Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway!!!!

Hey, ladies!

I am so excited to tell you about this great giveaway!

One of my new sponsors, Crystal from Thirty-One, is treating my readers to a wonderful giveaway!

Have you heard of Thirty-One?

Thirty-One Gifts logo

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If you haven’t, you are going to be so happy I am telling you about them.

Here is the company mission statement from their website.

Thirty-One isOur Mission: Thirty-One is more than just a company. We are people who believe in celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women for who they are. Through God's strength, we've built a family of individuals who feel women deserve to treat themselves to something special. Our commitment is to provide women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience

The name Thirty-One comes from the verses of Proverbs 31.

They sell beautiful products for women.

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And they just came out with their Spring and Summer Catalog!  You can view it by clicking HERE.

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They also have a great special going on right now.  For every $31 you spend, you’ll get 31% off any item!

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If you are interested in earning a little extra money by becoming a Thirty-One Consultant, you can sign up on Crystal’s webpage, HERE.

Now for the giveaway!

Crystal is giving away the Paparrazi Dot Utility Organizer Tote!

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would use the Paparazzi Dot Organizing Utility Tote for, and you will be entered.  :)

2.  Click HERE to visit Crystal’s facebook page and click the “join” button for another entry. Just come back and tell me in a separate comment and you will be entered again in this giveaway.

3.  Tweet about this giveaway for another entry and tell me about it in a separate comment.

You can copy and paste this tweet: Enter to win a Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote @beneathmyheart @_thirtyonegifts

This giveaway ends on Thursday, February 10th at midnight EST, and the winner will be announced on Friday, Feb. 11th.



  1. Ooooh … I love 31! I would love to use this tote for my “Sunday Bag” … carrying Bibles and notebooks and choir music and lip gloss and my notes for teaching Sunday school and … all that “stuff” that ends up having to go with me to church! Sure would be nice to have a tote to stash things as I remember them through the week and then be able to just pick up the bag and go on Sunday mornings!!

  2. Traci! Thanks so very much for this wonderful giveaway opportunity! Oh – there are so many life “categories” I could use this organizer tote to enhance! I may use it for a car tote or a craft tote or a gift tote – or all of these!

  3. Ohhh–I think I would use it for scrapbooking. I’m trying to organize my projects to be portable to take to work so I can get some cards done during my lunch break.

    By the way, I’m glad I discovered your blog from this giveaway on Twitter! Love your title and tag line, and I’m excited to explore more and keep reading!

  4. What nice items and such a generous giveaway! I would use the bag for going on my geneaology trips with my girlfriends. It would help keep me organized at the gen. libraries!

  5. Oh the uses are so many! Scrapbooking stuff…church stuff…water park stuff. How fun it would be to figure it how to use it! So cute.

  6. I would use this beautiful tote for my Sunday bag. I need a big bag that will hold all of my things that I might need while I’m at church.

  7. I would use it as my “library” bag. I take my kiddos to the library a lot and we always come back with loads of books and sometimes activities. This would be great to carry the books back and forth! I LOVE the polka dot design – too cute!

  8. That organizer would be PERFECT for knitting projects – the little pockets for tape measure, and extra needles, stitch markers…

  9. Oh….I’ve been wanting to get something to carry my Silhouette and paper supplies-this looks like it would be just the thing! Thanks for offering this giveaway! :)

  10. Love these — especially the pockets…. I would use mine for everyday, dragging my “stuff” to work and back.. Pam

  11. What a cute tote! I’m sure I would use it to tote all the things that I usually end up taking to church! It seems Mom usually ends up carrying something for somebody else – so this would be a huge help!

  12. I’d use it for bills/supplies and all the various paperwork that otherwise piles up on my kitchen counter. I think it would also be super useful for long car trips to keep my boys’ various devices/chargers/etc organized!

  13. I would probably use this bag for everything! A purse, a diaper bag, a library bag, and to take my current project sewing projects to my parents house to work on. It is such a cute bag that I would have to take it everywhere to show it off:)

  14. I would definately use it for all of my art supplies. I like to draw and I usually do it from a board and carry my supplies to my location. This would definately get all my things in the right spot!

  15. Oh I love it! And I love the story behind the company name…that is just great. The bag is adorable! I would definitely use it to carry my crafty suppiles to work. Now that I am a working mother I have to squeese in my creative time whenever possible so I tend to spend my lunch hours scrapbooking or crafting.

