More Painted Brick Homes…{And my favorite!}

Okay.  I am obsessed with painted brick homes.

They are just so stinkin’ beautiful to me!

My hubby was working on Mandy’s bathroom remodel  last night, and the boys and I went with him.  While he was slaving away in the bathroom, we took a joy ride to that beautiful area of Lexington (or “where the rich people live” as my boys say) to go on a scavenger hunt for more painted brick homes.

It is a very wealthy, established part of Lexington.  Former UK head coach, Tubby Smith, lived in this area.  Honestly, there are more painted brick homes than non-painted brick homes around there!  Sometimes there would be a whole street of painted brick homes.

I was in heaven!

Look at some of these beauties…

This home was a gray color.


Front close up

Side of house…

(the landscaping was amazing!!)




Here are some more gorgeous bone color homes (which seemed to be the favorite color in this area).




I love the two pictures of the home below because it is something we could totally do to our house.

We are thinking of adding a second story someday with dormer windows, and eventually a two car garage to the side.

I am also wanting to extend the front porch someday.

Can you picture it?

I didn’t like this paint color at all.  Just had to throw it in the mix.

(Please forgive me if this is your house.  If you like this color, that is all that matters.  I’m sure you are a lovely person, despite the color of your house.)

I had to drive by the home below twice to get a picture of it.  The first time some people were standing outside the home, and I thought I would totally freak them out if I started taking pictures of them.

I was right, wasn’t I.

This was one of my favorite homes.  It was breathtaking!

white brick house

The landscaping was amazing, and the paint was the perfect “bone” color.

white brick house

Here is the garage that went with the home above.  It sat to the left of the house.

A beautiful home painted in a taupe color…

At this point, I had all the windows rolled down in our car, and my boys were hanging out the windows like a bunch of hooligans.

They were yelling at all the walkers and runners going by.  You could totally tell we were not from those parts.  :)

This house was a show stopper to me.  My boys asked, “Mom, will we ever live in a house this big?”

To which I replied, “Um…no.”

But it doesn’t hurt to dream…

Here is another darker color brick…look at that lawn!


You wanna see my favorite house?

You wanna see the house that made me say, “Oh my heavens!”

You wanna see what color I think I might paint my house?

(After I knock on the door and ask the owner what color the brick is painted?)


I love this house!

Okay…so it is like 300 times bigger than mine will ever be, but would you look at it?!

I love the color!

If you could see it in person…it is not stark white, but it isn’t bone white either.

It’s just right.

I love the brown wood door.

I am hoping to get an antique wood door for our front porch.  And we will be needing a new roof soon, so maybe we could do the same gray shingles.

Isn’t it lovely?

When we first started thinking about painting our house, we were leaning toward a taupe/gray color.

Sort of like this one…

And I still love this color.  And I’m not gonna say that we won’t paint our home this color.

Many of you said on yesterday’s post that you liked the gray or taupe color homes the best.  It made me second guess my choice of off white.

But I really love the off white brick.  And I think it will stand out beautifully  on our property.

If I do not do the off white, I think I will go with this “bone” color (my second favorite color)…

white brick house

I just love painted brick.

It’s classic and old south to me.

I’m not sure about the shutters yet.

Dark brown?


Dark Gray?

We’ll see…

Funny thing is, my sweet Aunt Pat (my mom’s sister) left this comment on my “painted brick” blog post yesterday…

I love all these beautiful houses!

I just wanted to tell you and I’m sure you probably already know

that Wanda always loved and wanted a white (or off white) house with black shutters.

I’m just sayin… Whatever you pick, I know it will be stunning!
Love you!

No, Aunt Pat, I didn’t know that about my mom!  It made my heart skip a beat.  Now I know where I get it.  :)

Thank you for telling me.

That makes my love of white brick homes even more special.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I am 100% for sure gonna paint my house an off white.

I do have to get a confident thumbs up from my better half.

So, we’ll see…

Thanks for all the comments you left yesterday.  It was so much fun to read each one.

So what do you think?

Do you think my home will be pretty painted off white?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

I love you guys.

If you want to see more beautiful painted brick homes, click HERE.



