The Story I Shared with Layla in Nashville


Last month, I had the honor of spending the day with one of my favorite people in the world!

This beautiful lady and I did a little Christmas shopping together.


And if that wasn’t enough of a treat, Layla and I got to spend 4 hours chatting it up at Starbucks with the fabulous Angie Smith!



I know!  Pinch me!!!!

It was such a special day, and I didn’t want it to end.

While at Starbucks, I shared a story with Layla and Angie about my oldest son, Jonathan.

It was the story that Layla was referring to in this post.

I shared with them the day that I found out how my oldest son, Jonathan, only 3 years old at the time, had moderate to severe hearing loss in both his ears.

I was pregnant with Luke at the time, and I had taken Jonathan to the doctor because he wasn’t hearing well.  I thought he might have fluid on his ears.  When the nurse told me that he didn’t have any fluid on his ears, I was confused and worried.  They took that sweet little 3 year old in a sound proof room and did more testing on his hearing.  The nurse informed me after the testing was complete that Jonathan had a hearing loss and would probably need to wear a “device.”  (aka: hearing aid)

My thoughts ran wild.

Would he lose all of his hearing someday?

Would he not be able to talk well?

Would he not be able to hear me say “I love you.”

My thoughts immediately went to the worse case scenario. It was a very emotional day.


I went home that night and wrote in a journal that I keep for Jonathan.  It is full of little notes that I write to him every once in a while.  (I have a journal for each of my boys.)

I’m sorry my handwriting is so sloppy and my spelling isn’t the best.  (I must have been in a hurry or really tired.)  But I don’t care.  I am so glad that I have this day documented in writing for Jonathan to see.  And for me to look back on and see how God’s hand has worked in Jonathan’s life over the past 10 years.


I wanted to share with you what I wrote that day.  I hope you are able to read it.

j 001

j2 001


j3 001

j4 001


God is so good!

Jonathan is still full of personality and a definite “people person.”

And he still loves to sing more than anything!

He was so excited when Layla asked him to sing on her blog today.

And it was so perfect for him to sing the song he sang.

If you missed Jonathan singing, click HERE to view it on Layla’s blog.


Jonathan has worn hearing aids for the past 10 years, and for the most part, he has not lost anymore of his hearing.

Singing is his passion!  We thank God everyday for the God-given gift of his voice!

I want to say a special thank you to Layla (and Kevin!). 

They have blessed our family in so many ways, and we are so

thankful to have them in our lives!



  1. Oh man, you have me in tears (thank you, pregnancy hormones :P) What a beautiful story, and what a beautiful boy you have there :) I hope he continues to “shine” through his teen years!

  2. What a great gift to him that journal will be- I have always found that my little ones sense and know when I am worried or sad and God sends me their smile to light the way:)

  3. Even though I’d already heard that story, I loved reading it again! I am so grateful for the gift of music that God has given Jonathan. Jonathan can hear the voice of Jesus perfectly! And oh, how the music plays in his mind and heart, and what joy to hear it when it spills out.

    The way you love your boys is one of my favorite things about you. God has blessed you richly, my friend. I am so proud of you for shining your light for His glory!

  4. Wow Tracy…Jonathan has an AMAZING voice and the fact that he’s using to glorify the Lord is awesome! You’re so right…God has BIG things planned for him. God bless you guys!

  5. Wow Tracy…Jonathan has an AMAZING voice and the fact that he’s using to glorify the Lord is awesome! You’re so right…God has BIG things planned for him. God bless you guys!

  6. Oh my, I have tears!! How amazing that you have this moment captured forever!! Over the last month or so I’ve been thinking of starting a journal for my baby — I definitely will now. Thanks for sharing a piece of yours with us!

  7. Traci, you always know how to make me cry (and I’m NOT a crier, so getting me to cry is no small feat!). This story really touched me. I wish I could have you in my life every day so I could feel your spirit all the time. You always move me.

    Your son is a crazy amazing singer! Holy cow. I never expected him to be that good. I mean, that is like, “try out of American Idol” good. Wow. He definitely has pure talent.

    I love you and your family and am so grateful to call you my friend.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  8. Traci!!!!!!

