :)

After he saw me, he did a little “research” on me.  He called his sister and friends to see if they  knew more about me.  He was also trying to find out if I was single.

Ha!  Yeah, I was single!

So he told me later, that he began praying.  He prayed that God would allow him to see me one more time.  He said if I came and worked out at the weight room again, he would not let me leave without introducing himself.

Then on that fateful Friday night, I showed up at the weight room.  Well, you know the rest of the story…. (part two)

So I left you yesterday at the point in the story that Cy and I had began talking about marriage after only dating 3 months.  It’s crazy when I think about it.  Especially because the few boyfriends I did have in college were very long relationships that began after very long friendships.

3 months and we were talking marriage…crazy!

Well, Cy said he was very sure he wanted to marry me.

I was sure he was the one, but not ready to admit it.  I knew that if I did, he would be popping a ring on my finger, and man…I was just scared.  I had waited so long for him, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t rushing things.

IMG_9130 Our first snow fall in Ky  together.

Well, during our 4th month of dating, Cy started trying to figure out where I stood.  He was ready to ask me to marry him, but he wasn’t 100% sure I would say yes.

So one night he proposed this question to me:

He asked me that if he were to ask me to marry him right then, what are the chances I would say yes.




We were laughing and teasing each other during this conversation.  Trying to keep it light, ya know.

I thought about it and said I was probably 70-30.



He sat there silent for a while.  You could tell the wheels in his head were turning.  It was probably not the percentage he was hoping for.

Then he came up with this illustration of what that percentage felt like to him.  (I absolutely loved this part.)

He said, “So if I had a jar of 100 pennies….and 70 of them were copper and 30 of them were purple….if I reached my hand in that jar to pull out a penny….there would be a real good chance I would pick out a purple penny.”

How cute is that?

The purple pennies represented me saying “no”.  Thirty purple pennies in that jar of 100 did not make him feel real secure, if you know what I mean.

As we continued to date, Cy would bring up the question again.

What were his percentages?

Since I was continuing to fall in love with him, the next time I said the percentage was 80-20.

Even though that was better, he said, “20 purple pennies is still a lot.  I still have a good chance of pulling one out of the jar.” (Meaning I would say “no” if he asked me to marry him.)

Are you following me?

The next week, Cy asked again.

This time I said 90-10.

He was starting to smile and feeling a little more confident in my answer.

He said, “Only 10 purple pennies.  I’m liking that.  There’s a real good chance I would pull out a copper penny now.” Which of course to him meant I would say “yes”.

By the end of our 4th month of dating, God had confirmed in my heart in many ways that Cy was the man I was to marry.

I was ready to put the guy out of his misery and let him know I was 100% sure I wanted to marry him.  :)

The next weekend, I was headed to Cincinnati with my mom and sister for a women’s conference.  I was going to be gone the whole weekend.

Cy was scheduled to work at the weight room that Friday night.

I stopped by the weight room earlier that Friday and dropped off a little “surprise” for Cy.

It was a jar full of 100 copper pennies with a poem that I wrote attached.


Look in this jar and you will see,

One hundred pennies to you from me.

You may search for a color of a different kind,

But a penny of purple you will never find.

Though they’re made of copper and not of gold,

These pennies are worth a wealth untold.

They symbolize the priceless love that we share.

They’re proof to the world that God answered our prayers.

And so with these pennies, I bring you good news.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you!


That is exactly what he was waiting to hear, and within a week, we were engaged!

We married 6 months later in July of 1997.

Now ladies, don’t hate me, but I am going to share a very handsome picture of my husband on our wedding day.


Back Off!  :)

Now you know why I couldn’t say no!

That smile melted my heart.


He was definitely worth the wait, ladies!


DISCLAIMER:  Please do not think that when you meet your Prince Charming that you will live like Cinderella the rest of your life.

Marriage is hard.  I do not want to give any false representations of it.   Things do not become picture perfect once you are married.

Our first couple of years of marriage were really difficult.  The two do not become one overnight.

I believe that my husband and I will be continually “becoming one” until our last day together on earth.

We have had some big fights.  Our tempers have flared.  I might have kicked a hole in a wall and he may have thrown a dress shoe down our hallway like a frisbie decapitating one of the figurines on my shelf.  Just sayin…

He has made me feel more anger than I have ever known.

