{darlene} from Fieldstone Hill “dittos” my favorite kitchen inspiration

I am so excited to have Darlene here today!






I love this girl!

We met last year at Relevant, and we became instant friends.







While in my hotel room at Relevant, I checked out my new friend’s blog, Fieldstone Hill, and I fell in love.  And I knew that moment that Darlene had amazing talent.


Guess who agrees with me?…

Yup.  Edie from Life In  Grace!

Darlene is designing some rooms for Edie in her new home.  Just look at this design board that Darlene made for Edie’s Lake Room…
















Amazing, Darlene!

You should see the other rooms she is designing for Edie!

But the best thing about Darlene is her heart of gold.  She loves life, and you don’t have to be around her for long to notice it.  I get to see her again at Relevant this year in October, and I cannot wait!

So take a second real quick to jump over to Fieldstone Hill and “follow” Darlene.  Believe me, you will be glad you did.  She has some great eye candy on her blog! (And I am not just saying that.  I mean it.)  Then come back and read Darlene’s “ditto” of my favorite kitchen inspiration!

Thank you, Darlene, for sharing your talents with my readers today. :)

Without further ado…here’s Darlene!


Y’all {I just had to say that on Traci’s blog}. Before I dive in, I must share that I had the privilege of meeting Traci last October at the Relevant 2010 blogging conference. From the moment I met Traci, I noticed that Light just shines from her eyes. Her genuine, loving spirit and warm nature is immediately evident. I am so glad to call her friend.

Thank you, Traci, for being such a dear. And thank you so much for having me over to your home here at Beneath My Heart.
My name is {darlene} and I blog over at Fieldstone Hill, where I get to gush on and on about my passion for interior design. It is also the hub of my business, Fieldstone Hill Design, where I offer eDesign services.  I have only been blogging my dream since last October, but I feel blessed to be doing EXACTLY what I love to do. I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to encourage YOU to follow what YOU love… it really can happen if you are willing to work hard and take a leap.
One of the features at Fieldstone Hill is my collection of “ditto” posts. In these posts, I select a space that I believe to be a gorgeous example of fine interior design, and I “ditto” it; I break it down, element by element, sharing what I would, and you could, copy {or ditto!} from that space.
I thought it would be fun for me to ditto one of Traci’s favorite spaces! So she sent me this pristine and peaceful kitchen from Weddington Design. Here we go!

ditto :: {what I {and Traci} would steal from this space}:

1. white, white, everywhere. Layering white upon white gives this space a clean, crisp, and pure feel, as well as washing the room with a peaceful feeling. This space features white counters, countertops, appliances, mantle, walls, floor, and ceiling!
2. a stunning, family, farm table. I am a huge fan of farm tables; and large 8-10 seaters at that. What better way for the family to come together than in the hub of the home, the kitchen? In fact, I would go so far as to say that I prefer my homes with a huge eat-in kitchen, and without a dining room. I think that comes from my love of Little House on the Prairie: Everyone. Together.
3. silhouette effects. The rich and deep, lustrous wood of the ladder-back chairs and the wide planked table stand in stark contrast to all of the white. It makes the table the centerpiece of the room.  And the black chandeliers are center-stage and dramatic as they are silhouetted amongst all the white.
4. carrara marble. Oh, how I love carrara marble! The beautiful, white, overall effect is softened ever-so-slightly by veins of pale gray. It is a fantastic design element to use ‘en masse.’ And this kitchen does just that. The floor is covered in rows of gorgeous, rectangle tiles. And, is it just me, but aren’t carrara marble countertops the most classic, enduring beauty for a kitchen?
5. bare windows. If you live in an area where you can get away with having bare windows in your kitchen, this is such simple way to add clean lines and a sunny disposition to your space. If you cannot keep your windows bare, and you need a touch of privacy, a good alternative for a simple, sunny space is to hang thin, white, 100% cotton curtains three quarters of the way up your window.
6. a fireplace in the kitchen. We may no longer use indoor fireplaces for cooking much these days, but a kitchen fireplace still has its place. For ambiance and a place to gather, nothing beats a fire. And if I had my druthers, I would have a wood burning fireplace in my kitchen… for the occasional indoors s’mores, of course.
7. a place to curl up with a book and your love.  What makes for a perfect eat-in kitchen? A perfect place to sit! Can’t you imagine after-dinner drinks by this fire place? Or sitting down with a cookbook in the afternoon? I always love when company sits near me and chats as I prepare food in the kitchen. But, my favorite thing to do would be sitting there in the evening with my honey. Adding a sitting area to the kitchen always ends up being a useful and favorite spot.
What would you ditto from this space? I would love to know.
Thanks again, Traci.  I have loved joining you here! Now when can we get together and have some Southern sweet tea?? You can sit in my kitchen, and I will sit in yours!
You’ve got it, Darlene!  Thanks, sweet girl!


  1. I’d seen Darlene mentioned at Edie’s blog, but I didn’t know she had a blog! She’s amazingly talented, and this “ditto” idea is great. I love your favorite kitchen, Traci. . . except that I imagine it’s actually not quite your favorite. I’m guessing your real favorite is wherever Cy and the boys are, even if it’s not quite this gorgeous.

    I was out of town last week and just recently caught up on some reading. Happy birthday to Jonathan! And what a darling video of Eli over at Layla’s. AND I see that you’re over 3000 followers–congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!

    Hope you have a great week!

    P.S. You link to Edie’s blog, but you have it listed here as “Imparting Grace.” I’m flattered that my blog name sprang so quickly to your mind–probably all that work you put into making my darling notebook! :) But you might want to change it to “Life in Grace.”

  2. Traci this is so fun, I came over from Darlene’s. It is so good to read your Ditto’s series. The kitchen is just perfect!


    Art by Karena

  3. Hi Traci! I found your blog through Darlene, and so glad I did! I’m your newest follower. I would ditto the wainscoting on the ceiling – love it. We are living in an old home that has wainscoting on the ceiling in every room, but in the kitchen and bedrooms they have (shudder) dropped ceilings. If we are fortunate at some point to buy the house, that will be the first thing we change. xoxo michele

  4. Traci, thanks for introducing Darlene; I love her ‘ditto’s’ : ) What I love about blogging is that there is always someone new and wonderful to ‘meet’!

  5. Love both of your blogs a lot! I like the ‘ditto’ idea, too! I have to confess it took me forever to find the pic of the kitchen, though. :( duh. What a great idea….a comfy chair in the kitchen or dining room! Must look into that.

  6. I love her ideas!! I have heard of her from Edie. She has such talent.

    This kitchen is gorgeous. Love the marble countertops and all the white.


  7. I’m sorry; I’m lost. Where is the picture of this kitchen you’re ditto-ing? I’ve clicked all the links and can’t find it. Thanks.

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