Oh, Me. Oh, My. Oh, Michael’s!

Hey all you thrifty and crafty bloggers out there!

I want to spotlight a great deal for you today.

Michael’s has a coupon special going on right now!


Do you have a Michael’s in your area? If so, then you know what a great store it is (and how quickly 3 hours can pass when shopping there.) :)   I want to tell you THREE  things I love about Michael’s.


#1  The Basket Aisle!

(Centsational Girl)


Oh mama!  They have such a huge selection of baskets! And who doesn’t need baskets, right? They are already marked at a great price, but if you use the coupon, you will get an even GREATER price!


After searching high and low for the right size, I finally found the baskets for my laundry room  at Michael’s!

#2  The Dollar Items at Michael’s

The thrifty girl inside of me cannot walk past the bins of “one dollar goodness.” They have the cutest items in those bins.  Great for little thoughtful gifts without spending an arm and a leg.

(Pictures from MommySavers.com)

You can get stamps, ribbons, scrapbook items, stationary, toys, and more!  All for one buck!  Be still my frugal little heart.

#3  The Seasonal Decor!

Michael’s ROCKS the seasons!

I cannot wait to see what items they have for sale during each season and holiday.   Is it time to start thinking of Christmas?  (Darn. Not yet.)      

They have so many fun items to decorate your home with each season!  

There is so much more I love about Michael’s like their stamps, their educational and fun toys for kids, their picture frames, their floral department….   But I just do not have enough room to post about it all.

If you do not have a Michael’s near you, here is the good news!

You can shop online. I just checked out their website, and they have some great interactive programs like creating your own custom invitations…

They also have a section that shows you easy projects to make and a section with videos to watch.  I’m a visual learner, so I love that feature.  :)


And you can also view their Interactive Ad…


So are you ready to shop?!


Don’t forget your coupon!….



p.s.  The opinions in this post are my own.  I do truly like Michael’s.  The only thing I do not like about Michael’s is it is too far away from my home.  I am not getting paid for this post, but if you click on the coupon, it does help to financially  support me and my blog.  Thanks!


  1. Well, thank you so much, I’m on my way to Michale’s today and so glad I stopped by your blog and printed out the coupon…one for my bff too:) I’ll be sure to look for 1.00 things too! Seems like I’m always in a hurry when I’m in there but today will be sure I look at all you have showed!

    Thanks again,

  2. Man! It’s a shame that the coupon excludes clearance items! But still… thanks! Will totally use it to make our end of the year teacher gift!!

  3. I love Michael’s but the one we had locally closed a couple of years ago! The closest one is about an hour & 20 minutes away! :( Definitely going to have to check out the online shopping!! Thanks for the coupon info!!

  4. I have a Michael’s less than 5 minutes away. That’s dangerous! Sign up for their e-mail and they will send you coupons every week. I never shop at Michael’s without a coupon. I love their baskets, scrapbook paper, and beads!

  5. I am so happy i found your great blog. I love michaels too but one thing really irritates me every time i go there…. i always forget to print off the coupon and they never have any on hand (unless you really push them) so the whole line in front of me gets 40% off except for me. i walk away feeling bad, which is not a great feeling as far as customer service goes. no doubt it’s my own fault for forgetting and i still go back.. mostly because i really do love michaels!
    Great blog!

  6. Thanks for the shout out about Michael’s! My daughter has worked in their Corporate office for years. :-) She actually worked in the local store part-time in high school and college. The store here ~ about 4 miles from us ~ is the first one they revamped with the new organizational style.

    Yes, we have a long history with Michael’s…and it’s one of my favorite stores!


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