Spring means Spray Paint!


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Now to my post!

Growing up, I always knew it was Spring when Mom broke out the cans of spray paint! Smile

Every year, Mom would give all of her outdoor furniture, planters, and other décor a fresh coat of paint with a spray can.

I felt so much like my mom this past week as I broke out my own spray paint cans and began sprucing up my outdoor planters.

I LOVE doing this every year because I feel like I am getting brand new furniture and planters for just the cost of spray paint.

This planter was actually my mom’s and was hanging on her front porch when she passed away.

Since the weather was beautiful out, I laid the planter on a piece of wood in our back yard to spray paint it.

april 004


I sprayed the with glossy black paint.

april 007


I also went to Lowe’s that day and bought some flowers for my planter.  Geraniums are my favorite flowers….RED geraniums to be exact!  I also bought some little white flowers plants and a couple of ferns.

april 003


While I was at it, I decided to paint my plant stand a fresh coat of paint!

spray paint 002

I also touched up a few other pieces with my black spray paint, and then I placed some of them on the front porch.

porch 003


We haven’t painted our columns white yet because we are waiting to paint the trim when we paint the brick.  (Which will be soon, I hope!)  So when we paint our brick, all of our trim and the columns will get a fresh coat of white paint.


I cannot wait to see my porch with a fresh coat of paint!

But for now, I am making the best of what I got.  Smile

porch 007


Cy and I have already enjoyed sitting in these chairs and looking out on our front yard.


porch 001


And I’m loving my geraniums in their “new” planter!  See how pretty, shiny, and new “she” looks?!!


Do you spruce up your outdoor décor with spray paint?

What have you spray painted lately?



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  1. Very Willow House! I have a few wall hanging planters from Willow House (that I bought in their outlet at 75% off) that I will be hanging up soon. I STILL like the color your brick! Why don’t you spend an hour or two just painting those pillars anyhow? I think you would be giddy at seeing them finished even though there are other things you want to do. To everyone else (I know not to you), the front porch would look finished. I think it is very pretty. How about giving Jonathan a paint brush and let him paint while he sings his heart out? I didn’t post yesterday, but it was awesome. My youngest is a singer although she doesn’t realize it yet (she is eleven). I hope he wins!!!! I saw a house for sale on a few acres of land, good solid house, priced to sell yesterday, and, of course, after I got my house just the way I like it after fifteen years and I’d have to sell it first, I don’t think I can take the plunge like you did. I just don’t have the guts! But the land . . .

  2. Yay for you making the best of the porch until you can get it perfect! :-) I try to be that way in my kitchen, although it is not my dream kitchen… yet. Someday! You’ve inspired me to find some open planters like yours.

  3. Your front porch looks beautiful, finished or not! Yes, I have broken out the spray paint. We just moved into our new home a few weeks ago. It is in some serious sprucing up because it’s not really been lived in for some time. So for a quick, instant gratification type of project–to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done–I spray painted the lamp post in our courtyard. I also sprayed a shepherds hook to go near it for one of bird feeders. It made a HUGE difference in just that little piece of our yard and gave me a big boost to get more done. Still not sure what all my new neighbors think about the lady who started spray painting everything in her front yard though.

  4. That’s so funny! I just stocked up on some spray paint yesterday! I absolutely love what you did with your planters and the red geraniums could not be more perfect in them. :-) And those signs from Red Letter Words are so fantastic! I have a couple of pre-teen girls in my life who would love them. Thanks for letting us know about the discount!

  5. I never even thought to spray paint my planters, which is funny since I spray paint everything else lol. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  6. Did you use special nails to hang the planter in the brick? Is it hung in the grout?
    Maybe when you get time, you can answer the email I sent to you!

  7. I am so excited that you teamed up with Red Letter Words! I have been wanting to buy the She Knew She Was Worth Far More Than Rubies for my Mom’s birthday, and just this week, you posted about the sale. Perfect. Since I was running late on her birthday, Mom got a screen shot of the print and IT WAS A HIT! I can hardly wait until it actually arrives! Thanks and I hope you have a great time at the conference!



  8. Traci

    It looks so lovely already. Pretty sure your mom has a big smile on her face too! ;) You are such an inspiration.

    Marilyn C.

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