    Jonathan – definitely anointed! Little man can without a doubt SING some praises. I have been blessed tonight.. You know that verse you circled in the journal, you know that is my all time fav too!

    Marilyn C.

  9. I almost didn’t listen to it because I thought it would be just a kid singing.
    Woa… that is some crazy talent.
    The first thing I noticed about him, is the confidence in himself.
    What a priceless thing to have.

  10. You could never imagine how perfect the timing of this post is for me. I took one of my two year old twins to the ENT today because he has failed multiple hearing test since birth and his ear canals are finally big enough to where they can clean all the wax out. We then went to do a hearing screen thinking he would pass with flying colors after getting all the wax out , only to find out he failed the test again. We did find out that there is fluid in his ears now that they can see past the wax so we hope to clear that up with some antibiotics and go back in a month with a better result. After reading your story I know that there is still HOPE even if he doesn’t pass next time and that God will still use him in mighty ways. So thank you for writing this tonight.

    P.S. your son’s voice is AMAZING.

  11. WOW! I could listen to him sing all day! Amazing voice, such a talented young man! Such a blessing to hear a young person honor the name of Jesus with the gifts the Lord has given them!

    Beautiful story, thank you for sharing your personal journal with us.

  12. I love this! I read your sweet blog entry, and thought of my son, Ryan, who has speech difficulty, and it’s always scary to realize something may be wrong with your child. Thankfully, He (God) makes all things beautiful in His time! Your Jonathan has an amazing, clear, beautiful voice, and you can totally see his sweet spirit shining in that video! Kudos on a great son and being a wonderful Mom. Great blog!

  13. What a beautiful story and what an amazing voice your son has! Definitely a little star in the making! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Jenn :)

  14. WOW….AMAZING! No words can express the chills I got when listening to Jonathan. Absolutely a magical voice. I would listen to that for hours.

  15. What a wonderful boy with a beautiful voice! My heart was touched as I heard him sing. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Blessings to your family.

  16. I watched the clip of Jonathan on Layla’s blog. What a kid! He has the voice of an angel.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings to all of your family.

  17. Wow! I can’t get over his voice. It is so clear, confident and strong. He is a beautiful singer and I am sure you are one proud momma! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Your trust in God’s plan for your son and the rest of your family is such a beautiful example to everyone who reads this post! Wow! I cant wait to read what God has in plan for your “pride and joy” :) Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Traci, I read Layla’s post yesterday and listened to the video and didn’t realize this was your son!!I WHAAAATTTT! I commenteed to Layla what a special young boy and was thinking about that song and him throughout yesterday. Then I see your post this morning, and it’s your son! :) What a beautiful son and special gift he has. That song gave me chills! Tell him I said thank you so much for his gift b/c it has touched my heart :)

  20. What an amazing story. I saw Layla’s post yesterday and was moved. Such a beautiful voice….keep singing. Truly a gift!!

  21. Thank you for sharing your story of your son. My daughter (now 10) has a moderate hearing loss in both ears. She was born with the bones in her ears being too small and therefore sound cannot bounce off them as needed. We learned this through preschool hearing tests when she was three years old. Such a strong personality and talker that we NEVER SUSPECTED it. We thought she just talked loudly because being the baby of four children :) I am curious how you have handled some of the challenges with your son… daughter still is embarrassed by her hearing aid, just hates to be different. It breaks my heart. I KNOW GOD HAS BIG PLANS FOR HER :) Thanks, Traci!

  22. What a sweet boy and amazing voice! What a great sign that God has chosen to gift Jonathan with singing while his body struggles with hearng. He is so good.

  23. What a special guy!! His charisma shines right through the computer screen. You can see it in the way he sings and through his eyes. You all really must be doing something right with them! Don’t ever forget, I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old daughter that should definitely be a good match for one of your sweet boys one day!! :)

  24. Just beautiful! I am confident that God will use that voice.
    (& I remember the story of your Mom & the hearing aids…. )

    Thanks for sharing & singing, Jonathon
    . I will look to see you singing on a really big stage someday…. : )

  25. Do you mean to tell me that one of those boys crowded around a bench, eating breakfast, can sing like this? Please share more videos of him. What a blessing! God is going to use him in an awesome way. Keep serving Him, and encourage your boys to also. :)

  26. Traci, I love following you and your posts. I am inspired by your knack for decorating, your love of your family, and your heart for Jesus. But I am most excited and inspired by Jonathan and his AMAZING voice. Please share more of that with us. I can’t imagine who smile must be bigger when he sings; Jesus or your mother!