  16. I would either use the adorable tote for diapers/wipes for an alternate baby changing station or use it for a church-goody bag for my kids. So cute!

  17. I love this bag, its so cute. I would definitely use it for when I attend my meetings. I am on the committee for Relay for life-American Cancer Sociey and I always have a ton of info that I need to bring to the meetings to pass out. This bag would be perfect for that.

  18. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love 31’s products! I would use the tote to carry all of my daughters ice skating “stuff”. When we travel, I am always looking for more space to put her stuff in. This will be perfect! Thanks!

  19. I love these totes!! I would use mine on client consultations to hold my tape measure, paint samples, etc
    This would give a great professional organized look!!

  20. i’d love to have this tote for my crafting small group i am leading this semester!! would be so handy for carrying my craft supplies!!

  21. What a fun giveaway! The bag looks like a great way to stay organized! I would probably either use it for my beading supplies or when I have to tote things back & forth to work. Adorable!

  22. I love this company! I would use this tote for the kids stuff, or church/meetings, etc. Thanks for hosting this!

  23. Such a great company! I would use the awesome tote as a car organizer. With a new baby things get lost easily and this would certainly help!

  24. Great for the pool – to keep thngs for 3 kids in one place. Of couse, as cold as it is, I can only wish for pool days!

  25. I would love this to take everywhere! My 6 year old has diabetes and we need to bring all the supplies with us plus my 4 other children. I love this idea!

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  26. Wow! This would be great for the ballpark! The snacks, the sunscreen, the sunglasses, the Purell!, the crayons & toys to entertain the 4yr old while we watch her 15 yr old brother play ball! It’s hectic, but still can’t wait for the first pitch!

  27. I’d give to our housekeeper/friend who helps me out so much 2 days a week. I would have an extremely difficult time getting by in Ukraine without her. She and her husband have a conference/retreat type center on their property where adoptive parents stay, missionaries gather, and a small home church meets. She could most certainly use this bag to tote things from one building to the next.

  28. What a wonderful giveaway! I love Thirty One!
    My daughter has just started working with her Golden Retriever to show in AKC Junior Dog Shows. I’ve been looking for a bag to carry all the “stuff” you need! This looks like a perfectly adorable bag with lots of neat compartments to keep things easy to find! She would love, love, love this!

  29. How fun! I think I would use it for my Sunday bag. My husband and I teach the 5-year-olds in primary. We have to bring crayons, glue sticks, paper, snacks, our scriptures, lesson manuals, plus diaper bag stuff for our baby. So something like this looks like it would fit everything nicely!

  30. I would use the tote for my office files since I do most of the mail sorting in the living room (and not my home office).

  31. It’s my dirty little secret……I’m addicted to tote bags!!!! What wouldn’t I use this great tote for? I would use it for the gym, beach, picnic’s @ Mt. Charleston, or maybe as a gift for a new mother.

  32. I would use this utility tote to travel with my scrapbook supplies or beach goodies! So cute!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. : )

  33. I love 31 products. I would use this bag as a school bag. Pockets for snacks, drinks, books,etc..Love it!

  34. OooohhHhhH I LOVE 31!!! I have many of there items! I have the skirt purse and the ruffled skirt and get so many compliments on it everytime I carry it! I would use the utility organizer I think for some of my craft items since I am trying to make myself a craft room in the basement. i’m sure it would come in handy and be super cute!

    great giveaway!!!! I so hope I win!!!!

  35. I love the Paparazzi Dot!!! I’ve just started taking a Yogalates class & this bag would be perfect to take with me! The side pockets would be perfect for my keys, phone & a bottle of water!

  36. Hiya! It’s Becky from I Burned the Brownies. I LOOOOVE thirty-one. I will soon be playing host for a thirty-one party and I’m so super excited! I have the organizing utility tote in BOHO Patchwork Paisley and let me tell you, it is one of my favorite bags ever! It is a diaper bag, work tote, gym bag, purse, magazine tote, laptop bag, snack tote for picnics…..I could go on and on!!! I love the Paparrazi Dot print on that bag, too. That would make an excellent addition to my growing addiction. Heehee
    What an excellent giveaway!!!!

  37. What a wonderful give away! I would use this tote to bring my card making supplies when my sisters and friends get together to make cards…

  38. Ohhh, I love it! I would use the tote for a diaper bag probably, but it would also be full of my personal items (cell phone, planner, wallet, etc!). It’s so cute! I absolutely love the idea of this company!