  1. I could just stalk homes like that all day. We take a trip to North Ala. every fall (supposedly to see the fall colors) but it’s really so I can see all the charming homes in those small towns! Even hubby enjoys it and ohhs and ahhs (just not as loud as me) and he’s used to me saying “STOP here” or “slow down” so I can take a picture.

    Years ago in another house I lived in I actually took paint chips up to a house in the pouring rain to match it…the owner came out and probably felt sorry for me or thought I was nuts and graciously told me the color of his brick…it was Ochre….I’ll never forget that.

    Then when we painted the brick in this house I did the same thing, stopped and asked the owner. DOn’t be afraid to do that, painting brick is not something you want to have to re-do.


    1. Judy thank you for sharing!i have been contemplating painting our orange brick house. I love all your pictures such inspiration! I live in Virginia Beach Va and there are not many painted brick houses and the ones painted look horrible.i think I and my husband will paint it. I’ve requested some quotes all over $5,000 I have a 3,000 sa ft. Ranch.
      Thank you for sharing! God Bless

  2. I absolutely think it would be LOVELY painted either of those colors. I’m getting ready to do the very same thing, and it’s a biggie. Like I said, once it’s done, it’s done. But being a Suthun girl, born and bred, I, too, think the painted brick just fits right in with my roots. Our home would be the only one on our street that is painted. We would stick out like a sore thumb. I. DO. NOT. CARE. This is what I want, and I think it will be lovely. I think it will TOTALLY make your home look different! Go for it, GF, and I love the fact that you and your mom were on the same wave-length. How cool is that??? Hugs..

  3. Hey girl! I LOVE that section of Lexington! I think I’ve driven around there with my aunt and uncle. My aunt’s old boss lived (probably still lives) there. He was from a great old Lexington family.

    I just love the fact that your mom wanted a painted brick house, too! Wasn’t it wonderful of your Aunt Pat to tell you that? It’s as if you now have your mom’s seal of approval. I’m thinking Cy will give it the thumbs up!

  4. I have never been to the South but I’m beginning to think we are really lacking on beautiful old homes here in UT. :) WOW to all of those homes, I would love to live in any one of them!

    I think your home will look crisp, clean, classic, and beautiful painted white with black trim. I can’t wait to see!!!

  5. Gosh, too bad we don’t live closer…I’m in Texas, because I LOVE to drive around the old university neighborhoods! I think that you are making the right choice in the lighter home. My home is stucco and is gray (I wanted a very light color, but my husband wanted the darker color and since he usually lets me do ‘whatever’ I want with the decorating I let him pick). Next time I pick thought! :-) If I ever have a brick home I will either paint it or whitewash it. My son always ask me the same questions your boys are about big huge homes. He wants a two story home as bad as I. Good luck and happy painting!

  6. absolutely love all the houses you’ve put up yesterday and today. just lovely. lovely comment from your aunt also – those comments mean the world.
    i think any of those colours would look lovely on your home. you have such a wonderful decorating eye – it’s bound to be amazing.
    cheryl xox.

  7. I love the painted brick. These homes are gorgeous. Your favorite is stunning. I love it, too. I think your home will look wonderful painted.


  8. all so very stunning! Difficult to say.
    I just know whatever you go with will be awesome!!!
    The mansion you really really like is beee u tee fullllll.
    Enjoyed the tour,

  9. I love the off-white one you found! Shutters, roof, those doors! I remember my mom driving through neighbors and actually walking up to a persons house and asking about the paint colors. As a teenager, I was mortified! :-) But, the colors looked great on our house, too!

  10. i really couldn’t picture painted brick…at least not like these beautiful homes! wow…wow…wow. is all i can say. i guess the only painted brick i have seen are ones with peeling paint…that look like someone took a paint brush to brick..and the colors were usually bright and not cool for a house color.
    can’t wait to see what you decide…the fun begins! ;)

  11. our house is painted brick and i love it! it’s a light yellow–very french chateau looking. i love it! and, our fireplace surround is in the original brick of the house (not painted), so we can always remember what it used to look like! :)

  12. I say label a die (dice?) and let your boys roll and see which one of these house colors comes up! They are all GORGEOUS – you can’t go wrong! And when it’s time to repaint in a few years go with another color on the dice! Thanks for sharing – these homes and their landscaping are dreamy!