  27. Wow! the voice of an angel. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he used his “gift” to make cd’s of Christian music for others. I would buy it for myself and my grandson.

  28. Beautiful voice, beautiful gift! Your journal will be a treasure for him. Wow! How blessed he is to know how much he is loved. May God continue to bless that talent and keep that light shining. You are a wonderful mother, and I’m quite sure your own mother is nodding in agreement. :)

  29. Oh my goodness…. I cried when I read your note and I cried again when I heard Jonathan sing. It doesn’t get much better than a strong, handsome boy singing for Jesus. He has a beautiful voice. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  30. Several friends sent me this and I just wanted to thank you! My daughter turns 3 on Monday and last year we found out she has moderate hearing loss and she wears hearing aids. It’s been a little tough but like you – I think God gave her an amazing personality to deal with it. And she loves to sing and one of very fav songs has always been “This little light of mine”. Jonathan sounds just like Michael Buble! He has an amazing talent! God can use things like hearing loss for his glory and it’s something I have a feeling years from now – we wouldn’t want to trade! Thank you for sharing! It was SO encouraging to me!
    P.S. I know Angie and she is one of my favorites too!

  31. Traci~You made me cry AGAIN! I have four boys who I adore and I can’t imagine going through what you went through! God is so good isn’t He? By the way, I keep journals for all my boys and my fourth son has exactly the same journal as Jonathan’s. Does it say “You are the apple of His eye. Zechariah 2:8” on the front? I’m hoping that one day, they will read their journals and know exactly how I was feeling at a certain time in their life and know just how much I love them!

    God Bless ~ Linda

  32. Thank you for sharing your son’s beautiful voice on Layla’s blog. I replayed it over a few times. He reminds me of a young Michael Buble.

  33. Loved this post! God keeps His promises EVERY time – Jeremiah 29:11. You boy’s voice is rich, full and sweet. Starbucks must have been the cool place to hang out that day – you, Layla AND Angie! Wow!

  34. What a story, our Father is so incredible. I’d heard Jonathan sing on another video and knew he was so talented but had no idea of this incredible testimony.

    My children are grown and I already have eight grandchildren and two greats but I’m going to begin a journal for those little ones now.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  35. WOW! I am floored! I have had many years of voice training so I recognize talent when i hear it. This boy has got a great set of lungs on him! Seriously! He needs to make a CD or something! You are a great mom and have raised a great boy there! He isnt letting anything slow him down! :)

  36. Jonathan, that was amazing. What a beautiful God given talent. Thank you so much for blessing me with that sweet song!

  37. Three of my most favorite people I’ve never met all in one place! What an amazing visit that must have been for you all. I am so glad that I found your blog. You continue to bless and inspire me. Your son is precious and has the voice of an angel. Thank you for sharing that talent with us!!

  38. What a beautiful story of God’s grace. (Lump in my throat, trying not to cry since hubby is staring at me…). Thank you for sharing your son with us. :)

  39. Oh my word, Traci!! You must be so proud!! He has such a beautiful voice! He reminded me exactly of Michael Buble!! What a compliment! You are such a strong and amazing woman and so is Jonathan! xoxo

  40. I’m a pretty recent visitor to your blog and Layla’s blog. Don’t remember exactly how I got here, but what a gift you both have given. Jonathan’s light shines so purely and brightly. His voice has such a beautiful quality and the musicality of it is amazing. Thank you, Jonathan. And thank you, Layla and Traci, for sharing this little part of the story.

  41. Thank you for sharing such a personal and inspirational story! God has really touched your son with an amazing gift. What a special boy!

