Finally! An Update on our Addition! {Wood Walls}


Happy Hump Day!

Just wanted to take a second to show you what we’ve been up to lately in our addition.

The plumbing and electricity is finished, and we are now getting to the fun part. 


We had originally planned to put drywall on all of our walls.  However, I love the look of wood walls, so we decided to put the wood that we were going to use on our floors and put them on our walls.

laundry 015


We will be painting the wood and trimming out all the windows and doors.

laundry 011

Cy has already trimmed out two of the windows since I took these pictures.  I cannot wait to show you how they turned out!

They are beautiful!

laundry 019


Now we are in the process of hanging drywall upstairs in the boys’ rooms and adding more wood to the upstairs ceilings.

And we’ve torn a wall down!  I will show you that on Friday!  I cannot believe the difference it has made in “opening up” our home.

If you want to see a video of our addition, including the upstairs, I made a quick one for you.

(If you cannot see this video in  your reader, you may need to click on the post title to view it on my blog.)


  1. SO EXCITING! The wood looks fantastic on the walls – and way to go that you did it yourself :) I can hardly wait to see what comes next and someday (soon!) the finished product. Great job!

  2. Looks great! I am a newer follower and am wondering, did I read somewhere that this addition is on a sinlge story home? If so, I am very interested in how you tied the two together inside and out!

  3. Amazing how I live MY DIY projects through you and YOUR pocket book!! Love what you’re doing and where you’re heading with the addition!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to move in!!! I’m assuming I just need a security deposit and 1st month’s rent, correct? LOL

  4. Wow! Y’all have been busy! Between the kitchen and this new addition I am very impressed! It all looks so wonderful Traci! I love what you did with the wood on the walls; I would have never thought of that but it looks amazing! You’re very good at this girl!

  5. So excited for you. We have a pine ceiling on one side of our house–vaulted ceiling–lodge style. The pine has such rich color to it. It is quite beautiful :). Thank you for sharing!

  6. Just wondering what you’re going to put on the floors now that you’ve used the wood on the walls!? Are you going to leave the ceilings upstairs natural? It’s really coming together and I love the exposed brick. along with everything else.

  7. this is AMAZING! I am soooo way impressed. I was wondering, do you think we could have a session of Haven Conference in your new addition? Could you work that out? :-) nWe could learn so much!!! Of course, Layla would have to be there, because Eli would be totally confused and lost if she wasn’t. :-) I love the wood on the walls and especially the ceilings!!! Really curious to see how you will finish them- paint on all of it?! how about stain on the ceilings?? yes yes yes. or no, no, no… because i don’t know what i am talking about!

    luv it all!

  8. It’s been so exciting to see this go up and I’ve really applauded your flexibility when you decided to “just paint” the kitchen cabinets. We have also talked about adding a second story addition to our single story home on the side so I’d love to see more outside pics.

  9. It’s looking great Traci! I can already see your fabulous bathroom with that exposed brick and beautiful tub! I can’t wait to see the finished product and am really enjoying your updates to see how it’s all done!! :O)

  10. Love your wood walls. Please tell us about your tongue & groove pine…….. where did you purchase this?

  11. Thanks for the tour, I always enjoy your blog. You are really one busy lady. I will be anxious to see the next step in the life of Traci.

  12. I LOVE seeing others ideas, plans and “during” work on renovations!!! I just don’t like the “during” in our home, but love the finished product.
    I am so excited for you!!! Keep on posting updates;)

  13. It’s looking AWESOME!! I’m loving the decision to do the wood walls!! I think they are going to look gorgeous!! Also loving the vaulted wood ceilings in the boys’ rooms & bathroom!! Looks like you guys have been really busy!! For some reason, with everything insulated & perhaps because the walls & things are going up….it looks even bigger to me that it looked before!! That is quite the addition you all have going on!! It’s going to be fabulous when you are finished!!

  14. Seriously…..could you 2 be any more talented? Pleeeaase, can I move in? I love every step of the process that you share with us. Tell your hubby he as alot of fans who are in awe of his talent.

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