Front Porch Ideas and More!

I just have to share with you a great little site.

Front Porch Ideas and More!

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I found their site when they emailed me to ask me if they could feature the drop cloth curtains I made for my back patio.

Of course, I said yes.

Handmade outdoor curtain panels

They did a wonderful write up/tutorial about this process.

They also asked me if they could feature how we stained our back patio to look like tile (my all time favorite project!)

staining concrete floors

Mary and her husband are so sweet.  And I think they have done a wonderful job collecting ideas of how to decorate porches.


front porch designs - beautiful American flag

I have enjoyed browsing around their site for inspiration, and I thought you might too.



Small Porch Design


So click on their header at the top of the page and head on over there to say “hi!”.

Tomorrow I will be sharing our friend’s kitchen makeover that we finished.  See  you then!



  1. I still feel pride every time I see your back porch floor! :)

    I love the Front Porch Ideas and More site. Would you believe that they did a write-up of my front porch a couple of years ago? I was such a rookie blogger then, it never occurred to me that I should mention their site on my blog and provide a link to the write-up. I thanked them for including me, of course, but I thought I would be “showing off” if I told anyone they’d included me on their site. Can you imagine? I was so ignorant.

    Hope you’re doing well! Love you!

  2. I’m in love with the back patio! What kind of budget would we need for the construction (minus the furniture and decor)?

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