And he has made me feel more loved than I have ever known.

He is my security and my safe place.  He’s always got my back, and I’ve got his.

I am always proud to be with him.

I always wanted to marry someone who I would want my children to grow up to be like. I pray that my sons grow up to be just like their dad.

He leaves his socks on the floor and cereal bowls on the coffee table.

But he loves spending time with me and always makes me laugh.

He doesn’t do the dishes or the laundry.

But he will build me new kitchen cabinets and install board and batten in our new laundry room in a heartbeat.  :)

He was worth waiting for.  Every tear.  Every lonely night.  Every heartache.

He was worth it!

I love you, Cy!


P.S. Our story doesn’t end there.  I guess I prayed so hard and so long for a Godly man in my life, that God just decided to keep on giving…


Now my home is full of men!

My cup runneth over!

How could I ask for more?


  1. So sweet and romantic
    Love this story
    I with my sweet daughter a twin who has always lived in her very popular twin sisters shadow wondering if God will ever bring a man to her. She has stayed pure and faithful and I know she can relate to the early part of your story so much
    Thank you Traci for sharing

  2. I read through all 3 parts and by gosh we are so similar it is crazy. I was just like you in high school and college. Weird. Very similar. I loved your love story. Very romantic… loved your poem too! Cute!

  3. I too have enjoyed your love story, especially the part about the jar of pennies! My hubby & I dated for 7 months and never had a fuss or cross word during those months. I remember him telling me…”oh, I could NEVER get mad at you!”. Ha! And did we ever have some cat fights, mostly during those first years. After 43 years we have learned not to press each others hot buttons (I forget ever so often!) & have a wonderful life together, through all the storms that come our way. You have a beautiful family & I love the picture of your boys! Thanks for sharing.

  4. As the tears flow and I laugh out loud at the same time it is and only by the love you both had/have for God that you are the couple you are. Thank you so much for sharing God’s love and what he has for those that wait for him. Marriage is a job, daily working to be one.
    You inspire me to be a better wife.
    Blessings, Lori

  5. What a sweet story. You are such an inspiration to so many of what true love is. You will touch many lives through your story. Waiting….a good thing! Hugs!

  6. What a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing it these last few days. God knows us and what and who we need in our lives. It’s so wonderful that you listened. BTW, I received a wonderful package in the mail today. Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace. I put it on as soon as I opened it and I love it.

  7. i have followed your blog for least a year and i think the last 3 nights i have enjoyed reading it more then ever…..i’m a sucker for a love story

  8. Oh how I loved reading your story! You write with such a flare. Your dress was gorgeous and what a beautiful couple. The best part was ending with the handsome little boys of yours!

    We just celebrated our 33rd anniversary on Valentines day. Our love story was quick, we met and were engaged in 6 months, married in 11 months. We have 4 boys and 4 girls.

    The best part of your love story like ours? GOD being the center. Thank you for sharing!


  9. Perfect!! :-) And yes, I do know that marriage does not make everything perfect but your story is. Thanks so much for sharing! I agree that God just kept on giving too……cute, adorable young men.

  10. Oh, Traci, what a sweet, sweet story your courtship & marriage to Cy is. I just loved reading this & finding out more about you. God has truly blessed you 2 & those boys are just so adorable. You do have a fairytale story for sure. I wish I had a story like this, but sadly do not. I’m so glad you encouraged your readers to wait on God’s timing. It’s hard to know the answers sometimes, but we so have to listen to His voice.

  11. Beautiful story!! I’m sure you and your husband’s legacy has and will continue to impact so many people!! Thanks again for sharing-I love the jar of pennies and your disclaimer at the end! My husband and I have the best marriage out of everyone I know, and I may be a little biased I know, but we have been through *heck* and back a few years ago, fighting to save our marriage…and we got on the same team, fighting on the same side; us against the world. It’s so encouraging to read about another couple who have honored God with their relationships-I am a youth minister and I wish I could get my girls to listen to your words and make them their own!!

  12. Oh, Traci! What a sweet, true-to-life, waiting on God for the perfect One, story :)

    I loved reading & it was an encouragement to me =D

    Thanks for telling us all about it!

