“The Stair Pitch Project”

Thanks to my husband, I am soooo happy to finally have stairs in our addition!!

I KNOW that I am so blessed to have married such an amazing handyman!

He  could really build this addition from the foundation to the roof, but since he has a full time job as a banker, that is NOT possible.  So has contracted out most of the work that has been completed so far on the exterior of the home, but will be completing the interior of the home by himself.

Every now and then, he calls for me to help him with something….

In the above picture, we were framing up the new wall that the stairs would be going up against.

Cy built these stairs this past Friday night.

He put some 2×4’s on the stringers as temporary treads.

To the left of the stairs, Cy studded up the entry to our new master bedroom (which I am soooooo excited about!)


Cy completed the stairs around 10:00 pm Friday night (while the boys and I ate popcorn and watched a movie.)

The boys were DYING to walk up the steps to see where their new rooms will be someday even though it was pitch black up there.

I video taped the moment and thought I would share it with you.

(I realize that I have been posting a lot of videos on my blog lately.  I am having fun shooting them, so I hope you enjoy watching them.  I think it will be neat for my boys to look back at these videos someday when they are all grown up.) :)

This video is “supposed” to be a spin on the movie, “The Blair Witch Project.”

The Stair Pitch Project from Beneath My Heart on Vimeo.


FYI:  All family members are alive and accounted for, including the dog. :)


  1. Hi I soooo know what you mean about how happy you were to get stairs I have been renovating for a couple of years now and every new item finished brings such joy, people who have not gone without these things just can’t imagine the pleasure from a working sink or a floor being laid lol : )

  2. Wow, your husband really is a smart handyman:) I do hope you left him a bit of popcorn you 5 were enjoying while he was working sooooo hard:)
    And I do love your videos Traci! Post even more of them! Your boys are great in this one, they looks so scaryyyyyyyy, looks like tehy really got that Blair Witch Project feel:)

  3. I just LOVE handy men…have one myself, the Lusty Woodsman. I think your stairs are just amazing (and your boys are absolutely…boys! :) My Little Man would get along great with them..haha!) and I look forward to seeing the finished room. We’ll share pictures! I have a kitchen gutting that will take place these next few days…and new cabinets to be installed. Shall we pow wow with our finished rooms soon? :) Cheers! (and good luck!)

  4. You know how one of the boys jumped out in front of the camera and you said they just gave one of your readers a heart attack? *raises hand* that would be me! I’m so jumpy….totally yelled when he jumped out hahaha!!

    But the stairs look AWESOME!! You are blessed to have a husband who is so handy! (and such cute kids too…they make me happy looking at these videos!) :)

  5. LOVE your videos! Your boys will enjoy seeing these for years to come. It’s coming along! Looking forward to more updates…and videos! ~Susan~

  6. I can’t believe how fast it all is seeming to go up. You two are amazing! I’m loving seeing it all slowly come together! Thanks for sharing

  7. I love keeping up with your progress and being inspired by your ideas. The videos you’re making will be treasured by your boys and then their children. What a legacy you’re establishing!

  8. Is it just me or is this project flying! It seems y’all come leaps and bounds every day! I’m loving seeing the progress. I couldn’t watch the video very well (dumb computer), but I got the impression that the boys are VERY excited about the new digs! : )

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