My Sister’s Laundry Room Makeover Part 2


Hello, friends!

I wanted to give you an update on my sister’s laundry room makeover.

Here is a picture to remind of you of what it looked like when we began.

blissdom 025


The first thing we needed to do was take down the wire shelves to make room for some cabinets on the walls.

Since I AM DOING THIS LAUNDRY ROOM MAKEOVER, I asked Cyndi to make sure to take everything off the shelves and remove them from the wall, so when I came over I could get straight to work.  I mean, she could help a little, right?

Well, she whined and complained that I was making her do the “grunt” work by taking down the shelves. Seriously?

She even made a video about it on her blog last week to share her “frustrations.”  I will share it with you at the bottom of the post.



She called Dad (the morning I was coming over) to do the “grunt work” for her!


awan 014


I am a DIY (do it yourself) girl.

Cyndi says she is a HDIY (hirer a DIY’er) girl.

But she’s not even paying Dad to help!

Look at her there on the cell phone as Dad is working hard!  It’s pitiful, I tell ya’!

awan 016


Well, Dad finished taking down the shelves in time to get back home to watch the Kentucky Wildcats in the SEC tournament.

And I got busy filling up the dry wall holes and sanding them smooth.

awan 018

laundry 002







Sweet Eli was there with me, sitting in his favorite spot at Aunt CeCe’s house!  He eats his breakfast in that spot every time he stays the night with her.

He was watching the movie “Elf” on her tv.

laundry 005


I began “cutting in” around the perimeter and in the corners of the room with a paint brush.

laundry 003

And around the ironing board and trim work.

laundry 004

I didn’t take a final shot of the room because we ran out of paint.  (Cyndi didn’t buy enough. Ahem.)

But you can see the first coat on the walls in the pictures of Eli below.

There was a lot of dust on the floor from when I sanded the walls, and Eli used a wet rag to help me clean it  all up. 


I love that kid!!!


So I put together a little video of our morning together.  It shows how I caught Cyndi in the act of pretending she was doing the grunt work.

But first, please take a second to watch the video she created to try and fool y’all into thinking she was actually about to do hard labor. 

(If you have trouble viewing these videos, click on the post title to view them on my blog.)





Now you can watch the TRUE STORY…



I found some cabinets at the Habitat ReStore for Cyndi’s laundry room today.  Can’t wait to show you! 


Are you a DIY’er or an HDIY’er?  Smile


  1. Traci, you have the sweetest father ever!! What a wonderful man to come over & help like that. Cyndi, girl, your hair looks awesome, but you can do a little DIY, too! Plus, they even make cute accessory toolbelts now, so you can match those super cute rainboots. :)

    I love how y’all share projects like this! It helps me think outside the box for fixing up our house. Keep up the good work, Traci! You can do it!

  2. To funny! I just love how you and your sister are so different when it comes to who got the DIY gene! The laundry room will be beautiful, I’m sure. Here’s a little DIY tip for ya that was shared with me years ago from a professional painter. When you have holes in sheetrock where you pulled anchors or nails out that have that ragged edge that need repair, take a small head hammer, use the edge of the hammer head and lightly tap the pulled sheetrock back in. It’s okay if you leave a little dimple in the sheetrock. It allows the Spackle to build up on the edges. So when you sand you aren’t sanding the sheetrock paper or taking the chance of tearing it and making the repair more time consuming. It also makes the repair more seamless and less likely to see. Thought I would just pass that along!! Have a blessed day!

  3. That is too funny!!! I’m loving the interaction between you and your sister and the way your dad tries to stay out of the middle. Can’t wait to see the final reveal on this project!

  4. I’m not sure what I’m loving more: watching what I know will be a fabulous transformation OR the sweet sibling rivalry? lol Love it all, even the clean-up crew!

  5. Y’all are SO funny! I have to say I am more like you, Traci! I am a DIY girl too! It pains me to have to hire anything out. Can’t wait to see it all finished!!

  6. Your little guy is so cute! I’m more of a DIY’er and my hubby is a HDIY’er….not always a great combination when it comes to DIY possible project.

    I want to give it a go, enjoy the imperfections and the feel good feeling that you did the project (plus saving on labor cost)…he wants it done once, correct and professionally. Have to just choose your battles.

  7. Love, love, love these two silly girls! So good to see you all having so much fun! Sisters are such huge blessings! Also, that Eli is one great helper! Can’t wait to see the big reveal!

  8. I’m definitely a DIYer. I enjoy it, like learning new skills and that way I know it will be exactly how I want it (and if it isn’t then the only person to blame is me! Ha ha!)

  9. You two are so hilarious! Enjoyed the laughs. Can’t wait to see the next video and the completed room!

  10. You are sooo funny! I actually watched your sister’s video a few days ago. Asking your dad who works harder is like asking him which one is his favorite kid!!!

    Is there anything such as a D-I-Y-H-D-I-Y “Do it yourself Hire a do it yourself”??? Ahem, that might be be!!! LOL!.

    Marilyn C.

  11. You all crack me up! So funny and I love your dad’s response about it being a loaded question. Can’t wait to see the cabinets you found!

  12. HYSTERICAL!! Thanks for the laughs, not sure what I’m looking more forward to, the reveal or the videos??

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