  39. I would love to have this for my scrapbook supplies! I need something to keep it all together & this would be perfect!

  40. I’m a homeschool momma, so this would be wonderful for the library and co-op! (plus it’s just so darn cute, I would use it for my scrapbooking supplies on my monthly craft party! SO cute!

  41. This is an awesome giveaway. I would use the utility tote to pack my son’s toys for Grandma’s house!

  42. The possibilities are endless! The first use that comes to mind is using using the tote to cart music and supplies to and from my music studio.

  43. Oh I just love that Black taylored striped one, oh the uses I could find for it, one being all my church and sunday school material in it, another it will be great to use at ball games, or on vacations when you always carry too much, oh I joined the site there with Crystal, on FB, and am a follower here, making my post count, hugs my friend, and hope I win this giveaway, such fun..

  44. I would love to win this tote. I would use the tote for my craft projects, especially my knitting projects.

  45. I love 31! They’re stuff is so stinking cute! Let’s see…what would I use it for…probably a diaper bag for Han Solo (due in April). I know I’m having a boy, but that doesn’t mean I’m destined to carry an ugly bag! Or I could use it for a grocery tote. Germans don’t give you bags (or bag your groceries) and I’m forever needing a bag for groceries. I have several, but they’re not pretty.

  46. I just love 31! The polka dot tote bag is adorable and would come in handy for a number of things…I would probably use it either for a “Mom’s Sunday Bag” or an events bag for loading up to go to the beach or picnic or…or…or… :)

  47. I’d use the tailored stripe bag (I’d have it monogrammed in hot pink) and fill it with my scrapbooking items!

  48. Black Stripe for me. I would use it for library books, my sewing projects, my genealogy trips to the library, and on and on. It’s a great bag!

  49. I am 20 weeks pregnant and plan on buying one of the organizing totes for a diaper bag!!! The dots would be perfect :) I love 31 products!

  50. I love all of 31’s products!! I would use the bag to put my school books in and take it to class with me!!

  51. This is a great giveaway! I am a teacher and I am always needing a bag that I can organize all of my stuff in to to carry back and forth to school. This bag would be great!

  52. I’d give it to my little sister. She is going off to college this coming fall – and this would be perfect to help organize some things in her dorm room.

  53. I am glad so many people like the organizing utility totes. They are very functional and cute!! I have two of them and I use them all the time for everything! This bag is only 28.00 with your choice of embroidery color and font. You can get the bag for 22.00 if you don’t want embroidery. Check out my website,, shop, item number 3105. This bag makes a perfect gift!!

  54. I would use the Paparazzi Dot Organizing Utility Tote for all of my work gear (files, camera, lunch, flyers, etc)…. love your blog! Thanks!

  55. I LOVE 31 Gifts!! They have adorable stuff! I would use my tote for going to concerts in the park, it would be perfect to hold a blanket and our lunches! It would also work great for swimming lessons!!

  56. It is so pretty. I would use it for a work tote to transport things back and forth from work each day. My lunch hour knitting or crocheting, scissors, magazine, water bottle, cardigan, and other things I bring to work each day.

  57. I love the 31 mission, and their great products!! I would use the tote for toting all of my school supplies back and forth to my first grade classroom!

  58. I would use it during the week to carry all my teacher notes & books, and on the weekend for all my Sunday School things!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  59. so many uses for this versatile bag! I would use it for a diaper/grandma bag for when I go places with my grandsons or I would use it for a hobby bag when I meet with a group of friends monthly and we exchange gifts and crafts.

  60. This would make the perfect church page. I have two little ones and am a children’s church leader, so lots of things get carried around.

  61. I loove it!
    I will use it to organize all the things I take with me in the car M-F , My work is an hour away from home and I have to be prepare if something happens! : a pair of confortable shoes in Umbrella, hairbrush, wipes, hand cream, lotion, light raincoat, scarf, etc etc

  62. If I won this tote, which is super cute, I would use it for toting my coupons to the store! How organizational and sweet would that be!

  63. WOW! What couldn’t I use it for. I would most likely use it for a way to organize my 3 girls dance shoes, batons, etc, We are always leaving something. I could leave it in the van and never be a tap shoe short again!

  64. I’m expecting my second baby soon, so I would use this tote as a purse/diaper bag; and, hopefully, it would have room for all of my toddler’s toys and snacks too!