  13. Traci- your story is very similar to mine.. I finally found my man after many years of waiting and watching all my friends getting married ( I was 24).. I was always the “safe” date with the guys. Their “good” friend. Then came Jason… We met in December of ’96 got engaged March of ’97 and married July of “97 too… Must of been a real good time to meet and marry that special someone.. The one ment for us!! The one that completes us. I know corney!! But it is true and I would not change a thing.. Thanks so much for sharing your story… :O)

  14. Traci, I have followed your blog for a while, but have never posted. Twice lately though you have really hit home with me. The post on struggling with insecurities and then the posts of your love story – I could absolutely relate to both! I was a also a single school teacher praying for my special someone…. I learned (and prayed) a LOT while waiting on God during those years – I was 37 when I met Jon! I totally understand how you feel. But how wonderful it is when things work out in God’s time.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I truly enjoy your blog!

  15. I see some of the other ladies say they cried. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I love this story! I got all teary eyed at the end when I saw the pictures of your cute little boys. And yes, your hubby was absolutely adorably handsome on your wedding day. You were a gorgeous bride! Thanks for sharing your heart warming tale. I loved reading.

  16. Oh, I just loved every second of these posts! What a fun story! The penny poem is so adorable and creative. I’m sure your boys will be wonderful husbands to their future wives, because they have such a great example for a dad!

  17. What a beautiful love story! I was moved to tears when I read about the jar of pennies. I’ve just recently started following your blog and I am so glad that I did.

  18. Thank you for being so sweet and sharing your wonderful love story to your man.
    Love the poem and the penny jar. You definitely made his night with that. How cute.
    I can see in all your pics with him you deeply love him. You always have a sweet smile and kind of a snuggy hug next to him. So sweet.

  19. That was such a sweet story!!! I loved reading it. Thank you for sharing it! Your boys will LOVE reading about that one day. :)

  20. Thank you for sharing your heart and telling us your story. At 25 you were getting impatient and at 35 I knew I wasn’t every getting married until God brought me my hubby. Isn’t he amazing. He does everything in his timing!!

  21. Traci, that’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever read! I love you even more than I did already for sharing you heart! :) God is absolutely amazing when he answers prayers. I found the love of my life at 15, married him at 17 and 26 years later we are more in love than ever. God is good.
    Have a great day sweet friend!

  22. You are blessed beyond measure…..I loved reading your story and hung onto every word. The penny jar is priceless, do you still have it? The boys are just adorable! Well all of it is wonderful………

    What a great encouragement to the young women of today. Thanks so much for sharing.

  23. Oh Traci!! This was SO encouraging. I LOVED the jar with the pennies. Just precious. I wish there was a video of his face when he saw it! I am 37 years old and have waited all these years for the right one. I came close to marrying someone this year but there were a lot of purple pennies. Although there is a part of me that says, “25…that’s so young”…there is a part of me that knows the waiting is heart wrenching whether it is 5 years or 20 years. God loves us so much, doesn’t he? He is so faithful. Thank you for sharing your love story. It is truly water for my soul today. In Christ, Bethany

  24. this was such a great read traci! :) i love the jar of pennies and the poem was beautiful! you are one lucky lady and your husband is one lucky man! God bless! :)

  25. Thanks so much for sharing your story! It’s so awesome to hear how God totally blessed your socks off after all your waiting and praying for the right guy! I absolutely love the penny jar part, that is so adorable!

  26. such a sweet story, and i love the ending w/the 4 boys :) you’re story and blog really inspire me to reconnect with God and be more “Godly”? thank you.

  27. Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it. I can completely relate to being single. At Asbury if you’re not engaged or serious with someone by the time you graduate then you are in a minority. And I was still single for multiple years after I graduated! Now I’ve been married to my best friend for 5 years and those years of aching for a husband have faded in my memories. It’s hard to see God’s big picture when you are in the trenches. Thanks for the reminder that God always has a master plan.

  28. Words can not express the gratitude I have for you sharing this awesome story. My husband is a student minister and we currently have one post-grad student who is watching all of her friends marry. She has prayerfully saved herself since age 16, journaling to her future husband just like you did. She isn’t sad or bitter, but it isn’t easy attending so many weddings over the last year.

