DIY Kids’ Beach Tote Bag


I am so excited to share this quick and easy little project with you.

kids tote bag

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I got my new Fabric Interfacing for my Silhouette machine in the mail a few weeks ago, and I have been anxious to try it.


I wanted to try something really simple at first, so I decided to make Eli a little tote bag that he could use at the beach or swimming pool.

I found a picture of a whale at the online Silhouette store, and purchased it for 99 cents.



Then I ironed the sewable fabric interfacing to my navy blue material I got at Walmart.

(I got 1/4 yard of a navy blue canvas type material for about $1.50.)




After the fabric cooled, I pulled off the paper part of the interfacing.



Then I put the fabric on my cutting mat and loaded it into my Silhouette.



The Silhouette did its’ job, and Voila!

I had a little whale! ;)




I bought this white tote bag at Walmart too.  They come in a package of three tote bags for $5.96.

(That’s only $2.00 per tote!)



I was wanting to add Eli’s name at the bottom of the bag, but didn’t want to use the same navy material.  So I looked around the house for some material I could use, and guess what I found…


Yep! I cut the back out of one of his shirts he doesn’t wear anymore!


kids beach tote bag

I used the same steps above to make his name.

And then I sewed on a little white button for the whale’s eye.

Eli is super, super excited about his new bag!

kids beach tote bag

And I am excited that it cost me less than $4.00!

Now he has three jealous older brothers that I will be making bags for.


He will love carrying this little bag to the pool full of his toys and towel.

kids beach tote


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Have a great day!!!

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  1. That’s really cute.
    Um no offense, but it would’ve been quicker and easier to do that with a pencil and a pair of scissors. much cheaper too. Really don’t think you need the expensive machine for this one…..

    1. You are absolutely right! :)
      The only part that was definitely quicker was the lettering. My machine cut it out in like two seconds.
      But if I didn’t have my machine, I could have definitely cut it out on my own. And would have. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That boy is downright adorable. Honestly, how did you ever live without him?? Kinda seems like he might be your magic link. :)

    Good job on that tote bag! And what a good idea to use part of an out-grown piece of clothing to make his name. You’re a smart mama!

  3. Eli is absolutely adorable! He was so “working it” for the camera! Love the bag! I need to make one of those for my Little Darling! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. Too cute!! Oh, & the bag’s adorable too :) ha ha! This would also make a great library bag for my little book worm! GREAT job!!

  5. I love your project! Even more, I love your sons name! If God gives us another son its a toss up between Eli and Levi! I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and I love your style and the way you openly share your faith! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love many things about this:
    a) the cute bag
    b) the way you used his shirt as material for the letters (!)
    c) ultimately, the cuteness of your little boy in his swimming gear!

    You have a lovely blog. Just so you know, you have a new follower :)

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