Family Fun at the Corn Maze


This past week was Fall Break for my boys.

We didn’t do a whole lot.  We did go see a couple of movies, and of course, started the kitchen renovation. Smile

On Friday, the boys and I went to a corn maze with Papa and Janet, my sister, Cyndi, and my nephews, Drew and Ryan.

Here is a picture of all the boys together…

corn maze 019

Luke, Drew, Ryan, Eli, Adam, and Jonathan



Jonathan and Luke raced rubber duckies with water pumps…

corn maze 022


Drew and Adam were racing each other too…

corn maze 023


My sweet Jonathan is a great big brother!  He was helping Eli with the water pump.

corn maze 026



There was a HUGE slide that the boys loved going down.

Here’s Eli…

corn maze 033


corn maze 040

And Adam…

corn maze 039


And my sister, “Aunt CeCe” even loved it!  (I was a little scared she was going to bite the dust, but she came flying out and was able to stay on her feet.  Pretty impressive for an old lady.) Smile

corn maze 028


My very favorite part was this HUGE bouncy thingy!  It was so cool to see my kids bouncing with the beautiful landscape behind them.

corn maze 041

Cyndi had to get in the action.  I was laughing my head off at her.

She coaxed me into joining her, and I will have to say that I felt like I was 12 again!

I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t hardly stand it!

corn maze 043

Cyndi and I held hands as we jumped up and down, literally peeing our pants.  Cyndi said we should have worn Depends.  My mind was flooded with all the laughter (and tears) we have shared together over the years.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY SISTER?!!!  Seriously, I couldn’t do life without her.

Of course, I had to show her my skills!

corn maze 048

Not bad for an almost 41 year old lady, right?!  My toes actually made it up to my hands, but Jonathan never could get a perfect shot of it.  I think I yelled something like, “I FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN!”  while I was doing these jumps.




I don’t know what I yelled, but I know how much fun I had.  My dad sat on a bench and watched his two daughters act like nuts on that bouncy thingy.  We were the only adults on the whole thing…hmmm….

I think my dad enjoyed watching us more than we enjoyed doing it.

Then the boys raced each other on the bikes.

(That’s my Eli and Adam “schooling” my brother’s son, Ryan.  Sorry, Blake.) Smile


corn maze 053



corn maze 055

There is a gigantic corn maze that we went through.

It is the first time Dad has ever gone through a corn maze.

He and Janet were such great sports.

They followed those boys through the whole thing.

corn maze 057


And it is NOT easy keeping up with these boys!

corn maze 060


Cyndi was breathing pretty hard through the maze.  She’s not as young as she used to be.  And would you look at her feet!  Who wears cute little flats to a corn maze?

corn maze 066

My sister, that’s who!  I am pleased to announce that she did not get a hair out of place that whole day.

We celebrated as each person came out of the maze!

corn maze 067

corn maze 071



Eli and Adam….


corn maze 075


Ryan and Luke…

corn maze 077


Me and Cyndi…

corn maze 074


Then we headed back to Papa and Janet’s to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

corn maze 079


Life doesn’t get any better than this!

corn maze 082


What is it about the smell of hot dogs roasting on a beautiful fall day?

I sat back and watched my boys having so much fun.  I counted my blessings…

corn maze 084

My cup runneth over!


My brother, “Uncle Blake” took all the boys on a quick ride before we had to leave.

corn maze 087


It was so much fun!

corn maze 092


And I love fall memories.

Have you been making yours?

Thank you for letting me share mine.  Smile


  1. What a GREAT post, Traci!! I loved the pictures and loved hearing about you and your sister jumping on that bouncy thing — sure made me smile real big!!! So glad you had a fantastic day with your family!

  2. Oh, gosh, I nearly cried reading this post! This looks like an absolutely PERFECT day–makes me wish I could do this with my guys! I miss stuff like this about having younger kids. Maybe I should just declare that I’m going to a corn maze and see if any big guys want to go with me! Or maybe I could Will’s girlfriend to tell him that they should go to a corn maze. . . but I’m thinking they might not want me along. Sigh.

