Pictures and Video of the New Addition to our Home

There has been a lot going on around here!

We now have a two story addition to our home!


Here is how it looks coming up the driveway…


Today, the roof is being dried in.

I cannot tell you how excited I am  about the space this addition is going to add to our home!

I put together a little video to give you a tour of the inside of the addition.

If you are reading my post through a reader, you will need to click on the title of this post to view the video.

My mind is racing with all the ideas of how to decorate these new spaces.  It’s going to be soooo much fun!

Tour of our New Addition from Beneath My Heart on Vimeo.


Have a blessed day!


  1. Traci, I loved touring your home addition….but the one thing that I loved most about this video was hearing your voice. Being a born and raised Kentucky girl myself, you sounded great. I am missing living back in the south.

    Anyway, your addition is going to be wonderful. Love the idea of having the brick exposed in the bathroom…that was my thoughts exactly. It will add such charm. It reminds me of a bedroom that I am in love with.

    Can’t wait to see the finished room/rooms.


  2. WOW, your addition is going to be so amazing! I cannot wait to see each phase as you make progress. I love the brick wall you’re going to keep in the bathroom, that will add a lot of character to your fabulous bathroom.

  3. Hahha!! Part 1 of 384!! Too cute! Traci, what a WONDERFUL addition to your home! Having the brick exposed in your bathroom is dreamy. I’d leave it unpainted until you get your chandy up…then you can change your mind & paint it. (That way you can see what it’d look like.) :-)

  4. Tracy, I can’t wait to see what all you do to turn this into your own creation. By the way, I can view your videos just fine in Google Reader.

  5. Oh, I love the videos … mostly ’cause I like to hear that sweet Southern accent, but this is going to be so fun to watch you transform this new place. I’m amazed at how much you’ve already got done!!

    Happy Weekend … don’t forget to add in some play with all that work :).

  6. We have a ranch that we added on to . We did similarly with the gabled roofs even though our addition was only one story, and then we gabled over the front door.
    I loved that you video said 1 of 384. Is that how many videos you think it is going to take before this is done? :) It took us FOREVER, but we had some real nightmares with the contractors.
    It was great to hear your voice again!
    Taking care of unfinished business

  7. I am thrilled for you, Traci! Your addition is going to look marvelous, I think. You’re so smart to paint the brick so that the addition will tie in well to original building. Mimicking the gabled roofline in other places will definitely help it all blend together. This is so exciting! :)

  8. I am so excited for you!!!! I cannot wait to go thru this process with you!!!! Much luck and cannot wait til you start decorating!!! :o)….love a gable roof…I think that’s what my house is lacking to look grand..!

  9. Traci – GREAT PROGRESS!! Thanks for the tour and I can’t wait to see how everything goes. BTW – LOVE the brick wall in your bedroom/bath!

  10. Girl! It’s going to be amazing, and you are just cracking me up with your foot in the shot–haha! You didn’t ask, but I am ALL OVER exposed brick indoors, so if you can make that work with the doorway, you should totally go for it. So excited for you guys! Will all the boys be upstairs? Or just two of them moving up there?

  11. OKAY…I didn’t want to sound weird… but I too enjoyed hearing your voice…. I follow so many amazing blogs and there are so many beautiful ladies out there that just touch my heart … You are so real and while I already felt like I almost knew your Mom because of your way of telling stories about her…. and now actually hearing your voice describe your new home story is just sweet!!! This house (home) is going to be beautiful!!!! What an amazing Bedroom Retreat you are going to have!!!! I just love the serenity that seems to be there out on the grounds!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!! Terri and btw… loved the skirted table!!!! what a good idea!!!!!

  12. Traci!! This is going to look fabulous!! The addition is going to give you guys so much extra space!! I can’t wait to see what you do with these new spaces!! The bathroom with the clawfoot tub, chandy, & brick wall sounds AMAZING!!! And I think your right, once you get all 3 phases done & everything is painted the same color, its all going to tie everything together & it will look like that addition has been there the whole time!! BEAUTIFUL girl!! I’m so excited for you!

  13. Hi Tracie Sweetie…
    Congratulations sweetie. What a beautiful home you are going to have. Just beautiful and I just know the boys are going to be happy. Space for all, and vaulted ceilings, you won’t have to worry about them touching the ceilings will you?

    Your master bedroom is going to be gorgeous. I love the idea of the sitting room with your french doors. So pretty and a clawed foot tub. I would be in there all the time. The family would have to come visit me there, cuz that is where I would be if I had one. Oh how exciting.

    Can’t wait to see the gable s added. It will pull everything all together. What a wonderful plan you all have. You have it all figured out in your mind. I hope you will be in there by the holidays. What fun for you all. Thank you for sharing sweetie.

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    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  14. Love, love, love it!
    Just curious, if going thru the sliding glass door goes into the master bedhroom, where will the stairs for the upstairs rooms be? Just trying to wrap my mind around the plans. ;) I too love the idea of the exposed brick.
    This is sooooo exciting!

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