  13. This reminds me so much of things we used to do when our girls were little! I don’t think we ever were in this part of town though! They are all beautiful! I also like the one that is not really white, but not really off white either. It is just a very, should I say, “rich”, color? I do think any of these light colors will look good, especially against all the wonderful green that you have around you.

  14. I should pay more attention…I hadn’t realized you were in Kentucky!!
    I am more a Louisvill girl, then a Lexington one, myself! LOL

    As for the painted brick, Unless the brick were already painted there is no way my husband would do let me paint it. He just wouldn’t, but if it WAS already painted…hmmm..that white sure was pretty!
    On a smaller cottage-y house I might try a yellow with green shutters….too loud do you think?

  15. I like the gray. Not that I must be bitter or spiteful that the house I fell in love with in our neighborhood is gray and the new owners were filling out the paperwork to buy when while my husband and I were touring it or anything like that :)

    My house is taupe with hunter green shutters. I think it’s one of the prettiest color combos in my neighborhood. If you can’t get a visual, there’s a photo of it in my blog header.

  16. So sweet that your mom wanted a white house with black shutters….that made me tear up….you must be a cookie cutter of your momma. :)
    I do love that white house, but I don’t recall ever seeing it…you must have been going down all those lovely side streets too! :) I LOVE that part of town, it makes my heart go pitter patter…. I LOVE getting ideas from those grand homes!
    Have a blessed day my sweet friend!

  17. Ok, fingers are crossed! I LOVED the white!!! I’m glad Aunt Pat gave included a little more incentive. Ha!

    As I said on the last post, whatever you choose, it will be lovely! You have such a great eye for these things. And I can’t believe you are making me a “believer” of painted brick. Those homes are gorgeous!

    This is so much fun. Thanks for including us in the process. :)

  18. Ah, Lakewood and Chevy Chase. There’s so much charm and character in all of those homes. I’d gladly take any one of them. You and I clearly have similar tastes because I would have picked the same houses for inspiration. I found myself pointing out houses that to myself that you posted yesterday as I drove in to work today! I drive right down Tates Creek Road and I noticed several of the ones from yesterday. Good luck, they’re all beautiful colors. I know with your incredible style, you will select the perfect color!

  19. Yes yes yes YES! Go for it! It perfectly reflects your style of being traditional yet modern and classic. I can absolutely envision your new home in a bone/ivory/white color. It would really pop from its beautiful lush green surroundings. Go for it!

  20. I love the off-white color! There is one painted that color in my little town and every time we drive by, I have to comment on how much I love it.
    We also have a darling one nearby painted in the dove gray color with a lime green door. It’s gorgeous too.

  21. Off White! THUMBS UP! But I am sure that whatever you and hubby agree on, it will be just gorgeous!.

    I loved the comment about your boys hanging out of your vehicle’s windows – LOLOLOL!

  22. So pretty! I think your house will look so updated when you paint the brick. I would have a hard time taking that plunge but once you do it it will be beautiful! My house is all white and I’m currently trying to find a color for my shutters and door so these were some great inspiration pictures:) Thanks!

  23. I LOVE painted brick and think yours would be beautiful any color you choose! I, like so many in the previous post, love the gray, but I think that almost white would be beautiful! I can’t wait to see what y’all do with it!

  24. I have only been to KY once, to visit my husband’s cousins. The house that is your favorite, that made you say, “Oh, my heavens…” Is that by chance in Murray, KY (or near it)? It looks just like my husband’s cousin’s house. It backs up to a golf course.
    Love your blog. Your new house is going to be absolutely beautiful when you paint it!

  25. Traci, we may have the same (ugly) brick that you have! Here’s my problem. My hubby, Wild Bill, says you have to repaint every 4-5 years which will get expensive! Is he right??

  26. I love going beautiful house hunting. Thanks for the photo’s on your blog…I get to “stalk” in a whole different country. For what my humble opinion is worth, I love all the greys, but my choice would be the white/off white. Imagine how it would make your new home stand out among those beautiful trees that surround it. You have spurred me on and yesterday I showed my lovely husband your first “painted brick” post and we spent the next little while standing outside choosing paint colours. I can’t wait to show him these new beauties. Good luck. Whatever you guys choose will look great. You always seem to get it right.

