Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Do you remember the kitchen makeover we started over at our friend’s house over a month ago?

We started it right before our move (not a real smart idea).

But my hubby finished it about a week ago, and we love the way it turned out.

Here’s some background information if you missed it:

I have a longtime friend, Mandy, who called me about some advice on re-doing her kitchen.  She had gotten a contract on how much it would cost, and my husband knew he could do it for a lot less.

So Mandy asked us to complete the makeover.

Because we love that kind of work so much, we said, “yes!”

We had to work within their budget which determined a lot of our choices in materials.

Here is a look at the “before”.

The “after”…




The parquet floor was not in good shape and needed to be covered.  A wood laminate was perfect for our budget.





Mandy definitely wanted to get rid of her pink countertops, and we decided to paint her stovetop black with appliance paint to match her other appliances.




My hubby installed a bead board backsplash all around the kitchen and all new outlets.


He also installed under the cabinet lighting throughout the kitchen, but I forgot to take a picture of that.  Oops.


The makeover also included all new hardware for the cabinets, and a fresh coat of white paint.


A HUGE change that was made was removing the wallpaper.  NOT an easy task!

We painted the walls a nice neutral color, and then Mandy brought up an antique table and chairs that she had downstairs.  She also added some decor from around her home.

Pushing the table against the wall gives her more room in her small kitchen. It’s mostly just Mandy and her hubby using this table on a daily basis.  When they have company, they can move the table out for more seating.

My favorite piece on the table is this little antique box!  La-huv!


We still need to get a window treatment.  I am looking for a roman shade that will look good.



I think Mandy’s kitchen turned out beautiful!  It is such a huge improvement!

One more look at the before and after…




Now, look what which room we are tackling next at Mandy’s house!…

The demolition has already begun!  Woohooo!!!

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  1. This makeover is gawwwww~geous!!! Y’all did a super job ~ now it looks modern, classic and timeless all in one! I know your friends will enjoy this lovely room for years! Kudos :)

  2. I love what you girls did! You should take your talents on the road! :) Start by coming to my house down in Beaufort, SC! :)

    Good job! You have a wonderful talent.. :)

  3. Where did you find the hardware you used? I really like it and have been looking for some like it that is reasonably priced. Great Job!

  4. I love your kitchen and can’t wait to see what ya do in your bathroom..Great job..Beautiful..

  5. Oh my goodness Traci, that looks fab-u-lous! We put tile down in our kitchen about 5 years ago but I hate it because the grout was not sealed (no one told us) and it’s so dingy. I “painted” the grout about 2 years ago but now it’s dirty again and no amount of scrubbing gets it clean. I wonder if we could install the hardwood looking laminate on top of the tile? My cabinets look like your friends and I just know the wood floor would be perfect.

    You and your hubby did a great job!


  6. Looks awesome!! Reminds me a lot of my kitchen remodel we did back in December! I think the countertops are identical & the hardware is also very similar!! Your hubby did a great job!

  7. Okay, AMAZING! Could you please come redo my kitchen?!?! Quick question- what type of paint did your husband use on the stove? I wanted to paint mine, but I was told that there aren’t any food-safe paints out there for stovetops. Even the epoxy appliance paint says ‘no stoves’ (or at least the one I checked out). Help!

    Can’t wait to see their bathroom!

  8. But I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to keep the blue toilet and sink…? ;) Just kidding! That is going to be a great remodel and speaking of remodels, the kitechen looks AMAZING! I love that antique table, would look great in my house! :) you guys did beautiful work!

  9. Beautiful update! Perfect touches. I love that you painted the stove instead of ordering a new one to match! I am looking forward to the BR update….

  10. Looks great! Where did you get appliance paint for the stove top and what brand? I want to paint my oven/stove and everytime I ask at Lowes or Home Depot about what to use they look at me like I’m crazy. I haven’t been able to find it online either…So a point in the right direction would be appreciated!

  11. Looks Awesome! Great job! We have been in our house for about 6 years and have redone everything but the bathrooms and kitchen. We know they will be the most costly so when the budget allows we will start those. Our house was built in 1970 and the previous owners weren’t the best with upkeep and updating the house. We love a good challenge though. I really love the floor and the hardware. I am making note of the floor to put in my own kitchen. Love all the pics!!

  12. It looks great, Traci! I just don’t see how you had time to fit that and the work you’ve done on your new place all in. Hopefully some day we’ll get our own kitchen redo completed. Or maybe you could come do it for me! : )

  13. You and Cy did a great job with the kitchen. I love the new flooring and the freshly painted cabinets. Bin pulls are my all time fave. Beadboard backsplash looks great. A much more clean look. I think a bamboo shade would bring a lot of texture and a nice complimentary warm color to the flooring and table. Although, the roman shade idea sounds nice too.

    Can’t wait to see the end result with the bathroom project. I can’t blame her for wanting to get rid of that blue commode and sink.

  14. Wow, it looks fabulous! How in the world are you all finding time to move, re-do your own place and work on other peoples places to boot?! LOL Seriously, it turned out amazing…I bet Mandy is thrilled!!

  15. Love the kitchen redo! I have that exact counter top in my new house and also have white cabinets. Am really loving the look of the dark hardware. Hmmmm I smell a small kitchen redo…;)

    It’s been awhile since I’ve commented but congrats on selling the house and moving into the new house!

    Also, I had tears in my eyes reading about your Dad remarrying. It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since reading of your Mom’s passing.

    Hope you have a great day!

  16. You & your hubby did such a great job. Truly amazing the difference it makes when you put a little elbow grease and time into a room!
    I had to LOL when I saw the bathroom. My parents just redid their ‘blue bathroom’ a year back. It had the blue toilet, tub and sink! Wow…
    Looking forward to the update pictures!!

  17. You and your man are an incredible team! What a fantastic make-over. Well done!!! It looks so amazing. Your friend must be beaming.

  18. Looks great! I do think there is one thing missing though and that is one of your fabulous no-sew roman shades of Mandy’s sink. I made two of them off your tutorial and I love them. I know this would add a great hint of color to the space.

  19. You did great! I think you should MAKE a roman shade. The only other blog I read (besides yours) is Centsational Girl and she has a tutorial on making a roman shade and it e-a-s-y as pie! Or at least easy for Kate. I have roman shades in my kitchen now and I love them, but did not know how to make them, but before, I just made a swag out of a piece of fabric I bought a couple of yards long. I then stitched it inside out and made diagonal hems on either side. Easy and fairly inexpensive. If you have a Hancock Fabrics out by you (it’s a chain), they have a dollar sale every so often where they put VERY EXPENSIVE (like $30-50 per yard expensive) fabrics on sale for a couple of bucks a yard. I scored some for my bathroom for $8.00 total that would have cost $200+. No way! Good luck!!!! Great so far!!!

  20. Oh my – I hope you hurry on this remodel. My bathroom layout is exactly like that and its on my list to do. I think seeing your will be my final motivator to get ours done! Can’t wait to see it!

  21. The kitchen turned out beautifully !!!!! Your friends must be THRILLED !! I love the floor … countertop … new hardware … everthing !!! I love your vision. xo Becca

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