Unfinished Project in the Kitchen is Now Complete!

If you were following my blog before Christmas, you probably got to the see the madness of our unplanned Kitchen Makeover!

Though I didn’t think we were going to make it through that renovation at times, we finally made it!  Literally just a few days before Christmas.

If you want to see the before and after pictures of our kitchen renovation click HERE and HERE, or click on the picture.



When we got finished right before Christmas, we didn’t have any energy left to do anything else!  We were wiped out!

One of the little things we left undone was putting the shelves back in the cabinets by our microwave.

april 014


I just put a few things in each cabinet and called it a day.  As you can see, I have never really decorated the space above the microwave since Christmas either.

april 012

Part of the reason I didn’t fool with putting the shelves back in is because I couldn’t find them!  I thought maybe Cy thought they were scrap wood and threw them away in all the chaos of our renovation.

april 013

I went to Lowe’s and bought some wood to make new shelves for the cabinets.  Then I thought I would check in the “basement” of our guest house (where we were storing the other cabinets that we took down in our kitchen) and see if there were some shelves I could borrow from them.

To my surprise, I found the four missing shelves for these two cabinets!  We had never taken them down to our house in the first place!

april 010


All I had to do was prime the shelves with Kilz Spray Primer and then paint them with white spray paint!

It feels so good to get these shelves finally in place and to have some extra storage.

spray paint 008

Why did it take me so long to get this done?

Do you have any “little” projects left undone in your home?  What are they?  What’s stopping you from doing them?

(besides time, money, energy)  hee.hee. Smile


MY NEXT PROJECT:  We still have to make little open shelves below these two cabinets to hold my cookbooks and spices.  I am hoping to get that finished when I get back from SNAP!

I am also hoping to finish my sister’s laundry room.  I’ve been waiting for her to buy some more paint, but she keeps forgetting or something!  That stinker!  Smile

Why don’t you go visit my sister’s blog and give her hard time.  Tell her to get busy and go get me some paint!

Maybe I can have an update for ya next week?!


BTW, many of you have been asking me about Jonathan’s performance at the Ky Opry this past Saturday.

april 036Well, he did a great job and is advancing to the semi-finals!!!  I am hoping to share the video with you soon, but I am waiting for them to upload it to youtube.

It was a wonderful evening, and I took a bunch of pics to share with you.  Smile


Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh yeah, I definitely have some of those projects that just sit there waiting to be completed! I have a red wall in my dining room/kitchen that has white patches everywhere from when I filled in some old holes. It’s been about 6 months!! Don’t know why I just don’t get out the paintbrush and finish the job… but now I’m actually thinking of painting the whole wall. Oh well!!! And congrats to Jonathan!! Can’t wait to see the video :)

  2. I am currently working on my kitchen makeover… augh. And I am incorporating open shelves into my new design – thanks to your beautiful inspiration! Soooo… was sondering if you could pan over to those open shelves so we can see how you are decorating them now that it isn’t Christmas? Please?

  3. Totally with ya on the little undone projects. I bought a poster frame for my daughter’s room a few months ago and its just leaning on the wall underneath the poster that it is supposed to frame. Her room makeover is ‘almost’ complete…except for the little undone things.
    I’m so, so happy for Jonathan! My husband and I were watching a t.v. concert with Lionel Ritchie and many country music artists promoting Lionel’s new country album. During the concert, he had a duet with the blonde Rascal Flatt…so I shared Jonathan’s story with my husband. He was delighted for Jonathan too.
    I’ve been wondering about your sister’s laundry room…I’ll pop in on her and light a fire. ;)
    I still LOVE your kitchen!
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful and thanks for sharing. I guess I can dream. Can’t wait for the pictures you took at the KY opry and the video of his performance. When does he perform again?

  5. Congratulations to Jonathan… you have very sweet boys, Traci. We have one of each and enjoy them both soo much and each stage. They are 5 and 3. I love your kitchen… I’ve said this before, but you are such an inspiration. Most of all spiritually, but then also with your home renos. It all started when we spray painted our light fixtures when it wasn’t part of our budget with this home reno. I have a question… can you spray paint door knobs? I like our kitchen ones but they’re pewter and an oil rubbed bronze would match perfectly. :) I will go tell Cyndi just to give your her credit card so you can get painting—heehee! Can’t wait to see the results. Love your blog Traci :) Blessings!!!

  6. Congratulations to your son! I thought I might have missed the news.

    My whole house seems like a work in need of finishing. Won’t mention how long we’ve had laminate to put down.

  7. Good luck to Jonathan! My unfinished project is a light fixture in our master bath that we renovated almost a year ago. I have NO idea why we haven’t done it because the light fixture is sitting in a cabinet in the bathroom just waiting for one of us to get to it!

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