  27. Awww….these homes are so beautiful! Who doesn’t love painted brick? It’s so classic. Keep the inspiration coming. I love looking at the mature landscapes with pachsandra groundcover. Good luck making your paint decision.

  28. I live in a brick house and have always wanted to paint it…I think the lighter color helps in keeping the house cooler on the inside… our house does not cool down in the evening until the brick releases the heat it collects during the day timeAnd it is funny the one color you do not care for, is 1 that I do like…as far as the white you might be looking for could be a eggshell white or even a white called Magnolia…which is what my inside of the house is painted…My parents when they came to visit said we needed a new paint job, and they insisted on a white, we choose the Magnolia…

  29. oh my lanta. Those are all so gorgeous! I’m totally drooling over the landscaping, too. Our house is not brick, but it has a dark charcoal roof, and I was thinking of painting it a darker taupe, but now leaning towards your “bone” color!

  30. I saw the comment from your Aunt Pat and thought how special it is to be able to discover something new about your mom even now. The Lord is always thinking of you and sneaking in those little blessings that He knows you will treasure! Thanks for all the beautiful morning eye-candy. You can have some candy before breakfast!

  31. Traci,
    Very rarely can I get Tony to sit down to read a blog post, but I am happy to say he loved your post! These home are beautiful and love the painted bricks! What we loved most was the landscaping…especially the garage with the shade landscaping! Thank you for some wonderful inspirational pictures!
    P.S.(love your aunts comment!)

  32. Traci,
    I came across your blog quite a while ago and LOVE to see all the beautiful things you do! You are amazing! Painting would be great and I am sure whatever you pick will turn out beautiful. However, did you ever think about getting the brick re-pointed? It would not cover up the natural beauty of the brick, but would give it a clean and new appearance. Again, whatever you do will turn out just GREAT! I can already tell by all the great things you do!

  33. Love this post! I do the same thing…on runs or walks…checking out the inspiration in my own neighborhood. Painting the house is a big item on the to-do list…though we do not have a brick home, looking at how others change things that most people do not do {like painting brick} is so inspiring and a reminder that with a little paint and leg work our homes can look any way we want them to!

  34. Love painted brick homes!
    And, I love the Lexington area.

    My husband and I lived in Wilmore about 11 years ago….we lived there for almost 4 years while my husband got his MDIV degree from Asbury Seminary….always loved date nights in Lexington.

  35. I LOVE the house that is your favorite!! Did you find out the paint color used for the brick and trim? We live in TN and I would love to use those colors too!! I hope you knocked on the door and found out the colors. Please let me know and thanks for all of the amazing pictures of painted brick homes. I have been driving around looking at homes as well. There are so many pretty options out there.

    1. janie did you ever find out from tracie the color bone and the trimming i want to paint my house those colors…sherwin williams paint cant seem to match it up from the pictures thank if you can help text me 256 642 9648 i am getting my house painted monday :( would rather not have to find another caller. thank you

  36. Thanks for the pics. We are looking at home to purchase right now in Texas, that has a hideous brick color. We will most likely go the white body, black trim route. I did notice that not a single one of your pictures have black trim, they all have white. Please post pics if you stumble upon one like that :)

  37. I would love to send you a picture of a house here that is such a pretty shade of off-white. They did the shutters a light green (sounds strange, looks beautiful). It has a beautiful dark brown wood door. The house itself is located in such an odd location that I’ve never been able to get a picture of it. It’s in the middle of a fork and there is nowhere to stop. We close on an odd-colored brick house in November. I have been searching every crevice of the internet to look at painted brick pictures. I love the tan, taupe, and white shades. Haven’t gotten into the gray much, but my friend painted her house gray and it looks really good. Hers is lighter than the examples you have. I do love how the white trim pops off of the gray. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  38. LOVE all these painted brick homes! We are remodeling a 1974 ranch style brick and I love the pix with the “perfect bone color”. Our house has about the same color roof, and am planning to do the trip in black satin, and white columns. Is there any way I could find out the name of that “perfect bone” color?
    I am new to Pinterest, and am really enjoying all your posts.

