Simple and Inexpensive Christmas Decor {from Our Vintage Home Love}

I am so excited to have one of my favorite bloggers here today to help us continue thinking of ways to celebrate a Simple and Inexpensive Christmas!


I subscribe to Diana’s blog, Our Vintage Home Love, through my email, and I love reading each of her posts.  Her decor is simple and beautiful, so I knew she would be perfect for this series.

She is also very talented!  Be sure to read to the end of this post because I have something special I want to share with you!

Welcome, Diana!


Hi there!  Diana here from Our Vintage Home Love.  I am so honored to be guest posting here at Beneath My Heart today.  When Traci asked me, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  I love her and her blog and always leave it feeling inspired in my home and in my heart.

In our home we keep Christmas decorations simple and inexpensive.  I always try to use things from around the house or from nature.

For our Christmas tree this year, I used some of those left over coffee sacks that I bought back in early fall from our local farm supply store.  I simply cut them into 5 inch strips, attached them with pins and wrapped them around the tree.  Easy and didn’t cost a thing and I love the rustic feel it added to the tree.  The leftover coffee sacks were used for the tree skirt.  I used left over bread board scraps to make squares and stenciled JOY on them to use above the pocket door.

I also like to combine different sizes of round globe ornaments into groups on a string of hemp twine for the tree.  They seem to catch your eye a little more than a single globe.

This year I made our stockings from left over scraps of painters dropcloth canvas.  To give them a little texture, I wrapped the tops with red jute webbing that I always have laying around and just pinned it on the back.

Another tradition in our house is to go out into the woods and find our own greenery.  We clip some to bring back home and I like to add it to the fake stuff to make it look a little more full and a little more real.  This is especially fun to do on the front porch around the door.  The extra I use above doorways and on our ledge here since we don’t have a fireplace.

We have a large collection of vintage post cards, so I picked out my favorites and clipped them to a piece of hemp twine that I hung in the window using mini clothes pins.

And of course at night, we light lots of candles and put on Christmas music for a cozy atmosphere.

Those are just a few things we do around our home for Christmas that don’t cost much at all.  Pretty simple but that’s the way we like it.

Thank you again, Traci for inviting me to guest post!  I truly enjoyed it!  Have a great day everyone!



Thank you, Diana!  Your home looks beautiful, and I am extremely jealous since mine looks more like this…



Oh well, here is something that makes me smile…

I have been wanting to share Diana’s bread boards with you for a while.  This talented lady makes the most beautiful bread boards by hand and sells them in her Etsy shop.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

These would make GREAT Christmas gifts!  I personally would love the mini bread boards (hint to all my family and friends.)  Here is the link to make it even easier…click HERE!


Be sure to come back tomorrow for the Best DIY Projects of November linky party!

Have a blessed day!





  1. Wonderful easy projects! I love it all Diana :) I was thinking about sewing my own stockings this year, you encouraged me to really give it a try! Oh and the grouping round ornaments, what a great idea! Your home looks beautiful and very cheery!

  2. I LOVE the picture of your kitchen. It makes you REAL, down to earth and approachable. And, with time, the kitchen will evolve. I was a wreck when mine was redone. I wished I’d had been more relaxed about the whole thing. God gave me pneumonia to get me to rest and so I did.

  3. Hi Diana – I’ve never commented on your blog but wanted you to know I always love the posts of your home! Now that I’ve been introduced to Traci at Beneath My Heart, I’m looking forward to hers, also.

    I’m so glad you used the coffee bags for your garland around the tree. I have quite a few burlap bags from our local feed store and I’ve been wondering if I could cut them in strips and make me a garland! Genius! Now I know it’s doable! Thanks for the inspiration! Your home looks so comfy and gorgeous!

  4. Traci, thanks so much for sharing another great blog with us. I’m going to utilize many of her ideas, follow her blog, and order one or more of her breadboards. You’re terrific!

    Looks like your home improvement is moving right along. Remember that “order comes out of chaos”.

    Your email is the first one I read and it always brings a smile to my face and DIY ideas to my mind.

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