Making of our Mud/Laundry Room from Start to Finish {Video Presentation}

I am so excited to share this video with you!!

If you are reading this post through an email, please click on the title to view this video on my blog.

I really want you to see all the hard work that has gone into making our Mud/Laundry Room.

And I want to thank my husband who built the whole thing by himself.  I know, ladies….I am blessed!!!

It has been so much fun to see this whole room come together.  Thank you for your encouragement along the way!

I also wanted to take a minute to say Happy Birthday to my precious mother.

I miss her so much!

My dad and I took flowers to her grave today.

Eli noticed the buttercups coming up.  Mom’s favorite.


I wish I could give her a big hug and tell her how much she means to me.

Thank you, Mom, for the love you showed me everyday.

Thank you for always pointing me to Jesus.

Thank you for teaching me there is more to this life than just living.

May the angels sing you the sweetest of songs today as you celebrate with the Father the greatest gift ever given…eternal life with Him.

I love you.

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  1. Ok, that video was incredibly awesome. And I melted at the end. It really felt like your boys were in a movie! :)

    My mom’s bday is fast approaching too. I can relate. xo

    I’m off to facebook this link. That was the coolest before and after. Wish all that could be in real time. ;)


  2. I really enjoyed your video! Your hubby did a fantastic job on your new laundry room. And your seeing adorable kids at the end was a special treat.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom! My Mom passed away on St. Patrick’s Day 20 years ago this month. Moms are so special they will always be in our hearts.

  3. How beautiful! It was great to see all the progress in video. My favorite part, of course, was the end–you have such cute boys!

  4. I love your mud/laundry room, it looks wonderful and so well organized. The colors and accessories that you selected are perfect!

    I know what you mean. I miss my Mom everyday. She’s been gone three years now.


  5. Oh my goodness, i’m crying and clapping watching your kiddos put their coats and backpacks up! You can tell them I said so. :) Honestly, it’s these sweet moments that make beautifying your home with a purpose totally worth it! Congratulations. And a very Happy Birthday to your sweet mom. I know it can’t be easy but celebrating her life is the best gift you can give her. Hugs!

  6. Your laundry room looks beautiful!!! You are very blessed!

    Wish I could offer some comfort for you — ((hugs))

  7. I am SO SO jealous of your beautiful and very functional mud room. How lucky are you to have those men build you such a grandious space?!? Happy Birthday to your mother too, beautiful tulips. :)

  8. Traci,
    AMAZING! Neat video of the coming together of your utility/mud room.
    You two make a great team.

    God bless and comfort you with missing your Mom.
    Always in your heart, just a thought away and rejoicing in Heaven…where you will see her again one day. Joy unspeakable!!!

    Singing her Happy Birthday and eating a cupcake in her honor would be sweet,

  9. What an awesome before & after video! Loved seeing the room come together from start to finish! Your hubby is truly talented! What a lucky woman you are!! Thinking of you & Cyndi today as you remember your mom & what a wonderful woman she was! ((Hugs)) to you both!!

  10. I’m speechless……seeing my brother-in-law on video seriously makes me laugh. I don’t know what else to say. Okay the room is beautiful and I loooooove my nephews.

    1. Cyndi, I just saw what you wrote on Traci’s blog. Get used to it! She needs some eye candy on her blog and I am just that. I might just get my own show out of this thing. It’ll be called “Home Improvement by a Hunk.” Love, Cy

  11. Traci, I have loved watching your mud/laundry room come together. I am going to get lumber to start mine tomorrow. You have totally inspired the colors for mine. But since we aren’t even in the same state, I don’t think anyone will know. LOL

  12. I love your mudroom, I am so jealous! Everything is beautiful, what a great job. :)

    I know how you feel about your Mom, I lost my Mom 7 years ago. I miss her too.

    P.S. Found you on Just a Girl. Great Blog!


  13. I just loved the video and the room is beautiful. The music was perfect. Your adorable little ones at the end made me smile & tear up a bit since mine are all grown-up & on their own – how I miss those home from school smiles and talks.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom. I am sure she is watching over you and your beautiful family. My Mom has been gone 14 years and I still think of her everyday.

  14. Wow Traci, that turned out fantastic. I love the color you chose for the room as well. I’ve often wondered how I could do an enclosed laundry room for my mother in her garage, and your solution is perfect for her situation. Great husband you have there!

    What a sweet sentiment to your mother. I cannot even begin to imagine how I would cope with losing my mother. I’m sitting here crying just thinking about it. Your continued tributes to her memory are so honorable. The way you continue to show your love of Christ is inspiring too.

    ….and those boys of yours are pinch-your-cheeks adorable!

  15. I loved seeing your boys at the end of the video. And your precious Dad putting flowers on your moms grave, well that about did me in. Love you.

  16. Awesome job! I love the thumbs up at the end. :-)

    Thank you for sharing the photos and thoughts about your Mom, too. Such a sweet tribute.

    Love you girlfriend.

  17. Ok……so does he hire out…..????? lol! He did an amazing job on your mudroom, Traci! Wow! Did you make/find a sign yet?? I just love it…..and now I want one, too….. hehehe! Hugs to you on your sweet momma’s birthday, girlie. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  18. Girl, you guys totally rocked that laundry space! :) Your little guy giving the thumbs up at the end melted my heart..your kids are so cute! :)
    I’m sorry you’re missing you mom, but you’re right…she’s having her birthday in the best place in the universe! :)
    Love ya much
    Missy :)

  19. AWWW Traci – THANK YOU!

    Loved the video. I was blessed by the music. THANK YOU! Your boys are ADORABLE. THANK YOU for sharing their smiles. Happy Birthday to your mom. THANK YOU for the precious pics from the cemetary. Hugs to your DAD for me, mine has been gone now for 9 years and my precious mom is struggling with her health at 89, please say a prayer for her. THANK YOU.

    THANK YOU TRACI – you have been a blessing to me!

    Marilyn C.

  20. Gorgeous! And what a fun video :). Love that you captured your boys in action at the end. Too cute! Hugs on missing your mom. You know I can relate :).

  21. You are my newest hero! We are submitting a contract on a house today that we LOVE but we really wanted a mud room and it doesn’t have one but it does have an extra large garage. This is PERFECT!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  22. I’m sorry about your mom, the pictures were moving.
    The laundry room is amazing! My favorite part of your video is the boys’ smiles. :D
    Thank you for sharing!

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