  65. I could use this for my Church Tote, to organize my weekly music, Sunday School, Children’s Church, and kids’ stuff! So cute, too…

  66. I am ALWAYS carrying a variety of things to meetings so it would be GREAT to have a cute, classy bag to carry everything in!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity =)

  67. I joined Crystal’s FB page!

    I also would LOVE Papparazzi Dot bag for taking to church. I have a bag for toddler things to keep her busy during Sacrament meeting, and somehow my 10 year old sneaks her things in there too!! I also have a bag for scriptures & Relief Society books…and my purse! It would be awesome to consolidate all to one bag!!!

    There are some wonderful items in the product line and I can’t wait to order them!!

  68. i would use the tote bag as a crocheting bag! fill it up with yarn! and take it everywhere!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  69. Love the bag. I would use it to carry all my stuff everywhere I go. I can’t seem to go anywhere without stuff!

  70. I’d like to gift this to my stepdaughter who’s a 1st time mom to a little boy. This tote would be ideal for her especially when traveling with the little one. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  71. I’d use it for all the stuff I bring to work everyday; my book, my lunch, my thermos, my personal calendars and “to-do” books. I really love Thirty-One, and would love to win this tote; thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

  72. LOVE LOVE LOVE 31 stuff!
    We are in the process of buying and remodeling a home. I have a bazillion paint swatches, home magazines, my design portfolio, tile samples, wood floor samples, and fabric pieces that would fit nicely in this bag. When I am all finished with this big project I will use the bag for …

  73. i would use this adorable organizer for my crafting supplies. i have a very small space, so organization is key. and cute organization is the goal!

  74. I cannot tell you how much I love this blog (been following for a few months now) and how much I LOVE Thirty-One items! This bag is “the bomb!” lol I’d use this bag for toting groceries in and out of the store, and into the kitchen. But so much more! Totally practical! LOVE!

  75. I love the Thirty-One bags!!! I received two at Christmas from my Mother-in-Law, she has such good taste!
    I’d love to have the bag to sue in my car for an organizer – it’s hard to keep up with two teenagers, their school and sports!

  76. I would love to use this to organize what I need to bring to work each day – it would be perfect!

  77. I would use the bag to carry my scrapbooking supplies. Everything would be ready for me to use on a moment’s notice.

  78. I love Thirty-one. I would use the bag for a craft bag or a shopping bag and so many other things. Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. I’d love to have the tote to carry my work items in! My briefcase has seen better days!

    Thanks for the opportunity and always enjoy reading :)

  80. I have the perfect place to use this! I have been looking for something to put between the seats in my van- something I can throw all my stuff in and then carry into the house. This is perfect!

  81. These are darling! I would use it as my “WyldLife” bag. I run a program for middle schoolers and I am always digging for my ipod or camera or the flyers that I printed! I always need more pockets!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  82. I just “joined” Thirty One on facebook!

    Just discovered your blog today! Looking forward to exploring more!

  83. I would use this to organize some of my sewing stuff. I don’t have a sewing room so I have to carry my extra stuff (scissors, fabric, thread, etc.) from room to room in a box. I love 31!

  84. oh my gosh their stuff is so cute!!!!! i am a receptionist and would use that to bring the stuff i’m working on to work with me, sometimes i have time to do little crafts at work! so cute!

  85. I love Thirty One!! I would use the organizing tote to take all my sundries to the pool this summer!!!

  86. This would be my new Mary Poppins bag! Which means it would be my purse/diaper/snack/bible study bag. I would love to win!

  87. It would probably be my bag for our Wednesday night clubs at church or maybe my latest crochet or sewing project. I definitely would find a use for it. Thanks!

  88. I would love to have that beautiful bag front and center in my craft room. I can already picture all the fantastic supplies I can store in there [beautifully and out of the reach of my two toddlers}.

  89. Wow, what a nice bag! If I was lucky enough to win, I’d use it to hold all my daughter’s things when we go somewhere like church(her snacks, books, drinks, toys etc). thanks for the opportunity.

  90. These bags are ADORABLE!! I am a girl scout leader and would use it for my binders and things!
    Thanks, Autumn

  91. i would use the bag for makeup and nail things! great great tote! Perfect for car travel organization too!!!