  42. Traci, your son is so blessed to have a mama who loves him, trusts Jesus and shares her heart and faith. In you, Jonathan, has an example of faith in action. It’s obvious, he has been encouraged to use his God-given talents. God chose David and a small stone. He (Jonathan) can do all that God has planned for him. I’ve only come to realize this is true for me as well. I’m over 40 with nearly a lifetime of hearing loss and at times it has been difficult to embrace the blessing of hearing aids. I’m encouraged by your young man. Thank you for sharing your journal entry. God bless you and your light-filled family!

  43. Don’t know what to say except that you are one blessed mama! :) He has a beautiful, amazing voice and you can see his heart fro God almost through his chest. :) Precious and reading this blessed me so……love. :)

  44. Traci,
    Thank you for sharing your story. You never know whose heart may be opened to God when they read this. I was slightly distracted by the verses as I read your entry. Those pages that hold your memory were telling you then of His promise to you for Jonathan. He works all things together for good. Beautiful story for a beautiful boy.

  45. What a beautful voice your son has. I was blown away by his singing. My daughter was found to have hearing loss too at the age of 2 1/2 . She is 28 now and has a child of her own. She has always worn hearing aids but got a cochlear implant about 8 years ago in one ear. She has profound loss in both ears but has always done well. She rec’d auditory verbal training when she was young. She sure can’t sing though ;)) I just don’t see how his voice could ever get any better than it already is. I just know you love hearing him sing!

  46. Thank you for sharing your story. Your son has such a beautiful voice. I was impressed with such a sense of God’s blessing upon this child. God Bless!

  47. WOW! His voice is beautiful… I hope someone puts this on Facebook or Tweeter with the story of his hearing problems. Maybe The Ellen’s Show will see it so she can air it so everyone can hear. God has truly blessed you and the world needs to hear him to show the world that God is in control. The video brought tears to my eyes as I listened. Thanks for sharing many more blessings.

  48. WOW! Thank you for sharing this story! It brought tears to my eyes. GOD is SO good! HIS hand is all over Jonathan! I pray for many continued blessings for your family!

  49. I am blown away. I was expecting a cute video of a young boy singing, but WOW! His voice is so clear and pure. He has great control and pitch. I love how he varied the melody a bit with each verse. I agree with the previous posters that he should make a CD. I’m sure you feel very fortunate every time you get to hear him sing. God has given him a very, very special gift. Thanks for sharing this gift with us.

  50. Oh My Lord – that boy can SANG!
    Can we put in some requests?! lol… I’d love to hear the full version of the real song or Hallelujah. His voice is amazing!! ;) Him and Kevin should do a song together!! ;D
    Beautiful story!!

  51. What a beautiful young man. His voice is definitely a gift from God as well as his spirit. His voice is magical, clear and pure, thanks you so much for sharing…

    Jo xx

  52. Thank you for sharing Jonathon’s talents. Do you think he would sing “Before the Throne of God Above”? Love that song and he would be able to do it justice. Thanks again.

  53. Traci, your son is Soooo talented! If he’s ever got the bug to head towards the entertainment biz, let me know! I would love to help, if you are interested. Beautiful talent and a sweet boy. You are certainly blessed :O)

  54. Wow, I clicked over to hear your son sing, and I seriosuly have chills. He has a beautiful voice, and there is no question he has a God-given talent for singing! Thank you for sharing both your journal and his talent with all of us. May God bless him as he continues to grow and shine!

  55. Well, Traci. Thanks to you I am, once again, bawling like a baby and looking like a complete dork sitting here at my office desk. What an inspirational story! You have quite a talented young man. I loved the song. I’m not sure you are aware of how much you are touching people’s lives through your blog. God is using you in a MIGHTY way. You are the reason I decided to turn my blog into a more ministry-focused endeavor. Keep up the great work.

  56. I came to read this after you posted about the singing contest. Congratulations to Jonathan! We found out that our oldest is completely deaf in his right ear about a month before he turned four. It was such a shock! He’s nine now and most people probably just think he is ignoring them when he doesn’t answer. Our doctor didn’t recommend hearing aids because all they would do is send the sound from his bad ear to his good ear. Thank you for sharing your story. Some mom in the future will be experiencing what you went through and your blog will be such a blessing.

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