Bathroom Windows…To Cover or Not To Cover?

In yesterday’s post, I showed a video of our “new” claw foot tub.

Our claw foot tub is going to sit directly in front of our window, and I love it there!


I received a comment on that post that made me smile…and think.

Here it is:

Love the idea but I have not ever figured out why have a tub by a window is it going to stay there? So many new homes have beautiful tubs next to a window facing the neighbors back yards etc and I am just not understanding the calm private moments a warm bath suggests when one has a window near by.
What am I missing?

Good Question, Sharon!

I love when my readers get me to thinkin’!

I haven’t really thought about creating privacy by covering the window in our bathroom because of the size of our lot.  We have 5 1/2 acres, and about 3 of those acres are in our front yard.  So this is what you see out our bathroom window…


And this…

Not a neighbor in sight!

So I am not really worried too much about privacy, but I still would like the option of creating some privacy, especially at night.

I searched around last night trying to find some pictures of different ways to create bathroom privacy, mainly for a bath tub in front of a window!  :)

The three ways I like best  to cover a window is with plantation shutters, fabric, or stained glass.

I love the charm of stained glass windows in the bathroom.  They add beauty and privacy at the same time.  In the first picture below, you can see straight into the neighbor’s upstairs window.  In the second picture, after the stain glass was added, there is now complete privacy.


Salt Lake City Stained Glass Windows


design, decor…

One of my favorite looks for a window is the plantation shutters.  It definitely goes with the farmhouse look that I am after.

My Home Ideas

A Country Farmhouse

The picture below uses a curtain and wood shutters.Lady-Daylight

I’m not crazy about the valance below, but I love the bottom curtain rod with the lightweight cream fabric.  It is important to use lightweight fabric because of all the moisture that can be found in a bathroom.

The windows below are gorgeous, but definitely do not provide privacy.  With blinds and curtains, I think that solves the problem, don’t you?


DIY Network

I am really loving the look of drapes in a bathroom.  It really adds a lot of elegance! Do you think drapes would look good in my bathroom?

a life’s design

This is a beautiful look as well!  I like how they added artwork to the window for privacy.  That’s a thought!

 southern living

So there is some inspiration!  Which type of window covering do you like best?

Which do you think would look best in my master bath?

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  1. Wow…I think each and every one of these bathrooms are beautiful! I am so sure that yours will be too!!!
    Our bathtub is by a window that is frosted, so it lets in nice light but you cannot see in or out.
    I love your tub. I wish we had put one of those in our new house instead jetted tub.

  2. If you want to enjoy the view (since you don’t have to worry about neighbors), I think I would go with the plantation shutters. The stain glass would eliminate the view. The curtains were nice, but I think the shutters would give it that extra bit of character that you are working on creating (especially if you found some vintage looking ones!) :-)

  3. I love the very first pic with stain glass. So pretty! My tub is in a corner nook of my bathroom and only has a skylight, so no worries with privacy. Would love to do the beautiful frosting on a window somewhere in my house though. Maybe foyer windows??

  4. Beautiful bathrooms , I do so love a claw foot tub ! I like the shutter idea ,farm look , privacy when you want it , a view when you don’t need privacy .

  5. Beautiful pictures, Traci! I too have a large window in front of my soak-er tub and I like the light coming through the en suite into our bedroom. We don’t have any neighbors either to worry about :) But it can be psychological as you get into/out of the tub on a dark night with the lights on…”Who can see me?” Personally I like the stained glass/frosted glass…but I know whatever you do it will look amazing!!! I am enjoying your posts and watching the progress on your home.


  6. I like the stained glass look. No cleaning involved after you wash the windows. You’d have to do more work with shutters and drapes. Make it easy on yourself!

  7. I love them all. I have a claw foot tub in front of a bay window with plantation shutters. Love the look but you cannot open the shutter to clean the window or open the window since the tub sits higher than the window sill. Not smart! I love the stained glass on the bottom half of the window…the full stained glass would block out that beautiful view you have. Even with all the acreage around your home, if I lived there I would have to have something on the window for privacy.

  8. One thing I don’t understand about claw foot tubs is why they are often placed in such tight places. When we moved into our house, there was an old dilapidated tub in a small bathroom with wall on two sides and sink on one. Stuff (like rubber ducks, shampoo and toothpaste caps) were always rolling underneath and becoming a pain to retrieve. And it was hard to really clean well waaaay back there. We eventually took out the tub and put in a small shower. I love cf tubs, but would only install one in a spacious room and placed with at least three sides open.

  9. I love the idea of stained glass. We have a tub under a window and I went with frosted glass (temporary for now) because I couldn’t stand loosing the light.

  10. I like the second picture with the stained glass; it reminds me of my grandparents’ farm where my dad grew up. I believe he even has some of the stained glass windows from the house- I wish they’d use them! :)

  11. WOW – those are some gorgeous bathrooms! I too thought about the privacy issue, because we used to have a house that had a big window (the size of your bathroom window) right in the middle of the shower wall. Thankfully it had frosted glass and faced my driveway, so I had some privacy, but still – a window in the shower?

    I love the plantation shutters, I think they would fit right in with your style and with some of the antique – farmy pieces that you have, like your doors, etc. But I also love the look of a light curtain as well. They add a bit of elegance, and dare I say, romance. It’s going to be beautiful, no matter what you pick because you have such a beautiful decorating style!

