Worms are still crawling out of the can! {Video Update on our Kitchen makeover}




Well, remember in my last kitchen post how I told you there was still ONE MORE THING I was going to tear down in my kitchen? (AKA: Busting Open A Can Of Worms?!)

I asked you if you could guess what it was.

corn maze 099

Some of you said the light in the middle of the room.  (And yes, we are going to do that, but that’s not it.)

Some of you said the island. (And yes, we are going to give the island a makeover with a new countertop and some corbels, but that was not it either.)

Some of you said put a new, bigger kitchen window over the sink.  (I would LOVE to do that, but we are unable to do that because where the window is located in the front of the house.)

And some of you said remove the pantry. 

cousin eddie Bingo

I have to get rid of that pantry or make it smaller.  It just takes up way too much visual space on the left side of the room.

Here is a little impromptu video of our plans for the pantry.  (And it’s a video that proves why my blog will never win the “best videographers” award.) Smile


(If you are reading this in a reader, you may need to click on the post title to view the video on my blog.)

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  1. Haha! Eli is absolutely adorable. I am glad you don’t make your videos so professional- it is so charming.

    Busting out the pantry and making it longer/shallower sounds like a great idea. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  2. I love the way you keep it real in your videos.

    All 3 of my boys like to play with sticks. They would rather have a stick any day over a toy. I always thought they were weird because of that lol. Maybe it’s just a Kentucky boy thing? :)

  3. That is going to look so good! I understand needing to keep your pantry! This coming from someone who doesn’t have one …not even a itty bitty one :( It’s all going to be gorgeous! Cute video :)

  4. Traci, when you said there was one more thing to get fid off i thought “please not the pantry, please not the pantry” hahaha. I would love to have a pantry but unfortunately my kitchen won’t take one… not always small is good, hahaha. But I do love your plan, it is going to look fab and I can’t wait to see your transformation. And then I am going to transform my kitchen (I hope it will not be like opening the can of warms, in fact I only have the cabinets to paint, but knowing my kitchen something else will come up…as usual)
    Lots of hugs:)

  5. Eli cracks me up! I heard him stick a little “bye Layla” in as he was walking out the door. That kid is adorable! I still want to come out and see the before house so that I can truly appreciate the after.

  6. Great idea! A shallow pantry is much easier to use as far less gets hidden. Your boys always bring a smile to my face. You are indeed blessed.

  7. Love it! I had thought the pantry, and when I saw how big the wall was… well, I was just waiting for you to say that you were going to make it 1/2 as deep but twice as wide! Hee hee! So cool! I have soffits in my kitchen too that are partially torn out and I am just ITCHING to get at the rest of it, but I have been vetoed until we finish some other things up. :-(

    Or maybe I just need to do it anyway. Mwah ha hah!

    Can’t wait to see the project progressing!


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