Our New Kitchen Sink and Countertop


I wanted to show you a couple of new things in our kitchen.

But first, I have to share this beautiful kitchen inspiration picture from Country Living.

country living


I love the warmth the wood adds to the kitchen.

So when trying to decide what type of countertop we wanted for our kitchen, we decided on butcher block.

Why?  Because it is beautiful and inexpensive.

I love granite, but we cannot afford a solid granite countertop.  We could have installed granite tiles like we did in our last kitchen, but that would still cost way more than butcher block.image_thumb[35]


So we decided on buying our butcher block countertop from IKEA.

It is the BEST deal around!  I drove up to IKEA this past Tuesday, and picked up their Numerar countertop. 



I purchased three 96 7/8” x 25 5/8” pieces of the oak.

I also purchased their farmhouse sink called Domsjo.


If you are looking for a BIG farmhouse sink for a low price, this one cannot be beat!

Believe me, I searched the internet for hours looking for the best deal, and this is it. 

Most farmhouse sinks sell for over $1,000, so I was thrilled when I found this one.

Unfortunately, when I got it home, it was too big for our cabinets.  We thought it would fit our sink because it is a standard size cabinet, but we were off by like an inch!  Sad smile

We would have had to re-do all of our lower cabinets, and that was not a option.

Sooooo, I drove BACK up to Ikea on Wednesday, with my little buddy Eli, and we returned the sink.  Luckily, the night before, I found a store on Amazon that had a sink I loved for $599.99 plus free shipping.

That was about the next best lowest price I could find for the look I was going after.  But since we had already taken our sink out of the kitchen, and we were needing to cut the butcher block to fit the sink, we were kind of “stuck” until we found a new sink.  We didn’t want to wait until one could be delivered, so I was so excited that the farmhouse sink I found was located in Erlanger, Ky.  It was just south of where IKEA is located.  So after returning the Domsjo to Ikea, we headed south on the way home and stopped at  Signature Hardware  and picked up this beauty!


farmhouse sink

BTW, the service there was amazing!!!

The width of the sink

fits perfectly in our cabinets, although we are going to have to make smaller doors beneath to accommodate the sink.  I may do a sink skirt instead.  We’ll see..

kitchen 033


Cy cut the butcher block for the countertops, and I love the way it looks.

We could sand and stain it, but I really like the color it already is.  We are probably just going to add wood oil to seal and deepen the wood color.

kitchen 036

These pictures are not the best because I took them at night with a flash.  I am hoping that we will have a sunny day soon, so you can see what it really looks like.

kitchen 009

Last night, Cy sanded the floors and put wood conditioner and the first coat of stain on them.

I am going to look at them today and see if I like that color or want to add one more coat of stain before we polyurethane it.

Right now, the boys and I are staying at my dad and Janet’s house for the weekend so we don’t mess up the floors.

I hope to give you another update on the floors very soon!



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  1. tracey,
    you will LOVE your ikea numerar countertop. we’ve had ours for 3 years with a natural tung oil and it has held up great. i too love the way it warms up the room. one of these days i’ll post on my kitchen. it was all i could do to get the bathroom reno on there!
    signature hardware is wonderful, i’m so jealous that your driving distance from it AND ikea!
    looking forward to seeing the progress of the kitchen,

  2. I love butcher block counters and with that sink it is going to look amazing. I’m sure it is not easy living in a construction zone, and relocating for the weekend, but I know that it will look fantastic as things start to come together.

  3. Funny, I just spent 800 on new counter tops from Lowes which is almost as much as your sink cost alone…. I guess to get the cool sink you have to pay out the nose huh?

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. Can’t wait to see how the butcher block turns out. I’ve thought about that for my kitchen, but for some reason it scares me! Wishing you the best of luck with it. I’ll be tuning in for updates.

  5. I love your blog and have really enjoyed seeing all of your projects and transformations. We have been remodeling a house for a year now and I have debated and debated with myself about butcher block countertops. How do you care for them and what do you have to do to them to make them food safe?
    I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!

  6. I had to do a little backtracking to find this post. I’m so curious to know how you ended up sealing your countertop, but I can’t find where you told about that!! I have the exact same butcherblock (oak from Ikea). I sealed mine with Waterlox with a bit of stain mixed in with the first coat. I’m thinking about refinishing them again, this time without the stain. I really like the natural color of yours.

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