Hangin’ at Blissdom {And My Guest Post}


Hey Friends, Happy Friday!

Well, my sis and I made it to Nashville yesterday, and we are enjoying our time here so far.


I didn’t post yesterday because I was not organized enough (unlike Diva blogger, Myra) to actually write my posts before I came to Blissdom.

Oops.  Gotta work on that. 

It’s already been an eventful time.  My sister thought our (1st) room was too far from the conference, and she wanted to move to a closer room.  So she called and pestered the people at the front desk for about an hour until we got a new room.  (Yes, the front desk people know her by name now!)

She used our pregnant roommate, Myra, as a excuse for why we needed to be closer to the conference.  But really, Cyndi was the only one complaining about the hike of a walk.  (She is the oldest in the group, ya know.)  Ahem.



I was so excited to finally meet my friend Tonya, from Love of Family and Home.  Precious, precious girl.  She is rooming with me, Cyndi, and Myra. 


I feel so blessed to have such great roomies!  Although I don’t have a picture with Myra yet! 

blissdom 006

I also made a new friend.  Susan, from Living Rich on Less.  She is sooooo sweet. 

blissdom 005

She had emailed me and told me she was coming by herself to Blissdom, so I told her to find me so we could hang out.  I can’t stand to think of someone being by themselves at a conference.

Well, she is as cute as a button!  It’s so easy to connect with other home bloggers, ya know?

I’ve been taking good notes, and I’m hoping to share some of the blogging wisdom that I learn with you soon.

Until then…

I wanted to let you know that I guest posted yesterday at sweet Sharon’s blog, Mrs. Hines’ Class on The Foundation of the Home.


I would love if you could come visit me over there.  Just click on the button.



Please pray for my sweet husband.  Yesterday was his birthday.  We had cupcakes for breakfast before I left for Blissdom.  (The boys LOVED that!)  They’re basically like  doughnuts, right?  Smile

Last night he called me, and he had a fever of 103 degrees!  I felt so helpless.  He’s doing a little better today, but his schedule is full of trying to take the boys to basketball practices and games this weekend.  So your prayers are appreciated. 


  1. Hey!

    Are you @ the Opryland Hotel? I live in Nashville and have stayed there many times. Enjoy yourself! Will you be getting out of the hotel much? If so, I can suggest some places to check out. Also, there are some GREAT restaurants in the hotel. LMK if you’re interested, and I’ll make you a list. :)

    Have fun!

  2. Well I do see that your sister IS the one wearing a feather in her cap (ie. hair) now since she got the better room for you all!!!

  3. Sounds like fun. Before long you will making a trip to take Jonathon to his contest. I am working on prayers for him already. Keep those post coming I enjoy them so much.

  4. Hi Traci! What a GREAT post over at The Foundation of a Home!! Enjoy your FUN time at Blissdom!! Praying for your safety as well as your family’s during your time away as well as endurance for Mr Mom, life’s not easy taking care of 4 boys ;)

  5. 1. I will pray for your hubby
    2. You and Cyndi look so dern cute
    3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh {that is dar. crying. wish I were with you!}
    4. Hug my girls for me. And talk Edie into coming to Allume.
    5. LOVE you sis

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