  39. Traci,

    I love your pictures of painted brick homes. My husband and I just bought a brink home in Acworth, GA and I want to paint it white or bone. I hope your pictures can help me convince him! I love your Holy Moly, Batman House, too!

    Thanks, Laura

  40. Dear T raci, How did your brick house painting turn out? Do you have any photos? My husband and I are planning on painting our blond brick 50’s ranch. We’re in the long process of choosing a color.
    Your mother was beautiful – I’m so sorry that you lost her at such at young age.

    Kindest Regards,

  41. Thank you for posting the GREAT photos!–I immediately had a feeling that the photos were from my “neck of the woods”–I’m from northern KY and living in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but still have that old “Lexington” feel for homes in my heart! (As a sidenote, my daughter’s name is “Alexis”, named in large part for my old Kentucky home and “Lex”ington! Anyhow, my home’s brick is painted cream and am thinking of going with black shutters and either a brown stained wood door or a painted black one. After looking at your photos, I feel more confident with going ahead with these plans now! My husband just hasn’t been able to understand how this will look, now I can show him pictures and also help him understand my inspiration! So, thank you!

  42. We Did It! After pouring over pictures, looking at this blog and driving around for hours we painted our brick facade with siding house! From the moment the painters started painting…we started gettting comments from the neighbors. I never knew so many people knoticed things like house changes! Grown men, women, and kids have been gushing over how great it looks! Thank you for being part of our inspiration for pulling the trigger on the paint sparyer!!

    1. michelle did you paint your house the bone color if you did please tell me the color i am plannming tohave my house painted on monday and i cannot seem to match that bone color and trim paint….please i only have one day left thank you and you can tex me at 256 642 9648 thank you

      1. Hey Robin!
        It’s Traci!
        I heard via a little birdie (a 12 1/2 year old little boy birdie to be exact) that you are driving him crazy with trying to find this paint color. :)
        I am going to do my best tomorrow after church to find this house and see if I can find out what color it is for you.
        I will email you tomorrow night and let you know if I was able to find the “bone” paint color.
        I hope I can so that little boy birdie can play his Xbox more before school starts. :)

  43. Hi Traci,
    Just stumbled across your blog as I was looking for “white painted house” colors. Our house is painted brick and needs to be repainted. It is currently more creamy than white. I am perplexed as to how to find the right color (if I find the color I like in a picture, how do I know the actual name of the color??)!! Our painter just gave me a paint deck and I can’t imagine choosing the right color from those little samples!! Did you ever get the actual paint colors of the first house up top that was your favorite?? I too want white, but not too white! Also shutters painted and a new roof:(. You didn’t mention roof colors. I am thinking more slate gray than black. Again, how do you choose??? Thanks for your sweet blog- I have enjoyed what I have read so far about both your faith and creativity:)!!

  44. Did you find out the color of your second favorite? The bone color…. We are moving into a wonderful home that needs painted and i love that color!!!! Please please please let me know if you did. Many thanks!

  45. Thank you so much for the post. I bought a ranch recently, in a neighborhood which is mostly teardown/rebuilds. Mine is one of three originals. The brick is not in great shape and the siding is original (68). I want to paint it so badly or white wash it. The houses on either side are ‘white washed’ with sage green trim. I love them but want mine a little different. I have columns, and I’m being told columns must be white. I don’t agree. I think I’m going to go for it and do the ‘bone’ color or something close to it. It’s scary, but what the hey? Thank you so much for posting the pics.

  46. Great place to search for painted homes! We lived in that area of Lexington for a few years. The views never got old driving around the neighborhood. We had to leave for my husbands job:((( It’s gorgeous; not just the homes, but the people as well. Miss our days in Lexington and hope to be back someday.

  47. Traci – One of these homes is mine! What a small world! I live in Lakewood, I’ll message you my address and stop by anytime!

  48. I just came across your website and i’m looking at painting my brick house too! I love the color of the house you fell in love with! I wonder what color you would call that?. I have an ugly red/orange and black brick house that needs a total re-do! Love this post!!

  49. your favorite house is PERFECT!!!!! i’d love to know what color it is!! i’m also dying to paint my brick!

    1. I wasn’t able to find out the color of my favorite house, but I ultimately painted “white dove” by Benjamin Moore on my house and it’s perfect!

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