    The timing of me stumbling along the internet while searching DIY blogs for tips and finding your love story was perfect, and it must be one of those God Things. I passed this along to her for encouragement and she loved it and shared it with other 20-somethings still waiting for the guy God intends for them to marry.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and please know that God is using your testimony to reach many young singles.

    Your new biggest fan, Heather

  29. I loved reading your story. There is nothing more beautiful than a great love story! And I especially love how you added the ‘dose of reality’ at the end. Some people think that if you are married to the right person that it will always be ‘perfect’ and that they will never fight or be angry at each other. I loved the part where you said that he made you feel more anger than you have ever known, but also he made you feel more love than you have ever known! I couldn’t agree more with that quote. Our spouses can bring out the best AND worst in us, but that is part of being married. You get the good, the bad and the ugly! But, you always have your best friend along for the ride and what better way to spend your life?
    Thank you for sharing your story!

  30. Hey sweet friend.

    I’ve been out of town this week, so I just today read all three parts of your story. I already knew part of it. . . but what fun it’s been to read the whole thing! I love the way God answered your prayers. And how He’s still answering your prayers!

    And, oh, the penny jar is just the most wonderful little testimony. :)

    You are beloved–by Cy, your boys, your extended family, and your friends–of whom I am so proud to be one!! Love you!

  31. MOST precious ending ever… and to see those precious four little boys at the very end is what marriage and family is all about.

    I adore the copper purple penny story and your poem w/ copper pennies was PERFECTO! so darling!

    I love that you added that marriage is hard, it is. I have been with my sweet heart for 12 years this Sept. and 14 all together (dating and all) we too have had some doozies, but he is my dream boat best friend and eternal companion. Thanks for your love story. hugs, jen

  32. Traci, what a wonderful love story, that continues to grow. Let me first say thanks for sharing, this special part of your life. You have done an excellent job in presenting the details, but what a great way to encourage unmarried girls, to remain true to their expectations & true to their husbands to be. I love the journal idea. I wish I would have done this. I did not marry until I was 24 and there were many nights & weekends I held the pillow and cryed. But HE heard my prayers and caught my tears and mine ranks right up there with yours my friend! (A man after God’s own heart!) It’s easy to love someone when they love the Lord. So thankful that you have had this blessed experience and have shared it with others.
    Have a wonderful weekend with all the guys, :)

  33. Thanks for sharing. Once I read part one, I was so looking forward to the entire story. Great love story. Such cute boys!

  34. Our love stories are similar! I prayed long and hard for my husband too, and when it was moving quickly (we dated a month and were engaged and married 4 months later!) I was worried it was too quick! But everything is in God’s timing! We have been happily married for 6 years!

    I also agree about the feeling more anger than ever and also feeling the most loved than ever. Marriage is work. I think that’s what a lot of people aren’t prepared for. Sometimes you just have to say, “I am choosing to love my husband even when I don’t feel it.”

  35. Loved it!! Thank you so much for sharing your love story that you asked the Lord to write for you! That is such a great testimony of how God wants the best for us if we just trust Him and follow Him. (even though it is oh so hard at times!) And thank you for your honesty on marriage. It definitely doesn’t end ‘happily ever after’…at least not until we see Jesus!

  36. Hi, Traci ~ i loved reading your story. He definitely sounds like a keeper. And I so agree with you about marriage being hard, Jeff and I have been married for 22 years and there have been many tough times. I think so many young couples dont realize that you have to work at making your marriage work and oh yeah COMMUNICATE,, something i’m still learning after all these years. Thanks for sharing your life with us.. and those are some mightly cute little men you have too.

  37. Traci, I loved your love story very much. My favorite part was when you gave the jar of 100 pennies and your lovely poem to him. It made me cry. I am inspired by you everyday. Thanks for blogging.

  38. I have just now had the chance to read your love story…it’s so close to my own! My husband and I were engaged three months after we started dating, and married 10 months after that. There were so many nights I cried because I didn’t have a boyfriend or even a date, and I was really tempted one time in particular to lower my standards…thank the Lord for friends who helped me see the light! But my man was so worth the wait! The funny part is, before we started dating, I didn’t even like him! I told him I wouldn’t go out with him and we would only be friends! God has such a creative sense of humor. =)

    Thank you for writing down your story. It is a testimony for single women to take to heart, for sure.