    You and Cyndi both look awesome! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Love you guys!

  3. Such a heartwarming post. It is way too easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget about the little moments. And after reading this post, I decided tomorrow we are going to go the local corn maze too :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great family day! We have a similar maze and jumpy thing about 5 min. from our house & we couldn’t get out of the maze last year! It was fun though :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Traci, this is the most fun, amazing post that I’ve read in a while. I love you and Cyndi so very much. Y’all make me think of my sister’s and my relationship…so precious! What a fun day y’all had! The pic of you and Cyndi jumping had me totally cracking up…and I can hear you laughing in my head. LOL! Can’t wait to squeeze both your necks! XOXO

  6. We haven’t made it to the corn maze yet, but now I am really wanting ot hurry and go. I enjoyed your post and I agree that you have many blessings.

  7. I’m so glad you guys admitted to peeing yourselves when you bounced, because that’s what happens when I bounce on a bouncy cushion! Now, please tell me that you used to be a gymnast or a cheerleader – I will feel so much better if you do! Great post!

  8. Looks like you all had a great time! Last Monday my family and I went to a pumpkin patch and apple picking grove. We had lots of fun. I think your never to old to jump on a big balloon. Have a great week!

  9. Sweet Autumn Blessings to you!
    Your day with family looked fantastic. I’m sure the boys made alot of fun memories!
    You did fantastic as a almost 41 year old. I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day if I jumped like that!!! Consider yourself fit.

    God bless and may we keep making happy memories,

  10. I seriously loved every minute of this post. OHHHHH, how I WISH I had been jumping up and down on that big ol thing with you! RIGHT up my ally! The depends comment just about killed me.

    CAN’T wait to see you and Do Life BIG with you girls again!!

  11. Traci

    I just loved the pics and reading about your family. Those sweet boys are all so precious. Oh that Eli! You were rocking it on the bouncy jump girl! I will check back in a day or so and see if you have called that physical therapist yet!!! LOL! Have a super weekend.


    Marilyn C.

  12. Traci I am SO impressed that you can do that on the trampoline!!!!!! Wow!! What a fun day for your family! We went to a corn maze last year – my oldest was grouchy about going and then despite himself ended up having a blast….I love days like that!

  13. Traci,
    Wow! That toe touch was incredible, I don’t care who you are!!!! Also, you and Cyndi are just too funny! Glad to see you and the whole family smiling and having a wonderful time! Love you!

  14. Looks like you all had a fabulously fantastic day :) All faces so happy and smiley… just great:) Lovely post, Traci, thanks for sharing your joy:)

  15. Oh my, I got to get me to a pumpkin patch with my kids. The picture of you jumping is awesome and you should frame it! I almost forgot that we have the same birthday although I was born exactly ten years to the day earlier in 1960!!!! Scorpios rock!!!

  16. I was DYING when I saw you mid air in a PERFECT split!! I was impressed by your craftiness,but I am now DOUBLY impressed with your agility…ha ha I kept looking to see if somehow you doctored that pic up, but I’m sure you didn’t ;) You are a SUPER Star :) What a FUN day & how BLESSED you are to have such an amazing family!

  17. This post just made me smile from ear to ear! What a great family you have! You can just see the love in everyone’s eyes. Great post!

  18. So much fun! Would you mind telling me which farm you were at? It didn’t look like Boyd’s or Evan’s. I’m on the hunt for good priced apples by the bushel to make apple sauce and all of the more commercialized orchards are pretty pricey so I was hoping that a less commercialized farm may have better prices. And also, I love going to the less commercialized orchards for fun days like that!

  19. This post made me laugh out loud! You and Cyndi were cracking me up! And quit picking on your sister so much! :D And those boys…so handsome! Love Eli’s pose in the pic of all the boys together in the maze!

  20. I know I live close to you. Can you share the name of this place? I’d love to take my littles there, and the only one I know of is Hubers? This looks different than what I remember though, so I thought I’d ask! Thanks, traci!

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