Sneak Peek of our Wood Ceiling {And a Christmas Guest post}

Happy Weekend!

Well, it seems y’all are no dummies!

In my last post, I think almost everyone guessed correctly about what project we were doing next in our kitchen.  (Hmmmm…maybe the quiz was too easy!)

Well, except for my brother who guessed a dog bed for Champ.  And my sister who said she had no  idea what I was doing next, maybe the island?

Sheesh!  Family!

Thankfully, the rest of you are with it.

We are doing WOOD CEILINGS!

I have to confess that it is my goal to put wood ceilings in every room of the house.  (Don’t tell my hubby yet.)  Smile

It is my desire for our home to feel like an old farm house.  One sure way to get that feeling is to have wood ceilings.

So what a better place to start than in our kitchen.

I am going to do a whole post about how we installed the wood, but for now, I thought I would give you a sneak peak.


kitchen 037


Our kitchen is a mess, but it is going to be sooooo worth it! 

“Bye, bye boring ceiling!  Hello, Character and Charm!”

kitchen 047

I am having a blast doing this.  I know.  I’m a sicko.

But there is something truly awesome about using power tools. 


kitchen 036



kitchen 038

I cannot wait until it’s all done.  It is going to look fabulous!

We are planning on painting it white which will help my kitchen look bigger and brighter.

I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Thanks for following along and for all your sweet comments about my “Honey, I just want to paint the cabinets white” Kitchen Renovation.


I also wanted to tell you that I was a guest poster at I {heart} NapTime today.


Jamielyn is have a Crazy Christmas Crafters series on her blog, and she has got a lot of great bloggers lined up. 


I shared how to make a Christmas ornament with upholstery tacks.

blessings plaque 014


Click HERE to check it out!


Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Traci, it looks totally AWESOME!! We are wanting to do the very same thing to our ceilings, too. It’s so funny how I start out doing one small thing and the entire house gets redone. We live in a house that is about the same age as yours and have done so much to change it. BUT, I’m never finished. LOL I know you can relate. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of wood are you using? tongue and groove? Thank you so much for sharing your “honey I just want to paint my cabinets” trip with us. Been there done that and will be going again there soon. LOL

  2. Oh I am so jealous Traci! Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I know if I ever decide to “just do my cabinets” it would end up like this so I am going to have to save some big bucks before I decide to do even my cabinets :)

  3. I’m in love! It’s going to be absolutely amazing!!! …and I know exactly what you mean about power tools. It’s such a good feeling to know that I CAN build something… all. by. my. self. :-)

  4. Traci…why paint them white??? Just put a little stain on it so you can tell they are actually wood. we have natural wood ceilings in our house and would never dream of painting them!!!! Think HARD on this one girl….Love ya, Linda

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I am interested to know though, why are you painting the wood panels after you put them up and not before?? I’m guessing there is a good reason, so I am curious to know :)

  6. Can’t wait to see the ceiling all finished!! I bet it will look great. Do you just nail it up or are you using screws too?

  7. This is going to look awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see it! I am laughing at you b/c yesterday, my dad showed me how to use the compressor & nail gun and left me to figure out my project alone! I was using all day yesterday nailing pine to my walls! ha !!!! It was fun….and I LOVE power tools….you are right!

  8. This is going to look so great. Love the bright white ceiling. I would go for the painted wood because it will really make the room look brighter. Could you let me know where did you get the wood and what type of wood planks are you using?

    Thanks, erin

  9. It’s going to look fabulous! Love your ambition … it’s very motivating! In fact, you inspired me to take down a cabinet in our kitchen and put up shelves that I made myself … I posted a pic on your FB page. Thanks for the inspiration! *Becca*

  10. I am LOVING the ceiling and kitchen. I too love using power tools. It is the best to know you can do it by yourself and have a wonderful outcome. I am so excitied for your new kitchen.. Heck, now “farm” house. Have a great time making it yours. :O)

  11. Love it….once you start, how do you know where to stop? If start in my kitchen, I will have to go into the hallway, then the living room etc. do you have a natural break between the rooms?