  39. CUTEST.STORY.EVER!!! Love the whole pennies thing! And how clever you were to drop off a jar with a 100 pennies in it & that cute little poem to him at work! Your family is beautiful…God has truly blessed you!

  40. Your little men are so cute all lined up in their matching suits. Thanks for sharing your story; it brough tears to my eyes when I read your poem and imagined how happy your husband must have been.

  41. I ADORED reading this series. Especially the jar full of pennies part. I am always so encouraged when I hear about people finding God’s mate for them. I love it!

  42. Ooooh, I love stories like this. So sweet, but I love how you keep the realness of the work marriage involves. The pennies could be turned into a Hallmark movie, seriously :) You attract who you are, and so I know he is amazing. And could your 4 boys be any more adorable?? Love you, girl! Thanks for the stain info! xxoo

  43. That was the sweetest story ever! I loved it! You found your husband in exactly the right way, and he found you in exactly the right way…prayer!

  44. I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I was a leader at a student retreat weekend & we spent 3 hours discussing God & what it means to be a woman of God. I used your story as an example of waiting for your husband, praying for him & they loved the idea of keeping a journal him. Thank you again!

  45. Awwww Tracii, I loved your story. The pennies made me clutch my heart and get teary. You have a wonderful man, but I agree that marriage is hard. One thing that was told to me early on is that happily ever after can be real, but only one day at a time. Blessings to you and all of your men!

  46. Wow. That poem with the jar of pennies put me over the top. How sweet and beautiful and special. Thank you for sharing your “waiting” story. :)

  47. Hi Traci,

    I just came over here from Sarah’s at Thrifty Decor Chick, and read your love story series. (And I can’t wait to read the rest of your posts.) Your love story posts… oh, my… (sigh). Simply. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a tender and inspirational story. Like all have said, I loved the part about the pennies. I can only imagine how Cy must have felt when he saw the jar and poem. And I love the part in your post where you say that it didn’t end there, that you prayed so hard and so long for a godly man, that God just decided to keep on giving!, and there is the photo of your sweet boys! Bless them! Blessings to you and your family.

  48. That story was so sweet! I enjoyed it very much. It actually kept my attention (and I have AADD) :) ~ Thanks!!

    I have a love story too – maybe I’ll write it – hmmm, actually i think i did. Even sent it to Oprah – hehe!

    Nice to find you and I’m terribly sorry for your loss (mom) in 2009. I lost my dad in 93 & my sister in 2008. I blog in honor of her & share about the life that has happened since she left.

    xoxo – love life,

  49. That is the sweetest story I’ve ever read. I hope to raise my future daughters (and sons!) to know that Christ is enough, no matter how long it takes, that (as I recently heard a poem-writer say) the biological clock doesn’t matter because we serve the author of time. Thanks for sharing such an awesome story!

  50. Traci, you two are amazing. This is the best “love story” I have ever heard. I absolutely LOVE that you took him those pennies and the poem you wrote gave me chills. Love you!

  51. I have been following your blog for a while, quietly and silently. It so refreshing to hear in these times that you waited and kept your standards. I get the feeling I am the only one teaching my daughter about keeping godly and pure for the right way as god intended. Keeping this way pays off in the end. It goes to show being a good mother like your mom and having a stable family does make a confident, strong girl into a woman who can make the right choices in her life. Having such a family background and making such choices has led you onto the right path to make the right choice in a man to raise your children. I didn’t have your family background and I made a lot of wrong choices in my life. But one thing for sure, I didn’t want to give my children what my parents gave me. I wanted in a man what your own father gave you and what your husband is giving your children. I have that man. We have been married 20 years. I knew the first two weeks I got to know him he was the man I wanted for my children. We believed in the same family values and religion. But to finally get to the marriage state took some long hard five years of bad choices and decisions in my part due to the fact I wasn’t raised to be confident and strong. And because of those bad choices I made we have had a long hard rocky marriage. We are making it, because now I have finally given up some of my bad habits and trying to believe that I am worth having the confidence in myself. My husband has taught me “I am worth it (whatever it is). I knew I made the right choice.