  92. I have twin nearly 3 year olds and I can ALWAYS use another cute bag for carrying around all of “our” gear!

  93. I have an 11-week-old (and 3 older children) and would love to sport this as Delaney’s diaper bag!

  94. WOW….I was just telling my husband I needed to find a new bag. If I won, I would be using this for college! We have 5 children(4boys and our “surprise” 1year old girl) At this point, I am using a hand-me-down, of a hand-me-down backpack… Needless to say, I am in need of a upgrade. Would LOVE this THrity-one bag!

  95. These bags a beautiful! While my two oldest are at school, my youngest and I volunteer our time two mornings a week in the office. Most days she is content but I always keep a few fun items and a snack just in case. The bag I am using now is just down right ugly.

  96. So sweet! I love their bags! I have about a million and one uses for such a great tote! I am always in need of one and can never find a good one!

  97. What a cute bag. I would use it for all sorts of stuff but mostly to take all the various stuff I need to work with me.

  98. I LOVE Thirty-One! I would love to have one of these as a diaper bag because they’re not too girly!!!

  99. Girl, I would LOVE that bag! I would use it for hauling around all the girls’ things and for road trips. Love that pattern, too!

  100. It would be a great bag to hold my knitting projects whether at home or on the go. It looks inspiring!

  101. I absolutely love these products! I would use this tote first as my school bag- because I am still a student, working part time and a backpack doesn’t cut it!

  102. I would love to use one of these bags for “Friday classes” where I teach homeschool kids zoology and highschool English…I always have tons of stuff I am hauling back and forth…lovely bags..thanks so much!!

  103. I would use it for carrying supplies when I go to quilting classes.
    nettecan at hotmail dot com

  104. Id love to win a tote bag. In Australia we have nothing like this! I could take my craft projects everywhere and keep on working on them! I love it!

  105. I would take it whenever I would leave home for town (usually to the mall or so). I need a larger bag so I can take a bottle of water with me as it’s always hot here. I just ripped my old bag last week (I only have one large bag), so would love to win. Love this one!

  106. I would use the tote for my everyday purse! I need a lot of room for all my stuff, my kids’ stuff, my workout stuff, my teacher stuff, my medicine stuff…well, you get the idea! Thanks!

  107. I would use the tote to keep all my misc alpaca fiber supplies, knitting needles, crochet hooks, pins, felting tools etc in. Great way to have it all organized!

  108. I would give this to my friend for her baby shower in march—it would make a great diaper bag!

  109. I LOVE these bags! I would use it to carry my stuff around (cause we all know moms carry plenty of “stuff” around!!!

  110. I am a tote freak! so I would use this cute tote as an errand bag…library books to be returned, etc. So cute!

  111. I would love to have one of these bags to help organize my girls’ toys and snacks in my car! I love Thirty-One and have been looking at these a while.
    Love your blog, too! Cute ideas!

  112. I tweeted! Joined FB! Also I would use it for keeping all the stuff together I pick up for the little girl I mentor. She dosent have a great family life or many things so I pick up stuff for her she needs when I see it on sale! Now I signed her up for soccer so thats more things she will have! Thanks for the great give away love your blog and 31!

  113. oh my goodness! i LOvE these bags! i have been wanting to order one of their insulated lunch bags! thanks for hosting!

  114. Id use this for my home based business.. Would really help me with everyday samples that I tote around! Oh, or I could use this as a fabulous new camera bag!! Hmmm!!!

  115. I am a teacher and this organizer would be great for toting things back and forth to school!

  116. I’d use it as a car tote, or for my children’s belongings (we’re expecting baby #2 so we need a bigger bag!!)

  117. I would carry my teacher’s editions and papers to grade at home. It looks like it has enough pockets for all my pens, markers, highlighters and other grading essentials.

  118. I just got a new job as a multimedia reporter and this bag would be PERFECT for daily essentials and carrying around all my equipment (laptop, camera, recorder, etc.)

  119. I would use my new bag for both work and travel. The size looks perfect for my papers and then just a little bigger carry along bag for the weekend.

  120. I would use this tote for hauling all the “stuff” I find essential for my journeys–running here and there.

  121. What a pretty tote! I would use it to carry all the diapers, snacks, sippy cups, and toys necessary for happy outings and errand running.

  122. I would use it as a cute camera bag/purse combo. Like most of you, I take a camera everywhere I go so I can blog about what I see. And well, that means I need a REALLY big purse!

  123. Oooh this tote would be so great to take for scrapping parties to help organize everything! Thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity <3

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