Video of our “New” 1920’s Claw Foot Tub {Plus, Jeanne Oliver Designs Giveaway Winner!}

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Mine was full of errands and baseball games. :)  What did you do?


Today, I wanted to share with you a video I took of our “new” claw foot tub.

My son, Jonathan, is the videographer.

We are so excited about this tub!  Claw foot tubs can be very expensive, but we got ours for a great price.

Click on the video to view it.  (You may need to click on the post title and view it on my blog if you are reading this in a reader.)


I am very excited to see this bathroom come together!  It’s going to be a lot of work, but I think it will be beautiful when we are finished.


Now it is time to announce the winner of the Grey Ruffle Messenger Bag by Jeanne Oliver Designs!

WoW!  Y’all loved this giveaway!  There were over 500 comments!

And the lucky winner is….

heidi s. (murrgirl3)


Yay! Heidi! 

I know you are going to LOVE your new bag!  I LOVE my new camera bag from Jeanne Oliver Designs!

And guess what?   Jeanne’s summer line is on sale while supplies last, and her new winter line will arrive in November!  Be sure to check it out!

You can follow her on her blog for all the latest updates!

Thank you, Jeanne, for such a wonderful giveaway!


  1. Hey Traci! I looked at that exact tub on craigslist the other day and drooled!! lol :) I’ve been wanting a clawfoot tub FOREVER, but TJ says we have a perfectly good jetted garden tub, so why would we tear it out? Umm…you know why, cause the clawfoot is pretty! :) He was also concerned about the weight of the cast iron in our master’s on the 2nd floor. Oh well! I’m so glad you got the tub…I feel better knowing that if I can’t have it, you get to! :) Can’t wait to see it in all fixed up!
    I think I would do the feet in whatever metal I was doing in the bathroom…like oil rubbed bronze if you’re doing those fixtures. Let’s face it…no matter what color you do the feet in, they’re gonna be gorgeous cause they are clawfeet! :)

  2. LOVE the tub! Maybe I should also tell you that I have one that could be it’s twin sitting in my garage waiting for some love before I put it in my soon-to-be basement bathroom. Ours came out of my father-in-law’s house and is probably about the same age as yours. We also have the original faucet but I’m changing mine to one that still looks vintage (kind of like an old telephone) but is more functional for us. The outside bottom of ours has been painted many, many times so I’ll be giving it a coat of black before it makes it’s trip downstairs. The inside of ours is in great shape so fortunately no re-glazing necessary. I’m going to spray paint the feet chrome to match the faucet. (much better than the 70’s yellow that’s on it now). Good luck with yours, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Love the video! We have a clawfoot tub in our master bath (and a buffet and chandelier…funny) and love it! I had the problem of the pipes on the outside being a different finish than the fawcet, so I glued a burlap sash around the pipes and bunched them down (like they do on light chains). It looks nice and when/if it gets yucky (which it doesn’t really) it would easy enough to replace. Can’t wait to see your bathroom coming together! Lisa~

  4. Love the idea but I have not ever figured out why have a tub by a window is it going to stay there? So many new homes have beautiful tubs next to a window facing the neighbors back yards etc and I am just not understanding the calm private moments a warm bath suggests when one has a window near by.
    What am I missing? We had a claw foot tub when we were first married and I loved it and I really loved the cast iron with porcelain coating so easy to clean. Can’t wait to see your finished room.

  5. Those old tubs are soooooo comfortable. They just seem to fit the curvature of your back perfectly. I love having it by the window also. I live in the middle of 20 acres so there are no neighborhood eyes to avoid and relaxing in the tub while enjoying nature is the ultimate mini-vacation….esp. when the children are young. It’s a special time in the busy day when Mom gets to pray and collect her thoughts without interruptions.

  6. ooh traci…love the tub! we recently finished the renovation of our bathroom which included using a claw tub we bought off craigslist. i have yet to blog about it (coming soon) but here is a link to the before pic on a past post.
    we didn’t do anything to the interior of our tub as we used an old sink and didnt want to have two different patina’s to the porcelain enamel and we painted the exterior to match the vanity. my hubs removed the claw feet and sand blasted them. he then pasted waxed them and they are so BE-a-U-ti-ful. we preferred the raw metal, which is a deep color since we went a bit industrial in our decor.

    also, if you need a source for the plumbing, we used signature they were the best priced and the qualtiy is very good. we went with a new faucet (gooseneck)& plumbing as i felt the same as you with the metals matching. the only thing i regret is that our faucet “neck” & diameter is much smaller than i expected & we couldn’t get the handles that i preferred (they were out of stock) as time was a factor in getting it installed. i still love it overall, nothing i can’t live with!

    look forward to the finished room…how exciting!

  7. Love the tub! And moving the shower under the staircase will be neat…having a sloped ceiling will look awesome. If you use the “current” bathroom for your toilet area, will you be able to move some walls to decrease the toilet area and use the remaining space for something else? Let your creative mind go wild! Jonathan did a great job as a cameraman! Oh, and for the fixtures, perhaps oil rubbed bronze? You could easily do that to the claw feet and then purchase fixtures to match. It would look awesome with the brick wall colors and the buffet. Good luck!! Keep the updates coming. :) Susan

  8. Hi Traci…I loved watching your video. You have a cute accent. It is fun to get to redo things, and I love your tub. My daughter lives in an old house and she has an old tub like that. I can’t wait to see the end result when your bathroom is done. I am sure it will be beautiful!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. Love that tub! Current codes here for remodels wouldn’t let me put one in … :(

    It made me LOL & have replay the video at the beginning twice. Your accent made me heard “greenson” when you said grandson.

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