    PS- If I had that view out my window, I don’t think I’d ever get out of the tub! :)

  12. We also have a bathtub right in front of our window and when we first moved in I didn’t want to cover it because I loved the natural light. Plus, we didn’t have neighbors next door so no problem, right? Well, a couple weeks after we moved in someone down the street mentioned to my husband that he could tell we moved in because he could see him shaving every morning. Even though I had been crawling around on the floor to get in and out of the tub, so as not to be immodest, we decided to buy a paper shade until we could decide what to do. I’ve now made a small valance to put at the top of the window (a fake roman shade) and will leave the paper shade there to pull down as needed. I like the idea of shutters or drapes for yours; you definitely don’t want to hide or cloud your gorgeous view with stained glass. Just an opinion :)

  13. If you are putting your tub in front of the window, I think you will want to be able to enjoy the view. The shutters would work with your style and let you have the option of seeing out or not. Stained glass would eliminate your choice. I vote for the shutters! :)

  14. I had the same issue only I have neighbors. My house came with a big picture window over the tub and no upgrades for frosted glass. My tub window faces the street that the mail box cluster is on. I added a window film from Lowe’s that let the light in and clouded the view. After we added a chandelier over the tub my neighbor informed me you could see a lot more at night. So we added shutters. I love it. Check it out.

    Good luck! I love the tub.

  15. I have been following your blog for a while. I have had an idea for my own bathroom you might like. My bathroom does look out over neighbors so privacy is an issue. I thought maybe if I used a stencil and either frosted glass paint or an etching cream to make a pattern on the window would be kinda cool. Maybe a quadafoil pattern or something else? Anyway, just an idea. Your bathroom will be beautiful.

  16. I think the photos that feature cafe curtains and shutters that cover the bottom portion of the windows work best. They may not be the elegant look you want, but they let in light and still offer privacy where you need it (until you stand up!). That’s the approach that would make ME relax without worrying about a peeping tom, five-plus acres or not.

    I found this such an interesting conversation I tweeted the link. Thanks.

  17. I like the idea of plantation shutters, but drapes are pretty, too. I’m thinking something that could be shut until you get in the tub, then opened easily when you’re there.

    And I LOVE those ornaments! I am trying to decide on some inexpensive ornaments for my altos, and this might just be the idea I was looking for!

  18. wow so glad you were challenged… :o) I personally love the frosted antique look or the stained glass look could not ever take a bath and relax with the darkness so close. The shutters looked awesome too. Will look forward to your before and after pictures. Blessings to you as you make all the final and important decisions for your home.

  19. I’d definitely use plantation shutters or curtains. You have such a great view that it’d be a shame to permanently shut it out with stained or frosted glass. It’s going to look beautiful no matter what you choose!

  20. I have a very nice valence with mini-blinds. I love to open all my windows when the weather permits and with no close neighbors only close the blinds at night. It’s heavenly to lie back in the tub and feel the breezes and look at the moon and stars while in a bubble bath.

  21. They’re all beautiful choices. Although in your case, since you don’t have any neighbors I would either go with the curtain or plantation blinds. That way you can open them and see your view clearly or close them for privacy.

  22. Personally, I love the look of the plantation shutters. And I love that tub! It reminds me of the one that my Mam (my great grandma) had when I was growing up.

  23. Plantation shutters sound really pretty! Ahhh.. windows in front Reminds me of this fancy waterfront hotel we splurged for our anniversary last year… yep complete with a massive in room jacuzzi in the corner and it was the corner room too… granted we were a few stories up- but it’s the waterfront and you COULD see in from the walking path… lol

  24. If I remember correctly harking back to a previous conversation where you said that your hubby really wanted wooden floors in the bathroom so my thoughts are wooden plantation shutters bring it all together. I have shutters in my bathroom and they’re wonderful in the fact that you can flood the bathroom with beautiful sunshine or for those times that you want candles and a relaxing atmosphere you can shut the world out tight. Can’t wait to see what you decide on…..B:)

  25. If you feel you need something, plantation shutters would be a great choice but only if you can fully open them. When we built our home in the country 5 years ago, I wanted my tub in front of the large window so I could relax, light some candles, turn out the lights and look at the stars. I feel so close to God and have some of my best conversations with Him while gazing at His handiwork. Its just like being outside (without the bugs!). You’ll love it!

  26. I don’t care for the drapes in the bathroom. I LOVED the stained glass choices and the plantation shutters. In my new master bath, we don’t have a neighbor in sight, as well, and I’ve been thinking about what to do with the window. Thanks for the ideas.

    I’m sure whatever you decide will be great, but I love giving my two cents worth. Love when you include us.

  27. Hi Traci,
    We met a few Saturdays ago at Panera. I love the claw foot tub. I love the stained glass and the shutters. As a sewer I would not use fabric panels in the bathroom. After a while I think you’d have a mildew problem from the moisture that is found in a bathroom. Just my opinion…

  28. I am so weary of searching for idea’s for a problem area…a bathroom window that overlooks a neighbors kitchen window and finding that everyone must live in remote area’s about ten miles to the nearest neighbor! Bathtubs with windows all around! Please!! I know it presents a lovely picture but let us get real! Most of us have neightbors and we are trying to have beauty without being in our neighbors view!!

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