    I am happy for you, keep up the good work in raising your family. You give me inspiration that not all is perfect but our choices and who were are can get us pretty close to perfect.

  52. Love what you share here. What a wonderful story and what great truth throughout about not settling, about the real difficulties of married life, about the blessing of being with your best friend. Thanks for sharing! All of your blog is really lovely.

  53. Traci,
    what a beautiful Love story! I love end about your boys .. its funny I always tell people how I prayed so long for a Man to “treat me right” I would pray for this every night growing up and everyday I now pray and thank GOD for answering my prayers x4!


  54. I just found your story & it is beautiful how he pursued you like that. I don’t think you were old though or really had to wait very long to find your mate. You were very lucky. Only 25! Although, I think in some parts of the country it seems like people get married younger (on average) than they do here (I’m in the midwest). I just got married this year & am about to turn 30. I do have a lot of married friends with babies, but I also have a number of single friends too! My younger brother, who is 28, moved to northern Arizona after graduating from college & is still single & he seems to think he is sooo old & will never find someone. It seems like everyone gets married younger there. It’s hard on him too :( He recently was dating this girl who was soooo wrong for him, just to be with someone. Because the culture seems so different down there, I hope he can find someone soon. If he were here I wouldn’t be worried about it, he’s really got plenty of time.

  55. I’d never read this before and I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. I had a happy lump in my throat the whole time. I just loved it!

  56. I don’t have a website sorry! I don’t often get a chance to sit at the computer either, but when I do I almost always look at your beautiful site and admire the lovely projects, ideas and family life you share. It always makes me feel happy and inspired to continue making my own house hopefully homey.
    Today I jumped on quickly, before I pick my girls up from school to admire those gorgeous painted houses, which is how I found your website incidentally, and instead found myself reading your beautiful love story…so heart warming and what I especially loved honest! Marriage is definately full of ebbs and flows, but what a ride and hopefully you get to do it with your best friend.
    Thank-you for warming my heart traci, what a great name! Cheers from Australia xx

  57. Traci~I’m trying to type through tears and it’s very difficult!! WOW! What an absolutely beautiful love story you have written. My favorite is the poem you wrote to Cy to say yes!! You are a beautiful person inside and out and you have been blessed with a beautiful family and a gift for writing and tugging at the old heartstrings! Happy 15th anniversary. I pray you have many many more! <3 Linda

  58. Such a sweet story. You are quite the poet!!
    I have always heard God has a special place in heaven for mothers of 4 boys!!
    They are all so handsome.

  59. I don’t know why I just now read this since I have been following your blog for a while but I’m glad I read it today. Great advice for women waiting for the right guy!


  60. Traci…I loved your love story! I liked the journal you kept for your future husband, and how you gave it to him on your wedding night. I am going to pass that idea along to my granddaughters. And of course the jar of pennies and the poem was my favorite part! So romantic!

    You are beautiful. I can see why he fell in love at first sight! (:>) He is handsome, and so are your boys! My how you are blessed!

    Thanks for sharing this. I sure wish more people saved themselves for marriage…and waited for the Lord to bring them their mates. As a grandma I have been praying for our 11 grandkids mates…and for God to be preparing them, and taking care of them…and that he will bring them to our grandkids at just the right time. Our oldest grandson is almost 22. I am looking forward to meeting the girl that God has picked out for him!

    Love, Linda

  61. I loved reading your story. I think i appreciated most though, was the fact that you talked about how marriage is hard. That it wasn’t always a cinderella story. Marriage is a lot of work, but it is so worth it when that person truly is the love of your life that God has blessed you with. Congratulations on 15 years and still being madly in love. I hope your day is very special. Happy Anniversary :)

  62. This is taking a very sideway track. I spend a lot of my precious time following many bloggers. I thimk of them as friends, and find myself looking forward to the next post. I have been thinking of going cold turkey, dropping all subscriptions and claiming some of my free time to do the things and projects I read about. And then I read something as touching as your courtship to Cy, and I realize how maybe this really is not wasted free time. That these posts are a constant reminder of the beauty of life and love. I too am married to a very special man. Thanks for reminding me. And thanks for all the inspiration you and your hubby give. Enjoy your roadtrip! Happy anniversary!!!!!

