Our DIY Life in a Nutshell!

Okay, I had to share these two pictures with you.

They sum up our life!

I made roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and rolls for dinner the other night.

You would think that would look amazing.

But here is what it looks like at our house…

kitchen 020


And here is Eli and Adam eating at the island while daddy tears down the pantry.

The look on Adam’s face says it all!

kitchen 016


Aaaaaahhhhhh…..good times, good times!


  1. Agreed with what Sarah said! My husband would be willing too and helping too, but he’s more the “one project at a time” kind of guy. :) You have a DIY champ over there! :)

  2. I agree! You are very lucky to have a handy hubby! And it’s nice to know that other people’s kitchens suffer from projects too!

  3. Love your site and dinner looks delicious by the way:)

    What are your plans for the pantry?

    Blessings to you today.


  4. I’m with Christina, props to you for cooking dinner! I think we would have had to order pizza!! LOL! Love the wood in the sink beside your lovely meal though…too funny! I wanted to check with you & make sure you got my email about your post for my series. Will be up on my site tomorrow! :)

  5. Awesome. When I was a kid, we remodeled the kitchen. We lived off a single hot plate and a microwave for 6 months. It definitely sparked my mother’s creativity when cooking!

  6. Well, your kitchen looks better than mine! My basement got flooded from Tropical storm Lee. So, we had to put our 600 SQ basement worth of stuff into the 1st floor. I have stuff everywhere on my first floor including in my kitchen. My husband is attemping to put porclean tiles on the basement floor (me thinks that he lost his loving mind).. I am painting my oldest son room, he is getting a new loft bed soon. All of his stuff is cramped into our very small hallway upstairs. Thus, we are doing two DIY projects at the same time. My husband HATES anything related with DIY with flaming passion. I, on the other hand, LOVE doing DIY. You are beyound lucky to have a husband who loves doing DIY and is good at it. Your kitchen will be all clean before you know it! :)

  7. This brings back memories of when we did the remodel in my previous home. I’m sure this will also be my future when we get located in our new home. Oh joy!

  8. Way to go Traci! It does not matter what’s going on around us (the guys) have to be fed. I lived in the house with three. :)) But, I noticed one thing – your personality shining through all the construction & chaos — the live greenery in the vase & the candle lit on “the table”. :)) Just can’t keep from adding those special touches, even in the midst of it all. Hoping the remodeling will continue to go smoothly & on schedule.

  9. What I love is that your island is just that- a little oasis in the chaos complete with a cutely (is that a word?!) decorated tray!!!

  10. These pictures make me smile! My husband and I are also renovating our kitchen right now, so it’s nice to know organized chaos can be found in other homes as well. :) It’s crazy how an entire home can turn into a disaster zone when just one room is being remodeled. I know it’ll all be worth it in the end though. Love the idea of expanding your pantry!

  11. oh…such memories! Only 2 weeks ago I was in the same boat and washing dishes in the utility sink. Kudos on making dinner. Oh..I have an Oct. DIY for you…if I can figure out how to post it. Love you roombutt.

  12. You somehow make that all work! The dinner looks great, and you are making progress…and do we have the same kitchen? I made Thanksgiving dinner last year with crockpots and electric skillets:)…imagine what we can do with working kitchens! The culinary sky is the limit. I can’t wait to see the progress. Best wishes and thank you for the pinterest invite. So Fun!

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