  12. Here I thought that you guys are still working on the add on?? :) I have been seriously thinking about doing planks in my kitchen celing, the problem is that it’s a connection to the family room, talk about a lot of work to do alone.. since my hubby hates DIY. I would love to know what kind of wood you used and how much did y’all ended up paying for them. Hopefully you won’t mind doing tutorials?? Hint, hint. Have fun, kids!

  13. Aw, this is going to be so beautiful!!! I am still scared of power tools, so the hubby is still the go-to guy for those projects. I am sure he would like to teach me, so his to-do list isn’t so long! We started with “Lets paint the cabinets expresso” and 6 months later, we are still trying to budget and get things finalized. haha. We are a lot slower than you though.

    And is that french door a part of the new pantry?? If so, I can’t wait for the post on it!

  14. Well I knew it!!! I actually really like textured walls, but I was not fond of your textured ceiling and you thought I was talking about the fan!!! This is beyond fabulous. I don’t know where you drum up your adrenaline. Really. Keep it coming; this is better than a reality show on television!

  15. I love your ceiling! We built our house 3 years ago and all of our ceilings, in each room, are different.
    We used tin ceiling tiles, wood, different techniques, and I even painted a quilt on the one in my craft room.
    It is a fun way to show your creative side.

  16. Hi Traci, Well, Well, and here I thought I was getting to know you a little bit!! When I found out for sure about your wood ceilings, I pictured your hubby dragging in a full set of scaffolding, setting it up in the kitchen, and then pictured HIM laying flat on his back, power nailing up every board. Well, Silly Me!! Today we get pictures of little ol’ Traci up on the ladder all by herself nailing away with her power nailer!! This just doesn’t strike me as a do-it-all-by-yourself project, so is there one of your “handy to have around” sons just out of the picture frame holding the other end of the board? You go girl, who needs scaffolding??!! Linda S. in NE

  17. I knew it was the ceilings!!! I just couldn’t tell you…not a tweeter! Thank you for letting me live through your projects! I hope you have have it done in time to have a WHITE ceiling CHRISTMAS!

  18. I love farm houses! What a great inspiration. Unfortunately I have cathedral ceilings so I’m not totally sure I can get away with wood ceilings.

  19. Traci, Traci, Traci, why on earth didn’t you prime and paint those boards before putting them up? You are going to KILL your neck painting those grooves!!!!! Take it from one who has installed a tin ceiling which had to be finished (poly) and WISHED I had applied at least one coat of the poly before the tin went up.

  20. So proud OF and FOR you for all your great home renovations!!! Wanted to let u know that the Wrought Iron Pumpkin giveaway you did some weeks back inspired me to make my own Iron Pumpkin and I made mine for $3! I would be honored if u dropped by and had a look at it:
    I tweeted u about it as well, but wasn’t sure how often u checked ur incoming tweets. Thanks for all u do to inspire our creative spirit!! Love Laurie from Scene of Sublime Blog

  21. My husband is going to regret me ever finding your blog!! I told him about wood ceilings and he snarled his lip and said “I didn’t like them when they were in old houses”. BUT…THEN, I showed him the pictures from your previous post and then your current one and he changed his tune. He even admitted they looked really really good. But he did want to know why you didn’t prime and paint them BEFORE nailing them up. He used to be a professional house painter and still does some on the side. I may get my wood ceilings after all AFTER I get my painted white cabinets. I’m sticking with my cabinets versus shelves, I’m not neat enough to have shelves. I need the storage! I’m enjoying watching you. I want to learn how to use my own power tools…I’m jealous.
    Gmama Jane

  22. YOU GO!

    What I’d like to know is, how do you know where to nail the boards? Can they be airnailed anywhere or do you have to find a stud or ??

    Sheesh. I feel like a slouch watching you. I want wood ceilings in my kitchen now!! :) I have them downstairs and LOVE them. But I will chime in and agree, they are a pain to paint after they’re already installed. The wood separates with time and it’s very difficult to paint inside those cracks for touchups later. :(


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