  63. What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing, Traci! The postscript just made me tear up. Your boys (all 5 of them) have a wonderful gift in you. May God continue to bless you.

  64. What an awesome way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story and example of how a young lady can wait for what God has in store for her! Write a book for young ladies – please. I think I’m going to talk with my boys about writing to their future spouses (when they get a little older) :)

  65. I love your story. It gives me renewed hope and faith for my daughters. They are 25 and 30 one being unmarried and the other divorced. I will begin to pray harder for their future mates.

  66. Such a sweet story! We have a lot in common I think…I was teaching, living at home, spending a lot of time with my parents and church friends while waiting for a good man to come as well! He did, we got engaged quickly, married later that year and now have four boys! :) Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  67. Like many others who have posted comments and you as well, I spent my high school AND college years single. In fact, I spent my 20s and most of my 30s single. I remember one time my father asked me if my standards were too high, and I responded, “Dad, do YOU want me to settle?” He quickly realized he had “mis-phrased” his concern about my being alone. I knew God had someone in mind for me, but it wasn’t until I was 37 that I finally met him. And, when I was nearly 39, we married. All the heartache was SO worth it. I married a Godly, trustworthy man of integrity who makes me laugh and feel special. Like all marriages, ours has had many, many challenges – some that would’ve put an end to most – but those trials truly have made us closer and given us a much stronger appreciation for our relationship as well as for our Father who held us tight and was our strength when we weren’t there for each other. Looking back, I realize what a terrible a wife I would have been if I had married out of college. God was so right to have me wait, and I’ve learned to treasure that long, painful lesson in patience and perseverance.

  68. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad you wrote that marriage is not a Cinderalla story. It’s not, and I think modern media does us a big disservice by ending romances at the “falling in love” part. There is much much work after that, and if we anticipated that and realized it was normal, we would have an easier time dealing with it.

    You both look beautiful on your wedding day. Your husband looks like Joe Willard/Delos Lovelace from the Besty-Tacy series.

  69. Traci I really appreciated your post. But I laughed ouf loux when I saw the boys. That is a great pic. Very well done. God bless you all.

  70. Traci, this is the sweetest love story I have ever heard. It is so touching it made me cry.
    (in a good way) God has truely blessed. You are beautiful with 5 handsome men in your life. Thanks for the post

  71. Oh my goodness Traci, I know this is an older post, but somehow I landed here, and am holding back the tears of joy from reading your love story. It doesn’t get much better than that! I waited and prayed for my prince charming for a long time as well, and God being so good, blessed me with a wonderful husband who is my joy.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful touching true story. I’m sure it will give many single women lots of hope out there, and it also reminds us who have been similarly blessed, to be thankful each and every day!

    Bless you and your beautiful family!

  72. so beautiful..Especially the wait part1. I wish some day even I find the one..
    Your story gives HOPE, DEVOTION and PATIENCE.

  73. Dear Traci, As all the others who read this post, I shed so many tears of joy for you!!! It’s about the best love story and testament to trusting in the Lord that I’ve ever read! My husband and I met and fell in love in the 10th grade and dated until our senior year, when he was tempted away from me. Sadly, it took 25 years of misery for both of us when my father died and he asked to be a pallbearer at the funeral for us to be reunited. After years of living in celibacy after my divorce -not even dating because my heart was broken – I knew I would never marry again. But God had different plans for us! We knew then that nothing would ever break us apart again. To this day we have the best marriage of anyone I have ever known. Our love is cemented by the devotion we both share to God, who has kept us in the palm of his hand since the day my baby came back :-) I guess we had to learn the hard way, having been given a precious penny from the start. After his return, he said he messed up because he just thought every relationship would be like ours! He’s not perfect (nor am I) but we’re perfect for each other and united by the grace of God! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I hope you will continue to inspire others, and wonder if you’ve thought of sharing this testament more broadly among high school students, even non-Christians! It’s a powerful testimony from which many could benefit. In God’s love, Mela

  74. This is the most beautiful story I’ve ever read. I hope God continues to bless and keep your family.

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