House by jsd {A Dreamy Little Shop!}

I found a new little honey spot in Lexington!

I was actually looking for “Cowgirl’s Attic”.  I heard it is a great place to get architectural salvage.

But when I saw this little shop right beside “Cowgirl’s Attic”, I could see glimpses of burlap through the windows, and I was sucked right in!















House is a delightful little shop that specializes in floral, interior, and event design.

I got to talk to one of the owners, Dwayne, the day I was there. He was the most delightful person.  I asked him if I could take some pictures of his store for my blog, and he didn’t mind a bit!

Did I mention I had all four boys in tow?

Let’s just say it was one of those, “Keep your hands in your pockets!” kind of days.  :)

Dwayne was super welcoming, and the boys loved hearing his stories.

It was funny to me how much my boys loved looking at the displays.  I kept hearing them say,  “Oh Mom, look…burlap!”

Or, “Oh Mom, you’re gonna love this!…”  {They are so precious!}

Of course, they were right!

Look at these beautiful displays!















There was so much eye candy in this store, I had to squint.















I was in burlap heaven!

my old kentucky home














Are you kiddin’ me?!  (Yes, I may have hyperventilated slightly.)

true love




















There were also a lot of amazing things done with book pages.

Look at this tree!…





















And the walls in this room were covered in book pages…
































See those books attached to the wall in the upper left hand side of the above picture?  Well, here is the rest of this fabulous book art…














Isn’t that cool?  The boys sure loved it! :)

Here are a few more things that caught my eye…

Galvanized goodness…















Lots of greenery and cool signs…





















Great glass jars…















More burlap beauties…





















Burlap lamps shades…oh me! oh my!…





















A charming basket light…















Urns, china, candles, books, wood crates, metal tables, burlap ottomans…need I say more?














The boys and I had a blast looking around HOUSE. 

However, we didn’t make it out of the store without breaking something.

Not kiddin’.

Guess who broke it?

Not the boys….


I dropped a delicious smelling candle that I was thinking of buying.

But Dwayne wouldn’t let me pay for it.  He said he would burn the broken candle at his home, and he told me to get another one…for FREE!

Yep.  He insisted I take the candle for free.  How sweet is that?!

It is the best smellin’ candle!

I have been enjoying it at home!  Thanks, Dwayne!














HOUSE has a facebook page if you would like to go check it out.  Just click HERE.

Be sure to tell them Traci from Beneath My Heart sent ya!

And if you are ever in Lexington, Kentucky, this is a shop you would definitely enjoy checking out.


Have a blessed day!



p.s. This is not a sponsored post.  I was not paid to write this review.  Unless you count the free candle I got when I broke one!  I just loved this store and wanted to share it with my readers. :)



  1. Looks like I could have spent hours in that shop!! Seriously, some gorgeous stuff!! Love those burlap drum shades….so pretty!! I also love that your boys are completely aware of your taste & your LOVE of burlap! That is so cute!! Thanks for sharing these pictures…if I am ever passing through Lexington, I will be sure to check it out!!

  2. Just being nosy, where are you located around Lexington? I live in the subdivision right across from Fayette Mall :) The one with the Scottish street names. :) Thank you for posting about House. It is TRULY one of the best places to go… :D

    Thanks! Shelle!

  3. I think I’m going to have to check this place out! Cowgirl’s Attic, too! That just sounds like it would be cool! I want to go to the Habitat Restore this weekend, so maybe I can it all. :-)

  4. Oh what a fun shop!. Looks like the kind of place you go to with girlfriends & spend hours..
    If I am ever nearby, I will certainly stop in. Sounds like the owner is one nice guy.
    Loving all of it. I checked FB… wondering if they have a website??
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I discovered their shop earlier this year and was instantly in love. I bought the True Love Est. pillow for a friend’s wedding gift! The only complaint I have is that I want to buy everything in the store! I actually get a little overwhelmed in the store because I love all the things but I have no idea how to incorporate them into my own home. I’ve been tempted to have Dwayne or one of the other guys come to my house but I haven’t coughed up the money yet (: Great post!

  6. We have never been to Lexington. We have been to Louisville though. Wonder how far that is from there??? Anyhow, thanks for the eye candy this morning. That store is full of inspiration. Loved the pillows, galvanized tubs and glassware …and oh my, sorry to hear that you broke something. I know I am always worried about going into stores with lots of glass. I never worry about my kids…I worry that I am going to knock something over.

  7. Wow! I didn’t know either of those stores existed. I must be living under a rock! Definitely going to go look at those this weekend! Rob will be especially excited about Cowgirl’s Attic by the sounds of things. Thanks for the heads up!!

  8. Thank You so much for sharing!!! Once we get moved I will DEF go and check these stores out, I’m so excited and can hardly wait!!!

    Have a GREAT day!

  9. Sounds great! I’ve been to Cowgirl’s Attic, but not House. I’ll have to check it out sometime. Love the pillow that says, “My Old Ky Home”. I’m also gonna have to check out all these bloggers who are in the Lexington area. Gail

  10. Ha, Ha,…So…Could I take a few pictures of your store and put them on my blog?? Duh, Ummm, Well, Ummm, I guess so lady…Nothing Like Free Advertising Huh???? So now every person who reads your blog will be dreaming of visiting Dwayne’s store. So tell me again…when is the bus leaving for our blog reader trip to Lexington, KY??? Pick me up in Nebraska, please! What a find that store was. Someone must have a degree in “Merchandising” . Gorgeous displays. I also love the books hanging from the walls and ceiling, would look great with a tin ceiling up there, too. So cute that even the boys enjoyed it. Great post and pictures, Traci, and thanks Dwayne for sharing your treasures. Linda S. in NE

  11. You had me at “burlap!”
    That burlap ottoman almost put me into a fit!
    Thanks for sharing – I have 4 kiddos too and enjoyed reading about someone else’s adventures!
    Kerry at

  12. Traci , My goodness the House is a wonderful delightful adventure. I would love to see Dwayne make some regular visits on your blog with some of his DIY projects. :-)

  13. OK, I have got to go to that store! I’ve never heard of that or Cowgirl’s Attic! Most of those types of stores are “known” around these parts but it is sure new to me! As I was looking at these pictures I kept thinking that I have got to grab my girlfriend and find this store just so we can look around the goodness! Thanks for highlighting it!

  14. Lexington is only 3 hours from Knoxville. Tell Dwayne I’ll be there soon. Thanks again for sharing!! Blessing to you and the family.

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