Refreshing My Outdoor Furniture!

Just wanted to show you something I did that didn’t take much time or money.

My outdoor furniture was looking kind of rough…

(See the ugly brick I want to paint?)  :)

So I got out my handy dandy can of spray paint and freshened her up!

See the difference a little paint and a few minutes can make?  The newly painted chair is on the left…

Then I decided to paint my black iron table and chairs.

I have had this table set for about 9 years!  It was a hunter green when I bought it for $25.00 at a yard sale.  I spray painted it black.

(Picture of my table a few years ago on the patio of our previous home.)

Every couple of years, it gets a fresh coat of paint.  The chairs were scratched up from the move and the paint was dull from weathering.

The satin black spray paint made it look like new!

(Freshly painted chair on left)…

Doesn’t she look all shiny and pretty!

It only cost me a few bucks and about 10 minutes of my time to have brand new looking outdoor furniture!

Have you spray painted your outdoor furniture yet this year?

Send me some links!  I would love to see them.


  1. Lovely and fresh once again! I love that style of table and what a deal. Thanks for the inspiration ’cause I’m keeping my eye out for a similar set now. I like the brick, it seems to have character, but maybe it is just the one picture or a small area making it look better??

  2. I just did mine a few weeks ago for the first time! My hubby thought I was crazy and was somehow going to ruin the furniture but I figured I couldn’t make it look worse! It turned out great, I did our fire pit too (and I may or may not have spray painted my children’s plastic patio furniture as well….) Why is spray painting so addictive?

  3. I spray paint a lot of things around my home..It’s the BEST..Love your furniture..Have a great weekend..

  4. Hi Traci!
    I have been waiting for summer to spray paint a few things. The hubs made me some adirondack chairs many years ago and painted them green. I have since changed my color pallate and I would love to paint them white. However, I am thinking I would have to do an awful lot of sanding if I want to paint them. So, still on the fence with that one.

    I have a piece that I want to place put on my buffet after I spray paint it. I will be posting about that next week. Stop by if you have a chance.

  5. Just did my table yesterday and did it in the satin black too! Still have to do the wicker chairs though!

  6. I recently did the same think to the security screen door. ( we are in a rental) It is hideous, but at least now its a little less hideous! 7:^)

  7. Spray paint is a miracle worker! I haven’t needed to paint anything this year but last year I revived some plastic chairs with a few coats of spray paint. They still look great and it’s nice to know that when they start to look shabby I can easily repaint them.

  8. Very nice. I have a flower box that could use a repainting. Just haven’t done it yet!

    Traci, yesterday I posted on Craigslist some carriers that my puppy had outgrown. While there I looked on the free section and there were some beautiful things. Of course, they were in need of some work, but I would have never seen their beauty had I not been a faithful follower of your blog and saw their “potential.” I told my husband about it and even put in for a loveseat. He’s very excited about the possibilities. So…you’ve opened my eyes to repurposing and renovating. Yay!

  9. No I haven’t. I should do that next week. But I won’t. I’m going to Boston instead!
    I’ll do it week after…
    Yours looks great, by the way!

  10. I have needed to spray paint my porch set for while. It probably hasn’t been painted in over 20 years (the set was my mom’s before it was mine). I’d say it’s time for a spray paint-a-thon!

  11. I so…so…so….LOVE me some spray paint too!!

    Question for you friend. Well…first some news..we are having a WEDDING in Sept.! Woo..Hoo..

    My question is…I remember seeing a post a while back where you shared directions to making the moss covered letters for Courtneys wedding or shower. I’ve looked forever tonight on my blog and cannot seem to find it.

    Would you mind emailing me the link.

    So glad you are lovin’ your new home.

  12. Okay, I see the brick. You got me. I love the look of the painted houses, we just do not have any here in the suburbs of Chicago so I couldn’t see how it would look. Must be a Southern thing!!! You only took 30 minutes to spray paint? I am on my first spray painting project. I am painting my light fixtures in my bathroom. I am on DAY TWO of spray painting. I am scared that the paint will run. And there are lots of curly things to paint around (like your chairs and table). I am painting with wide light strokes and then let it dry for awhile. Then repeat. And then it sticks to the newspaper. Sand off newspaper. And repeat. And then repeat the former. I will post a picture on my blog that I never blog to after I am done. My question: How do you get this done in 30 minutes? Maybe you just have a whole lot more experience than me. How do you not stick to newspaper? Keep up the good work!

  13. Oh I love me some spray paint! I actually just recently painted some adirondack chairs but used a can of solid stain and a brush. I wanted to show you as the colour is Cloud White which is the most awesome creamy white and thought it could be one to check out if you go with the off white on the house. My pics suck but you should check the colour out at Benjamin Moore.

    Here’s the link

  14. It does!, I just painted mine yesterday and the result is great, which made my mother think that I just bought a new furniture which is so fulfilling for me because it sounds like I did it well.

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