Kitchen Renovation – Part 2


Hey Ya’ll!

I am writing this post from my hotel room at the GE Momsperience event.  I have been in Louisville, Ky since yesterday and will be going home tomorrow.  It has been a very informative and luxurious experience, and I cannot wait to share some pictures with you. :)

But for now, I want to show you just a few things that we have done to my friend, Mandy’s, kitchen so far.

If you did not see the first post about this renovation, click HERE.

Here is the before picture:


Cy took our two oldest boys with him one day to help him with the kitchen.  They started peeling off the wallpaper, but it did not want to cooperate. 


Cy is going to get a steamer to help expedite the process. :)

Don’t you hate removing wallpaper?!  Ugh!



The tile back splash has been removed…



Luke did a great job helping Cy install the wood laminate flooring. 


We decided to go with the wood laminate because of the condition of the parquet and because of the very limited budget for new flooring.   This is the best solution for Mandy at this time.

It looks beautiful!!


Mandy’s stovetop was cream and did not match her other appliances.


So Cy used black appliance spray paint to update her stove top. 

I think it looks amazing with the new laminate countertop from Lowe’s.


Cy has spent a lot of time installing under the cabinet lighting, a bead board backsplash, and a few other small projects.

I will share another update with you soon!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I love what you are doing so far. I have never used appliance paint for my appliances but I might need to reconsider. It looks really great!!

  2. Hey Traci!! I’m so glad you’re having fun in Louisville…(or for us KY girls..Lou-a-vull) :) Mandy’s kitchen is looking so cute…I can’t wait to see the finished product! I love that your boys are such good helpers to their dad….how special! :)
    Can’t wait to hear all about your GE trip!

  3. Big changes going on in that kitchen!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    I also wanted to tell you how beautiful your new property is!! So excited for you & your family Traci!! Really excited about all of the future blog posts! :) That cabin on the property is just darling!! LOVE it!!

  4. The floors make a huge difference! When we purchased our house there was dated wallpaper in all the bathrooms and kitchen, I used a mixture of vinegar and water (half & half). Use a spray bottle to saturate the paper, let it sit for a few minutes and pull off, mine came off in full sheets….just a thought.

  5. Traci!
    I just heard a tip about removing wallpaper by using fabric softener mixed with water. It’s supposed to work like a charm! Perhaps google it to find details? Just passing it along ;)

  6. Looks great! There’s an unfinished kitchen redo down the road from you that you can come and do when you are finished with this one! Looks like fun. Gail

  7. The kitchen is looking great! Wallpaper, yuk! Years ago, we put wallpaper in four rooms. Now we have one left to remove, texture, and paint. No more wallpaper, ever!!
    Laminate floor is the best, especially if you have kids and/or pets. Just have to damp mop

  8. I just wanted to give you a tip I have read about how to remove wallpaper. Use fabric softener mixed with a water and wipe it on the wallpaper. I have never tried this, and don’t know the exact amounts( it’s probably not that crucial), but apparently it works!

  9. The floors look amazing; good job Cy and Luke! Wallpaper usually cannot be peeled off unless it is scored and steamed, doing otherwise just makes a mess of the wall (ask me how I know!). At the hardware store, you can find this strange little device that is roundish in shape with razor blade ends in it that you just roll across the wall paper, which scores it so the steam can go in and do its job. Much easier and less time consuming, plus keeps the wall itself from being ruined.

    The black range top looks so much better, as so the countertops. Isn’t it amazing how the details like that make a much nicer “big picture”?

    You, your husband and kids are such generous and kind people to be doing this for your friend! It just warms my heart hearing about this. Keep up the good work!



  10. The fabric softener practically makes the wallpaper fall off the wall and boy, does the room smell good afterwards! Ever since I heard of it, I have never used anything else. My painter used to use wallpaper stripper until I showed him the fabric softener. His jaw dropped when he saw how easy it was to get the paper off!

  11. Tracy….another blogger…I believe it was “Between Naps on the Porch” blogged about a product called, Safe and Simple, that she used to remove wallpaper. She bought the steamer, did the fabric softener, etc and finally called a professional wallpaper remover(not sure that is what they are called) to have it removed. Long story short, she finally figured out the product they use is “Safe and Simple”. She ordered it online, I think you can find it by googling the product name, and her wall paper came off beautifully with very little damage to the wall. I don’t think it was that expensive and she ordered a small bottle for a medium sized room. I will definitely remember it after it took me almost 6 mos to remove 2 layers of paper in my bathroom. I can’t wait to see the rest of your kitchen renovation.

  12. I second the vinegar approach: I’ve used it in two houses (significantly different wallpaper quality) and it worked perfectly both times.

    Tip#1 use warm water if you can stand the smell. This helps dissolve the glue faster.

    Tip #2 when dealing with super sturdy wallpaper that doesn’t want to absorb any liquid, but sticks like mad to the wall, see if you can peel off the plasticy surface before saturation. There’s also a $5 (reusable) tool for scoring the paper that does the trick, although if you’re frugal and impatient, a plastic spackling knife and the warm water/vinegar is equally effective.

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