Next Project: My Sister’s Laundry Room


Well, I am back from an amazing time at Blissdom!

I hope to share some pics and info learned with you later this week.

But for now, I wanted to share with you my next project…

My sister’s laundry room.

blissdom 034



Now I know that you are thinking, “Don’t ya have enough work to do at your own house, Traci?”  And the answer is YES! 

But a lot of what I need to get done at my house cannot be finished until the wiring and plumbing gets finished and approved in the addition.  So I am in a waiting period.  Yuck.

Being that I don’t like to sit still much, my sister has begged convinced me to help her makeover her laundry room.

blissdom 025

(She wanted to straighten her laundry room before I took the pictures, but I wouldn’t let her.)  Smile

We know for sure that we want to paint the walls a different color.  This is the paint color that was already on the walls when my sister moved into her home three years ago.

blissdom 021



We definitely want to get rid of those wired shelves…

blissdom 018


And replace to ugly rectangular light with different lighting…

blissdom 029


We are going to get cute baskets to organize her supplies better.

blissdom 019

And some cabinets to hide a few things…

blissdom 020

I’m not sure why my sister collects egg cartons, but we need to hide those things!


And we also need to come up with a way for her to hang her clothes.

blissdom 026

It should be a fun project!

We have some video ideas to take you along for the ride with us.

But we also need help with something else!


We want YOU to share your

Laundry Room Ideas with us!

(on my Beneath My Heart facebook page)

I am heading over to my facebook page right now,

where I would love for you to come over and link up some inspiration pictures

or links of laundry rooms with me.

You can add a link of your own laundry room from your blog, or if you have a picture you want to send us, that would be great too.

We need all the inspiration we can get!

And if you are going to be working on updating your laundry room soon, this will be a great resource for you too.

Some come on over!



  1. I will look forward to see what you do! We’re getting closer to finding out where we head, and that means that soon enough I’ll get my American sized washer/dryer back! :)

  2. Glad to have you back Traci!! Ours needs a make-over too, so I was soo happy to see this is your next project! Hope you have a wonderful week… how did your boys make out while Mama was gone for a few days?? Lots of Love!

  3. Since we moved to our new house, I avoid our laundry room at all costs because it is so ugly! I also have those wire shelves and have been dreaming of built ins but we still need to dry wall first… looking forward to seeing the final result for some much needed motivation

  4. This couldn’t be more perfect timing. I’m moving into a house with a laundry room. My first in 43 years and am so excited, but clueless on decorating. I know you will be a big help!

  5. I worked all weekend on our newly moved to the first floor laundry room. We moved to a log cabin home 5 months ago and reused the old kitchen cabinets, tackled what used to be a small room by the master to a luandry room! I hope to offfer finished pics soon. Can’t wait to see everyone’s inspiration!

  6. Oh my you crack me up! Since I read your sisters blog too and just love the two of you, your commentary is so cute. Egg cartons… well… maybe she give them back to the “organic egg farm lady” like I do. I didn’t think it odd at all. :)

  7. Speaking of lighting,did you choose what lighting will go over your kitchen sink? I’ve been wanting to change mine.

  8. This is one of my why bother rooms. The only time I spend in there is when I am putting in or taking out laundry. I always fold in my bedroom or in the livingroom while the kids are watching tv. AS long as the room is neat and tidy, I don’t care. I would much rather spend the money elsewhere.

  9. I have a few ideas! I wish I did NOT buy the pedestal stands for my washer and dryer because I would LOVE a countertop over the top of the washer and dryer. That way the socks and other unmentionables would not fall behind the darn machines and they are sooooo hard to move! I have cabinets above my washer and dryer and I attached a towel rack to the bottom so I could store all of my clothes hangers. Where is the sink? I think every laundry room needs some type of sink. I know there’s water lines in there, so . . . It can go right next to the washer and dryer in the corner. I also hung one of those “slip on” toilet paper holders straight up and down and I keep a roll of paper towels on there. It looks so much better than a cheapy plastic one and you can easily grab the whole roll if you need if “immediately.” Too bad there is no window because that really does brighten up things when you have to stand in there. I also have a radio with a cd player so I can listen to some music when I have to fold. Can’t wait for your ideas because mine could still use “something extra!”

  10. Tell Cyndi to buy her eggs in cardboard containers. At least, they are recyclable. Get rid of those! All spoken in jest — God knows what you would find in my laundry room cabinets — the catchall!

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